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AliExpress Package Tracking API

Find out everything about AliExpress package API tracking, what it is, how it works, and how to integrate it into your system, only with shipping experts, Ship24!

AliExpress Package Tracking API

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Does AliExpress have a tracking API?

AliExpress doesn’t have a tracking API, although it has its own API. Integrating an AliExpress API will allow the site to gather information about a product from the AliExpress website as well as manage the orders of consumers.

However, if you want to integrate an AliExpress tracking API to track your orders, Ship24 offers this service. It is recommended to use Ship24 as the results you will be getting to track the parcels will be searched in a few seconds. There are many benefits when you implement a Ship24 tracking API onto your website.

Getting a Ship24 tracking API will give you:

  • Auto-detect courier: this means that you no longer have to choose which courier you are using. With just the tracking number, you will automatically receive information regarding your parcels.
  • True end-to-end tracking: this means that you can track parcels with the same tracking numbers even if the parcels are being handled by different couriers during their journey.
  • Data simplification: although shipment tracking data is complex, Ship24 guarantees that the data you receive is simplified. The data you’ll get is of the utmost quality and it is clear and concise.
  • Rapid integration: our tracking system is built with fast integration so you can get the shipment tracking data in a matter of seconds.
  • Continuous learning: our tracking API continuously learns number patterns using machine algorithms so that our service can stay on top of other shipping developments and provide you with real-time tracking capability.
  • Best-in-class support: our responsive team will ensure that we will resolve any issues or questions you encounter with our product.
  • Issue notification: Ship24 provides the best parcel tracking system. Our tracking API will notify you when there is a shipment issue. For instance, whether a parcel is stuck in customs or failed to be delivered, our tracking API will give you close to real-time updates about it.

Can you track the AliExpress package using the tracking API?

AliExpress parcels can only be tracked if it is sent through a third-party courier or a trusted logistic provider. As for the tracking API, a call will only be requested if there is a shipment is being tracked by the tracking number. So for the tracking API to track an AliExpress package, the parcel must be sent through a courier and not AliExpress itself.

A tracking number is provided depending on where the seller is physically located. For instance, if the seller is sending a parcel abroad, they can send the parcel through a courier like DHL, China Post, FedEx, etc… When it comes to free shipping, it is usually shipped through China Post Small Packet or by AliExpress Standard Shipping.

When the seller sends the parcel, they will receive a tracking number on their shipping label, phone number, or the provided email address.

The buyer can request the tracking number from the seller to get up-to-date with their parcels. With the tracking number, you can copy it into the Ship24 website and Ship24 will you real-time updates relating to your parcels.

However, do not confuse your order number with your tracking number. Ship24 will not be able to track your parcels if you used your order number. Ship24 will only relay information if a tracking number is provided. So please double-check your order’s tracking number.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Is AliExpress tracking API reliable?

Depending on the courier that was chosen by the AliExpress seller or merchant, a tracking API is available for that courier. With the tracking API, anyone can track their parcels through a platform and receive status updates. All you need is a tracking number to copy and paste on your platform so that you can get live updates on the parcels you are tracking.

With Ship24, we guarantee you that not only is it user-friendly but our site also offers close to real-time updates of your packages. It is a reliable way to track your parcels. You can track up to 10 parcels at the same and get results within a few seconds.

How does AliExpress tracking API work?

Whenever a barcode of a parcel is scanned, a series of events happen during this process. Ship24 will detect these number patterns on the series of events and provide you with the live updates of that parcel. Information such as the location of the parcel, the date it arrives at a specific location, and many more. Also, an AliExpress tracking API will only be requested when a seller or merchant sends the parcel through a third-party courier or a trusted logistic partner.

Please note that Ship24 won’t be able to track parcels that are in transit but it will give you information regarding it once it arrives or leaves customs as well as if it has arrived or has left its origin/destination country.

Also, do not get confused the order number with the tracking number. An order number just identifies the order of the buyer. If you use an order number to track your parcels on a tracking website, you will not get any updates on your package.

A tracking number is what is required to track a parcel. Copying the tracking number provided by the courier chosen by the seller will give you access to track your AliExpress parcels. You can track up to 10 parcels at the same time when you use Ship24 as your tracking platform.

How can I integrate the Ship24 AliExpress tracking API?

To integrate Ship24’s AliExpress tracking API into your platform, simply create an account or log in (if you already have one). Once you have an account, you can choose a tracking API plan to see which best suits your case. We highly recommend choosing our Tracking Webhook product “per-shipment” plan as it offers more extensive features and faster tracking information at a reasonable price.

Once you have subscribed to one of our plans, you can read our Ship24 API documentation to check out further details on the integration of the API.

If you have any questions on how to integrate a tracking API into your platform, please Contact Us.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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