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Cainiao Package Tracking API

Save yourself some valuble business hours chasing up packages or parcels and us our API system to update your customers as many times as you want.

Cainiao Package Tracking API

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Who is Cainiao?

China Smart Logistics Network which is known as Cainiao was launched on May 28th 2013 by several companies, namely Alibaba group, Yintai Group, Fosun Group, Fuchun Group, Santong and Yida (Shentong, YTO, Zhongtong, Yunda) and related financial institutions formally established by co-operation. Cainiao has huge ambitions with its goal to build an open social logistics platform through years of hard work, which can be delivered to any location within 24 hours in any region of the country or 72 hours worldwide. In March 2016 Cainiao Networks, which is owned by Alibaba announced that it had completed the first round of financing with a total amount of over 10 billion yuan (1.6 billion dollars) and had a valuation of 50 billion yuan (7.8 billion). Cainiao Networks form an open network of warehousing facilities throughout China through various modes such as self-construction, co-construction, co-operation and transformation. At the same time use advanced internet technology to establish an open, transparent, and shared data application platform to provide high-quality services to various enterprises such as eCommerce companies, logistics companies, warehousing companies, third-party logistics service providers, supply chain service providers, and support the logistics industry develop and upgrade to high value-added fields. One of the main reasons for Cainiao being so successful is it is backed by eCommerce superpower Alibaba in 2013. In 2016 the company announced that it was going to commit to delivering in China in 24 hours or less and worldwide within 72 hours which is an amazing accolade to have. Due to the number of companies involved in the ownership of Cainiao it meant that they could keep to these delivery times due to having such a reach around the world. Today, Cainiao is one of Chinas the largest logistics solutions companies. It achieved unicorn status in 2018 which means the company was worth over $1 billion and since then the company has gone from strength to strength and those using Alibaba and other major eCommerce shops will more than likely have Cainiao as a shipping partner.

Internationally, Cainiao collaborates with many other couriers, UPS, and FedEx to name a few amongst many others. It is best to think of Cainiao as a forwarding company that will take care of your package at a certain point in its journey before it is passed on to another courier. This is why it is recommended that you track your Cainiao shipment through Ship24 as we are an independent worldwide shipping platform that will allow you to continue tracking your package as it travels between countries and handlers on its way to the final destination. For example, if you order an item from a marketplace In China, it might be dealt with by Cainiao initially, but when it leaves China and reaches Europe or America, it could be passed on to a multitude of couriers to complete its journey (from the local distribution centre to the destination address). In most cases, Cianiao shipment tracking might not have the information regarding your package, Ship24 has you covered with instant real-time Cianiao package tracking no matter what courier the delivery is being handled by. This is why as soon as you receive your tracking number, you can simply enter it into Ship24's website and away you go. From the very start of the journey, you will have live updates of where your package is situated in the world with an expected delivery date. It is completely free to use and is updated with every action or event which could be a hold up at a customs department or a change of location, this will be available to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a Cianiao tracking API?

A Cianiao tracking API allows business-level tracking of Cianiao parcels worldwide. When you send or receive a Cianiao package, it will already have a unique tracking ID attached to it to enable you to track its location, the ID will usually be a mixture of numbers and letters something similar to this CP 738 738 899. When you use a tracking API it will follow the number and package and deliver updates on its whereabouts or status in real-time. Sometimes a tracking API isn't powerful and cover hundreds of couriers, meaning that they can very easily fail to give you the correct information that you require. Ship24 is a market-leading tracking API and webhook system on the web and scours the internet searching for updates, we have over 1000 e-tailers, marketplaces, couriers and logistics companies, whenever you call it to find the tracking information relevant to your parcel. The service is fast, easy and can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year once you have the system set up. We are trusted by many businesses to keep track of their goods and with the help of our expert team, we are ready and waiting to deliver your business.

What does a Ship24 Cainiao tracking API offer?

  • Multi-courier coverage, this means you can track your Cainiao order even if it changes hands multiple times across multiple countries, for example, TNT, FedEx, UPS, Hermes etc.
  • Unify your account in minutes with our lightning-fast system to system pairing.
  • Ai-machine learning built-in.
  • Market-leading support from our international shipping professionals

No worries, whether you are sending parcels within China or sending Internationally, Ship24's tracking API is a tracking service that businesses can rely on fully. This is why we are already trusted to handle the tracking process of millions of parcels worldwide every month. Increase your tracking functionality for your business and keep track of your logistics with best-in-class solutions from our logistics sector professionals.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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