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Canada Post aims to serve Canadians with a simple purpose, to provide them with a service that they can rely on and value. The postal service strives every day to provide Canadians with delivering letters and parcels five days a week to every Canadian resident and business, for it to be delivered within 2 to 4 days, access through an extensive network such as letterboxes, internet, call centres, and many more!

What is Canada Post?

Canada Post is operated by Canada Post Group and works as one of the primary postal services within Canada. Known previously as Royal Mail Canada, the corporation changed its name in 1960 to become what it is known as today: Canada Post. In October 1981, the Canada Post Corporation Act came into effect, abolishing the Post Office Department and creating the corporation that provides the postal service of today. Many argue that abolition has meant the independence and the financial security of the postal service.

Canada Post is one of a group of different sub-companies under the Canada Post Group, which today employs more than 60,000 employees. In 2000, the Canada Post expanded its services to include, among others, Epost, offering faster international delivery options for customers.

How do I track my Canada Post package?

You can track any Canada Post package across the globe with Ship24, a dedicated universal tracking tool that is designed to bring you the latest tracking information on your parcel no matter who it is being handled by.

Canada Post's tagline is "From anywhere.. to anyone". Indeed, with ship24 tracking parcel solutions, you can track your parcel in as near to real-time as possible to find out just how fast your Canada Post parcel will arrive. All you need is the original Canada Post tracking number to get the latest on your Canada Post parcel, by entering it into the Ship24 website.

If for example, you ask: "Where is my order from Etsy?" You need to enter your Canada Post tracking number into Ship24. You can locate your parcel and get the delivery status of your parcel instantly. You will find the tracking number on your package or receipt provided by the seller or marketplace. By using the Ship24 package tracking service, regardless of why you are tracking the parcel (as a buyer or seller), you can find the latest information on your parcel status and location universally, via Ship24.

Consumers should not confuse the difference between order number and tracking number though. Make sure to ask the seller or merchant for the tracking number as Ship24 will not be able to track your order number if it's the one being entered into the site.

How accurate is Canada Post tracking?

While there are many ways to track your parcels, there are many mixed reviews regarding the accuracy of Canada Post tracking. Some customers say that it is 100% accurate. However, some customers say that they have received their packages even before the tracking gets updated.

The best way to get close to real-time events is by using Ship24's tracking system. Ship24 guarantees that you will be with every step of your parcels' journey. Ship24 gathers tracking number patterns through a series of events, and in return, gives you live updates on the status of the parcel.

What's the optimal tracking option for Canada Post?

Buyers should not worry whether their parcels are being handled by different couriers like UPS, China Post, FedEx, and Japan Post. The one-stop-tracking shop, Ship24, means you can track everything from one place, and it doesn't matter which courier it is with. Ship24 has an in-built courier auto-detection system, so it automatically knows who is handling your parcels and it also gives you the relevant tracking information accordingly.

Let Ship24 do the work, so you don't have to.

What is a Canada Post tracking number?

Canada Post tracking numbers will typically look like the following iterations:

  • 16 Numeric digits - 5035 1441 9918 3281 (for orders online)
  • 13 Alpha-Numeric characters - VV 101 202 303 VV (for other services provided by Canada Post)

Does Canada Post update tracking on the weekends?

Although Canada Post does not do deliveries during weekends, tracking still gets updated. From the day it is shipped to the day it arrives, tracking still gets updated. You can check the status of your packages by heading to the Ship24 website and entering your tracking number. There, you can see the location, estimated time of arrival, and any other relevant information relating to your package.

How long do Canada Post parcels take to deliver?

The Canada Post delivery time differs according to the location where the package is sent.

Canda Post Delivery Times

However, in general, the average delivery times are as follows:

  • 2 Business days for a post within the locality.
  • 3 Business days within the region.
  • 4 Business days nationwide
  • International deliveries originating in Canada can take up to 4 to 7 business days.

Note - All of the above delivery timeframes could be affected by the weather, the volume of mails in sorting centres, unforeseen circumstances, and so on, which can affect the delivery time expected. As the above given time frame is not guaranteed during sales periods and festivities.

Does Canada Post deliver 7 days a week?

Currently, Canada Post does not offer Saturday and Sunday delivery. However, customers are encouraged to check with the Canada Post delivery section of the official website to check if other options are available. Depending on the final destination of their parcel, most of the Canada Post standard delivery options will be available to view on their website.

Available Delivery Times

The following list will outline the available delivery times for Canada Post:

For residencies - Canada Post states that they only deliver from:

  • Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. These days are excluding Christmas and New Year's Day.

For businesses - Packages could be delivered from:

  • Monday and Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm.

What are the Canada Post shipping options?

Canada Post currently offers 4 different shipping options within Canada, the USA, and internationally.

Canada Post Shipping Options

The buyer can manage the costs and the delivery timeframes when they choose one of the following four options:

  • Priority shipping: This option is for time-sensitive deliveries and parcels. Typically, next business day delivery between major destinations is available, with a maximum of 7 business days to remote locations. Ship24 can track all priority shipments.
  • Express shipping: the sellers often use this option because it is a fast and affordable way to get orders to their customers. This service is generally used for small parcels and documents and takes 1 or 2 business days to deliver between major locations. According to Canada Post, global delivery times take a maximum of 7 business days to more remote areas. Track this mode of delivery on Ship24.
  • Expedited parcel: The most cost-effective surface delivery option for your parcel, the estimated delivery time is between 1 and 13 days. With full tracking capability available on all registered posts at Ship24.
  • Tracked packet: Affordable, reliable, and with a tracking service provided, this option is most often used for small and lightweight items travelling to the USA and other international options. Therefore, the estimated delivery time varies between 2 and 13 days.

