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The ultimate GLS Tracking API solution

Ship24's powerful tracking API has you covered for all parcels and shipments sent with GLS in any of the 41 countries in which is delivers too.

The ultimate GLS Tracking API solution

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What is GLS tracking?

GLS is one of the largest international parcel networks in the world, covering more than 40 countries through its subsidiaries and network partners. It turns over around 4.5 billion Euros annually and is a market leader in many respects within the sector. It is a rival to other couriers such as DHL, TNT, DPD, UPS and more.

GLS Group is responsible for transporting around 840 million parcels sent by its over 250,000 customers, which is testament to the trust the company has built with its service users over the years it has been operating. Those nearly 900 million parcels are transported by a inhouse fleet consisting of some 30,000 delivery vans and about 4,000 long distance trucks and lorries. This fleet operates between the companies 70 national and regional hubs as well as 1,500 depots and agencies. In short, GLS is a huge international operation which is why many businesses want to know which tracking API covers the entire GLS network. The good news is, Ship24's GLS shipment tracking API is universal, meaning it not only covers the entire GLS network, including all of the 41 countries in which is operates, but it also cover thousands more logistics firms, postal operators and more, meaning tracking with Ship24 will never let you down.

Which tracking API covers the entire GLS network?

GLS covers some 41 countries, from Austria to Finland to North America, which means that customers can send parcels either domestically within any of those countries or cross border, all facilitated by GLS and its network partners.

It is because GLS does not have its own subsidiary, such as in North America, where is uses partners and other couriers to help deliver packages for customers. This means that other logistics firms will be involved in the delivery process. While this still means that GLS is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the parcel, it will be handed over at some point to a third-party, leading many people and businesses to ask the question: how can we still get the latest tracking information if a parcel is handed over?

The good news is, if you need complete tracking API solutions for your business, you are in the right place! Ship24 offers complete, end-to-end GLS parcel tracking API services which cover both when parcels are being handled by GLS and when delivery is taken over by one of their partners. With Ship24, you won't miss a single parcel event tracking update and can rest assured once our system is integrated with yours that you will get global GLS tracking coverage on any parcel handled by the firm.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Which GLS services does the Ship24 tracking API cover?

GLS offers a number of different services all which can be tracked using the Ship24 API. So whether you are using GLS parcel sending, logistics, or freight forwarding services, you can be sure you are covered with Ship24. In fact, our tracking API offers just as many updates as tracking directly with GLS, not only will it keep your business up to date with any parcels you send with GLS, but it also covers thousands of others, meaning if you need to switch delivery company or courier at the last minute, your covered too! That's why thousands of businesses both small, medium, and large are choosing the wide-ranging functionality of our tracking API.

One of GLS's most used services its premium rapid delivery service, which offers reliable parcel delivery within defined delivery times. Indeed, the service usually offers delivery turnaround within 24 hours or less domestically, or between 24 and 96 in Europe, or a little longer outside of Europe. Not only can GLS offer quick services, but they also have multiple sending options meaning that it can meet special requirements for customers, some as large or unusual size and shape shipments. GLS Group also offers recipients different options concerning how they receive their parcels, including home delivery, Parcel Shops, and drop-off boxes.

Who uses trackon courier tracking APIs?

A GLS tracking API is mainly used by businesses who need to be able to rely on a system that is able to be integrated with them and deliver them the latest information and tracking events on parcels. This could be for either tracking the flow of business to business goods or to offer their customers full tracking support with an end-to-end tracking API on business to consumer consignments. As the distance selling and eCommerce industries continue to grow, spurred by an increasingly digitalized world which is in turn changing consumer buying habits, shipping and tracking are becoming increasingly sophisticated and how businesses keep on top of the increasingly important. That's why Ship24, on top of their standard tracking services available, have also developed a powerful tracking API designed specifically for businesses to help them optimize their tracking capability.

What is the best GLS tracking API?

Ship24 offers not only market-leading tracking API services, but unlike other companies, we are shipping and logistics experts, offering everything from eCommerce ship from China solutions as well as IOSS VAT solutions for goods sold in the European Union. Therefore, we know the challenges that businesses that deal with shipping or who are in the sector face, and that's why we made our tracking API so that tracking isn't one of them. Our tracking API system was built with optimal tracking functionality at its core and our flexible services and pricing range suits small, medium, and large companies, meaning a business of any size can enjoy tracking services at a scale that meets their requirements. Notwithstanding, our team of international experts are always on hand to help with any questions and queries you may have, and we are always building on and improving the services which we provide to our customers. Best-in-class support is something we consider as standard, but we also have dedicated account managers available for those businesses who need that extra support. This, coupled with the fact our tracking API covers in excess of 1,000 couriers, logistics firms, marketplaces, e-tailers, transportation services, and more, means that we offer one of the best all round API tracking services in our sector.

Can a GLS tracking API deliver as many updates as tracking directly?

Ship24's GLS tracking API will deliver 100 percent of any parcel tracking event update which should occur as your shipment progresses from its point of dispatch to its final delivery. This is because our powerful tracking API tool constantly searches for information relevant to your parcel, across numerous sources, to make sure that any new events which occur are recorded and available as soon as they happen. Thousands of businesses are choosing Ship24 for their tracking API because of the scope of sources that are covered, which numbers in the 1,000s and include all the major logistics and courier companies.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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