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Canada Post Tracking API

Canada Post API can help you as a business take more control of whats important, and that is being able to update your customers, and being able to track all of your shipments around the globe.

Canada Post Tracking API

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Who is Canada Post?

The Canada Post Corporation (who trade as Canada Post) is owned wholly by the Crown, meaning the monarchy of Canada. They were originally known as Royal Mail Canada which was the operating name of the Post Office Department of the Canadian government founded in 1867, and rebranded to "Canada Post" in the 1960s. However, there have been problems with the postal service since and in 1981 the Canada Post Corporation Act came into effect, this basically ceases the Post Office Department trading and created what we have now in the Crown corporation which provides national and international postal service. The reason for the set-up was to set a new business direction in the way of ensuring the postal services financial security and independence. The postal service provided delivery to nearly 8.5 billion parcels and packages in 2016 and revenue peaked at $7.87 billion. The delivery methods are traditional 'door to door' type delivery service with a fleet of 13,000 vehicles. There are over 6,000 post office and drop off points across Canada. The area that Canada Post is huge and has one of the largest areas covered than many other nations, they deliver to the USA, Russia and 190 other countries and with Canada being very rural in some parts they go above and beyond to deliver to all corners of the country. They employ approx. 65,000 full and part-time employees. In 2000, the Canada post launched Epost, which is a digital delivery platform with bank-grade encryption that facilitates sending and receiving completely confidential messages and documents with one or multiple recipients. It is a seamless and safe collaboration between clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers through one avenue, however, they are discontinuing this service in December 2022.

What is a Canada Post tracking API and can I track internationally?

A Canada Post tracking API (or application programming interface) is a piece of software that links two applications and lets them communicate. For example, when you do the simplest of tasks on an app like TikTok, Instagram etc even liking someone's post you are using an API as two servers are communicating. A tracking API is essentially the same application, but instead is designed for tracking shipments worldwide using a unique tracking API number. A tracking ID number can be used by a business that wants or needs to get updates on the packages or parcels that they send automatically and instantly wherever there may be an update, for example, if a package has been stopped at customs crossing the border from one country to another then the business will be updated and can act appropriately, or if the shipment has simply been passed to another courier and is on a different leg of its journey then again the business will be updated and in turn, they can update their customers accordingly. Using a tracking API to track packages is very straight forward and there are many market players that offer this type of service already. Canada Post, like many other postal services in other countries, only has a certain scope of the delivery area they can cover, because of this when items are sent internationally they are usually subcontracted out to the respective destination countries postal carriers for example if you are sending a package from Canada to the UK then it may change hands to the Royal Mail or DPD to use one example, because of this happening it is more important that the business or shop who sent the shipment has access to be able to track their merchandise every step of the way to the customer's destination. Now, if you were to just use the Canada Post website and you are sending internationally then you may find that from Canada to its destination the updates will not show, this is the main reason why we are so popular as a tracking API service, with our system you can track multiple items on different delivery routes as many times as you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have over 1,000 couriers we are able to track and thousands of shops on our system, so Ship24 really is the place to go if you want instant updates and live real-time tracking of your shipments. Ship24 does not need the "tracker" of the parcel to know which courier the package is being shipped with as the Ship24 tracking system will use the tracking ID to instantly detect which courier the parcel is with. The automatic system makes it an easy task to use the Ship24 system and makes us stand out from other tracking API sites in the market. Most other tracking apps or websites require you to enter a huge amount of information like what courier is handling your package. Ship24 only requires your tracking number and let us do the rest.

How many Canada Post delivery destinations does a tracking API cover?

With Canada Post being owned by the "crown" it has a huge scope of cover not only in Canada itself but also internationally and ships to a whopping 192 countries worldwide, not many companies have more options than Canada Post when it comes to shipping abroad to the U.S and beyond. Whether you want a quick premium service to deliver your package or parcel or a budget-friendly slower shipment service, then Canada Post has you covered. The Ship24 tracking API not only covers all the destinations within Canada but will also continue to track your shipment regardless of what courier it might be passed to. This is one of the main reasons that thousands of businesses are deciding to go with Ship24 as their first-choice shipment tracking API system. We track thousands of couriers worldwide, so will always have access to information regarding the whereabouts of your parcel. If you would like to find out more information on tracking API or webhooks or for anything tracking, then please don't hesitate to visit our API or webhook page.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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