Which tracking tool covers Canada Post parcels?

All Canada Post orders are trackable via Ship24. Shipments handled by Canada Post can be tracked by Ship24 because of its universal, multiple courier tracking systems. Previously, people who wanted to track their Canada Post parcels had to go to the Canada Post website to get tracking updates, followed by the couriers that a parcel was handed over after it left Canada. However, now buyers and sellers can rejoice by finding all their tracking needs in one place, at the Ship24 global tracking tool.

Get all notifications and updates directly, with a Canada Post tracking tool that covers thousands of couriers and shops, whatever the location and status are of a parcel.

What services does Canada Post offer?

Canada Post offers multiple services for both individual and business use. However, these services depend on whether you are an individual or a business, the weight, size, and dimensions of your parcel, and so on. For a quote on how to get your parcel delivered with Canada Post, head over to the Canada Post website to take advantage of a reputable national postal service used by millions annually.

Buyers should note, however, that to track their Canada Post parcel most effectively, they should take their Canada Post tracking number to the Ship24 website, to get true end-to-end tracking, with the universal tracking service being available at any time 24/7, free of charge.

Can I track Canada Post parcels internationally?

Whether you choose to ship domestically or internationally, you can track your Canada Post parcels worldwide. With Ship24, it guarantees that you will be up-to-date with your parcels. It gives you the latest information on where your parcel is and the estimated time of arrival.

Simply copy your tracking number onto the Ship24 homepage and get the latest updates regarding your parcels. Tracking with Ship24 is your gateway between you and your international parcel

Does Ship24 tracking cover my Canada Post parcel?

If a buyer has purchased an item either from within Canada or from an international marketplace, rest assured that Canada Post is a reputable enough logistics company that will deliver your parcel safely and on time. Nevertheless, when it comes to universal tracking of your Canada Post package, customers should note that parcels can end their journey with a sub-contracted handler.

Don't worry, for all your tracking needs come over to Ship24 to get universal tracking on your Canada Post parcel. With multi-courier capability and true end-to-end tracking, you won't miss anything that happens with your Canada Post parcel.

How do I set up universal tracking on my Canada Post shipment?

Setting up a universal tracking on your Canada Post shipment is simple: use Ship24. It is free to use, universal, and equipped with multi-courier tracking capability. It is the one-stop shop for Canada Post shipment tracking.

The Ship24 tracking system (which is universal) works in much the same way as someone would normally track their parcel, but instead of them having to log in to a different website of the courier that their parcel is being handled by, they just need to go to one place, the Ship24 website.

It's as simple as that, go to the Ship24 homepage, click enter, copy and paste your Canada Post tracking number into the Ship24 website and you'll get instant results on your Canada Post parcel tracking.

How long do I wait for tracking updates for my Canada Post parcel?

While the handler and processing centres are responsible for making event updates on your Canada Post parcel, all tracking information (or the latest to near real-time tracking information) can be found at Ship24.

Buyers should bear in mind, however, that only once the tracking information has been made available does the tracking information become an accessible event. Again, the quickest possible route you can take to access tracking events remains through the Ship24 universal tracking system, which offers as close to real-time status and locational notifications as soon as they are available.

Where is my tracking API parcel status update?

If something appears to be wrong with your Canada Post tracking information, then you should use the Ship24 tracking system to find out the location and current status of your parcel, and then proceed to contact the handler.

It could be the case that your parcel has changed hands, been subcontracted by Canada Post or otherwise, so make sure you put yourself in the know by checking up on your parcel with Ship24 before contacting your courier/logistics company handler to ensure you have the most recent information at your fingertips when you get in touch with the relevant company.

How do I enter my Canada Post tracking number in a universal tracking system?

Want to find your Canada Post package? It couldn't be easier, with universal Ship24 tracking, you can track your Canada Post parcel globally with just one website. Check out the Ship24 tracking tool and optimize your parcel tracking.

Harnessing the power of the Ship24 tracking system today to take your Canada Post shipment tracking solutions to the next level! Ship24 won't let you down, enter your tracking number in the search bar on the Ship24 website and find out.

Ship24's universal tracking system is a free-to-use, market-leading Canada Post shipment tracking tool with multi-courier tracking number auto-detection. Some 300 million-plus have used Ship24 to track their packages not only with Canada Post but multiple other couriers, worldwide. Ship24 continues to be used thousands and millions monthly because it trusts its true end-to-end tracking capability.

The powerful, universal Ship24 tracking system works with over 1200 couriers and thousands of online shops to identify, find, and bring all the tracking information needed on your parcel, as soon as you want it. It's one of the reasons why individuals and businesses keep coming back to Ship24. It's one of the reasons why millions keep coming back to have all their Canada Post shipment solutions answered.

Stop missing out on optimizing your tracking capability, and enter any tracking number on our website to experience the best-in-class tracking functionality.

How do I contact Canada Post?

Canada Post Contact

If you have any queries related to your parcel you can contact Canada Post via phone or social media page. The details of which can be found below:

  • On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canadapost
  • On Twitter: @canadaposthelps
  • By mobile device: 1-866-607-6301 (for domestic calls); 416-979-3033 (for international calls). You can contact them between 7 am to 11 pm on the weekdays and between 9 am to 9 pm on the weekends.

Ship24 is your best option to optimize your Canada Post tracking, however, covering all transportation and parcel delivery options offered by the company.

It is now even easier to track your Canada Post parcel, with delivery notifications available whenever you need them at Ship24. Find out the current status of the parcels/packages with just one click, by entering your Canada Post tracking number on Ship24 today, and never look back.

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