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DHL Tracking API and Integration

DHL is one of the largest logistics solutions and parcel delivery companies in the world. Universal delivery on this scale requires universal tracking capability, which is just one of the features of Ship24's comprehensive tracking API.

DHL Tracking API and Integration

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The DHL Tracking API is a technical tool that allows businesses to track their shipments in real time. This service provided by DHL, a major international logistics company, offers the ability to integrate tracking functionality directly into an organization's systems or applications. It is designed to offer transparency in the shipping process, giving businesses the capability to track the status of their parcels from the moment they leave the warehouse until they reach the recipient.

Using a DHL Tracking API for Your Business

A universal DHL tracking API is invaluable for businesses that rely on DHL for shipping, as it allows them to monitor their goods efficiently. DHL requires robust tracking systems to manage the extensive flow of shipments worldwide. Since many businesses use multiple couriers, having a tracking solution that supports multicarrier tracking is important. This is where Ship24's universal, multicarrier DHL tracking API becomes essential, providing comprehensive tracking services for packages handled by various couriers.

Ship24's tracking API not only caters to DHL but also integrates with thousands of logistics companies, carriers, marketplaces, and package handlers globally, making it a one-stop solution for all tracking needs. Its competitive pricing plans and flexible service options ensure businesses can select the plan that best suits their requirements.

Moreover, Ship24 offers a free plan for users to test the service, with easy integration supported by an international team of experts. For more information, businesses can contact the team via the chatbox on the pricing page or through the contact section on the website.

How to Integrate DHL Tracking API with Ship24

Integrating a DHL tracking API into your eCommerce site is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on Ship24.
  2. Head over to the tracking API page.
  3. Click on "Get Started".
  4. Choose from one of our plans, "per-shipment" or "per-call". We recommend choosing the "per-shipment" plan as it offers extensive features, comes at an affordable price, and relays information faster.
  5. Follow the documentation that can be found on the dashboard to integrate your DHL tracking API.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Key Features of DHL Tracking API

  • Global Tracking: Track international shipments with a comprehensive tracking system.
  • Detailed Status Reports: Get detailed insights into shipment status, including delays, customs holds, and delivery confirmations.
  • Scalability: Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the API scales with your needs.
  • Secure and Reliable: Ensure the security and reliability of tracking data with API protocols.

Free DHL Tracking API

Choosing any of the plans will give you 10 free tracked shipments. If you have any concerns or questions about the plans or how to integrate the tracking API, feel free to contact our in-house support and we will make sure to assist and guide you every step of the way!

When you choose the per-shipment plan, you can also include our Shipment Tracking Dashboard which is our tracking API companion that helps you make the most out of your plans! Experience added benefits and features to track your shipments with ease.

Likewise, you can also integrate FedEx tracking API, USPS tracking API, UPS tracking API, and many other private and postal couriers from around the world, only with Ship24.

How to Find Ship24's DHL Tracking API Documentation

When you have created an account and successfully subscribed to one of the tracking API plans, you can find the documentation on the dashboard. The documentation tells you all about the integration of our tracking API into your business or your tracking system. If there are any questions or queries regarding our services, contact our support team so we can help you.

Tracking API for DHL International Packages

No matter where your package is around the world, you can guarantee that Ship24's tracking API plans can track your DHL packages. With over 1,200 courier auto-detection, Ship24 can make sure that you will be with every step of the DHL package's journey.

To track your DHL international package, just enter the tracking numbers and let Ship24's tracking API do the job for you. You should get results within a few seconds.

DHL Tracking API Notifications

The Ship24 universal tracking API will send the latest status updates on your package as well as a real-time location to any system connected to the tracking API and Ship24. Some of the common DHL tracking status reports are explained below.

Tracking Notifications Description
Shipment information received The package is registered and has a tracking number but DHL has not received the package.
Arrived at DHL Sort Facility The package is sorted out and is on a DHL truck to be delivered on its respective route.
Arrived at DHL Delivered Facility The package has arrived at a DHL warehouse and will soon be dispatched to the recipient.
Shipment is out with courier for delivery The package is with a DHL driver and it's on its way to the recipient.
Delivered The recipient has received the package.

DHL can opt to increase or decrease the number of status updates on their site at any time and if there are any issues with the tracking status, buyers are advised to contact DHL directly for any queries. This can be done via email, phone, and the DHL website depending on which country the query is originating from.

However, where customers would have to search DHL to get these tracking updates in the past, businesses connected to a global tracking API - such as provided by Ship24 - can get all notifications and updates directly to their system.

DHL Tracking API Not Showing Updates

If the DHL tracking information is not updated, it could be caused by delays in the courier line. Tracking update events are recorded instantly by the Ship24 tracking API system therefore businesses can rest assured that any tracking updates will be instantly available as soon as they happen. However, if you are expecting a package to have made certain progress and it has not, then this may be a problem with the courier itself.

However, delays could also be caused by an obstruction to the package's movement such as a problem at customs. If this is the case, updates about the package status should help the business be able to understand and solve the issue.

By signing up for the global tracking API system from Ship24 and having access to the latest information on the status and location of their DHL package, businesses can better understand the potential issues that the movement of their package may be experiencing. Having a direct connection with hundreds of couriers and shops through the Ship24 tracking API puts businesses in the best situation to be most informed on the location of their shipment and proceed accordingly.

Can a DHL tracking API tell me if my package is stuck at customs?

A DHL package tracking API, which Ship24 can provide, will be able to give you all the updates you would usually receive via DHL. Our universal DHL tracking API delivers 100 per cent of the notification available on your shipments, including the latest location and status event updates, wherever your shipment is and whoever it is being handled by (as often, third-party couriers will help with the dispatch and delivery of DHL packages, all of which are covered by Ship24's DHL tracking API services.

In short, tracking API services provided by the universal tracking API provider - Ship24 - are the ultimate way to ensure the fastest delivery time for your DHL package.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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