Canada Post tracking

What is Canada Post?

Canada Post is run by Canada Post Corporation (it is a crown corporation) and works as the primary postal operator within Canada. Known before as “Royal Mail Canada”, the corporation changed its name in 1960 to become Canada Post.

In October 1981, the Canada Post Corporation Act came into effect, abolishing the Post Office Departement and creating the Crown Corporation that provides the postal service of today. This abolition ensures today the independence and the financial security of the postal service.

Canada Post works as a group of different companies called the Canada Post Group, employing more than 60000 employees today. In 2000, Canada Post introduced the company Epost that gave the possibility to the customers to receive their bill online and for free.

How do I track my Canada Post?

Canada Postal Services starting with their tagline that is “Sending it Far, We send it fast”. With the ship24 tracking parcel solutions, you can track your parcel with real-time updates. With the tracking number search feature, you will know your answer to the frequently asked question: Where is my order from Esty? What you need is the tracking number and you will get all real times updates on your registered mail. You can locate your parcel and get the delivery status of your parcel as a seller. You will find the tracking number on your package or receipt provided by the seller. By default, you will get more tracking details on your registered mail than for unregistered.

By using the Ship24 package tracking service as a buyer or seller, it is very easy to find or locate your parcels. Based on your tracking number, ship24 will provide the last status and track it automatically for you. The tracking number usually look like this:

16 Numeric digits – 5035 1441 9918 3281
Or 16 Alpha-Numeric Character – VV 101 202 303 VV.

How long does Canada Post take to deliver packages?

The Canada Post delivery time is different according to the location where the package is sent:

  • 2 Business days for Local.
  • 3 Business days within the district.
  • 4 Business days within nationwide Sending the Mail from Canada to another country usually takes up to 4 to 7 business days.

Note – All these time frames are affected by the weather, the volume of mails in sorting centers, strikes which can affect the delivery time expected. As the above given time frame is not guaranteed during Sales periods and during festivities

Does Canada Post deliver on Saturday and how late?

Most of the Canada Post standards are available here: Canada Post Delivery Standards , which defines the Zip Code structure and the business delivery days excluding Saturday and Sunday or any holiday observed by the Canadian Post. If you want to know how late does Canada Post deliver, then here is your answer:

  • For residencies: As Canada Post Stat’s that we deliver only from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Excluding Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • For Businesses – Delivering Mail from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Canada Post Contact Details.

If you have any query related to your parcel you can contact me via phone or social media page. There are three listed options to take support as follow:

Contact Canada Post Support Team available in business hours i.e. Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM:

  • On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canadapost
  • On Twitter: https://twitter.com/canadaposthelps
  • By phone between 7 AM to 11 PM and 9 AM to 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday by Phone – 1-866-607-6301 and if you are calling from outside of Canada – 416-979-3033.

Ship24 is your tracking tool that supports the online parcel tracking of express and postal couriers across the globe. Either it is a single international or domestic package, it is now easier to track. Get a delivery notification to find out the current status of the parcels/packages to be received, trace everything on Ship24 with just a click.

What are Canada Post shipping options?

Canada Post proposes 4 different shipping options in Canada, in the USA, and also internationally. The buyer can manage the costs and the delivery speeds by choosing one of these four options:

  • The priority shipping: the buyer uses this option for time-sensitive documents and parcels. The urgent items are delivered at the fastest speeds, in general with next business day delivery between major centers and a maximum of 7 business days to remote locations.
  • The Xpresspost shipping: the sellers often use this option because it is a fast and affordable way to get purchases to their customers. This service is generally used for parcels and documents and takes 1 or 2 business days delivery between major centers. It takes a maximum of 7 business days to provide delivery to more remote areas.
  • The Expedited parcel: it’s a cost-effective surface delivery that provides a delivery tracking option with notifications in Canada and the USA. The estimated delivery time is between 1 and 13 days.
  • The tracked packet: this option presents different advantages, it is affordable, reliable and a tracking shipping service is provided. This option is used for small and lightweight items to the USA and to 20 international destinations. The estimated delivery time is between 2 and 13 days.

What other services are proposed by Canada Post?

Canada Post proposes different services for personal but also business use:

  • Mail forwarding (to ensure that all the important email got to the new address).
  • Hold Mail (to keep the mail safe and secure when people are not there to receive it).
  • Flexdelivery (to deliver the online purchases to any convenient post office).
  • Post (to receive the bills, to pay the stubs and statements in the online inbox).
  • Ship online (to create a shipping label at home to send a parcel anywhere in Canada, U.S., or internationally).
  • Find a delivery standard (to see how long it takes for the letter/package delivery in Canada).
  • Print a return label (to enter the return code from the merchant and print a prepaid return shipping label).
  • View special requirements (to learn about the restricted and prohibited items by destination).
  • Estimates duties and taxes (to estimate the customs costs before sending international shipments).
  • Get ready for customs ( to locate the customs code for the shipped item or to fill out the online form to save time).
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