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Where is Cainiao?

Cainiao is a chinese logistics company also known under the formal name China Smart Logistics Network (菜鸟网络科技有限公司 in chinese), created on the 28 of May in 2013. In 2016, the company established that its goal was to realize delivery anywhere in China within 24 hours, and across the globe within 72 hours.

As of May 2018, Cainiao was one of the largest companies in China, collaborating with the top 15 delivery firms in the country such as YTO Express, Yunda, Shentong Express, ZTO Express or again using SF Express delivery. The headquarters of the company are located at the following address in China:

Block B1, XIXI center,
No.588 West Wenyi Road, Xihu
District, Hangzhou City, PR China.

Cainiao also collaborates with international partners such as UPS, FedEx, Posti and many others to deliver its orders all over the world.

Who owns Cainiao?

Cainiao is a company launched by the Alibaba Group, a Chinese multinational technology company founded in 1999 in Hangzhou, which is specialized in e-commerce. The Alibaba Group has created Cainiao in 2013 with six other large chinese logistics companies, including SF Express, for delivery of packages in China. The Alibaba Group is composed today of 9 companies, all headquartered in China.

Cainiao helps the group Alibaba to extend its e-commerce network across China's countryside, thanks to its big data technology.

Does Cainiao own warehouses?

In 2016, Cainiao offered smart storage capabilities to 200 network warehouses and the company was collaborating with more than 40 domestic partners in China such as RRS and Suning. Cainiao has many warehouses in operation and the company also manages a certain number of express delivery stations.

How do I track my Cainiao?

The company delivers packages in more than 150 countries in the world, thanks to its cooperation with about 70 postal operators coming from various countries.

The buyer will have the possibility to check the Cainiao trackingthanks to a tracking number often given by Yanwen. This chinese company is a middleman between the seller and the courier in the destination country. Yanwen picks up the package and sends it across China before handing it over to the postal service in the foreign country. Yanwen delivers the parcel before Cainiao and this is why the seller provides a tracking number coming from this company and not a Cainiao tracking number. Usually, this number has the following format “LPxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, starting with the capital letters L and P followed by a sequence of 14 digits.

The buyer can check its package delivery status in China by entering this tracking number on the main page of Cainiao website and on Ship24.

Once the package arrives in the Cainiao office, another tracking number will be given to it. Once the package arrives at the nearest post office, the buyer will receive a notification saying that his package is available or he will receive it directly to his personal address.

When the buyer checks the status of his delivery on Cainiao website, he could see different kind of status:

  • Not found: means that the package is not found at the moment for different reasons (maybe because the tracking number is not correct, invaled or outdated, because the courier hasn’t accepted yet the package, or input the tracking information for the package yet and finally maybe because the carrier hasn’t scan the package and enter the tracking information. Sometimes there can be a delay between the scanning process and the tracking availability in the system, this is why the tracking information doesn’t appear online immediately. )
  • Waiting for carrier to pick up: means that the package was waiting for picking up by the carrier.
  • Pick-up: means that the package has arrived at a local delivery point.
  • Delivered: means that the package was delivered successfully to the address.
  • Undelivered: means that the delivery of the package failed, it can be due to different reasons (the buyer was not available at the time of the delivery, the delivery was delayed and rescheduled, the buyer requested a later delivery, or because of an address problem)
  • Leaving Origin: means that the package has left the origin country for the destination
  • Arrive at Destination: means that the package has arrived in the destination country.
  • Waiting for pick up: means that the package has arrived at the post office
  • Security check failed: means that the parcel has failed to pass the security check and won’t be shipping.

How long does Cainiao take to ship?

Since 2016, Cainiao’s goal was to deliver anywhere in China within 24 hours and to deliver across the globe within 72 hours. Cainiao delivers in more than 150 countries in the world with its postal partners and usually, the delivery times averages around the world are 30-70 days. The company tends to respect its original goals.

What are Cainiao prohibited goods?

For safety, legal and also health reasons, Cainiao and its courier partners are not able to carry some prohibited items:

  • Perishable products such as fresh meat, fish and others.
  • Live animals other than bees other than bees, silkworms, pest and vermin andleeches, except controlled products sent in registered small packages to officially recognized institutions for technical use
  • Products that interfere with public health.
  • Products with insulting or indecent texts or images.
  • Goods that are prohibited to delivery by the State law (weapons and dangerous substances).
  • Products having the following characteristics: explosive, corrosive, toxic, flammable, radioactive.
  • Products such as firecrackers, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, lacquer, gunpowder, pesticides and so on.
  • Psychologic substances such as opium, cocaine, morphine and other narcotic drugs.

The following items can be sent as insured postal items only:

  • Coins, banknotes, cheques, traveller’s cheque or any bearer securities.
  • processed or unprocessed platinum, gold or silver, precious stones, jewellery and other valuable articles.

The buyer can consult on Cainiao website the other prohibited items according to the destination country.

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