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Universal Package Tracking API for USPS

Delivering over 140 billion parcels per year, the USPS is one of the largest postal services in the world. So when it comes to tracking USPS parcels effectively, businesses are turning to tracking API specialists, Ship24.

Universal Package Tracking API for USPS

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Delivering over 140 billion parcels per year, the USPS is one of the largest postal services in the world. So when it comes to tracking USPS packages effectively, businesses are turning to tracking API specialists, Ship24. Get your USPS package tracking API with Ship24 to have access to plenty of benefits and features.

Understanding USPS Tracking API

The USPS Tracking API is a service provided by the United States Postal Service that allows users to track the status of their packages in real time. This tool is particularly useful for businesses and individuals who want to follow the progress of their shipments, from the moment they leave the warehouse until they reach their final destination. By integrating this API into their systems, businesses can provide their customers with up-to-date information about their orders.

Benefits of USPS Tracking API

  • Real-time package tracking: The API provides live updates about the status and location of the package.
  • Integration capabilities: It can be seamlessly integrated into various systems, providing a consistent tracking experience across different platforms.
  • Improved customer service: By providing accurate and timely information about shipments, businesses can improve their customer service and satisfaction.

Can I use a tracking API to see where my USPS parcel is?

The United States Postal Services (USPS) is a major American courier which can trace its roots right back to the 1700s when late in the century the Post Office Department was created with the passing of the Postal Service Act.

Today, the USPS - which is also referred to as the US Mail - continues to be one of the largest postal service providers. However, it has recently faced big competition from rivals DHL, FedEx, and United Parcel Service (UPS).

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Can a tracking API track USPS parcels worldwide?

USPS offers global shipping options with tracking. Although, with competition in the courier and delivery market growing, packages are being sent by an increasingly wide range of couriers, meaning that when browsing marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, customers may not necessarily have their parcel handled by the USPS.

Indeed, the shipping option chosen by customers as well as the final destination of the parcel could mean any number of couriers handle and deliver packages. This has meant that despite tracking options being available via the USPS website, people are choosing to head to shipment tracking companies like Ship24 which have universal parcel tracking capability for more than one courier.

It should be noted that the USPS changed the names of its international service options to match its domestic shipping options recently. The changes were to make a more uniform delivery option process and consequently a more user-friendly experience for the customer. Therefore, users of USPS postal services should be aware of the following changes.

USPS International Service Options

  • The former Airmail (Letter Post) is now First-Class Mail International. This option covers small packages weighing up to four pounds, or 1.8 kilograms.
  • Priority Mail International replaced Airmail Parcel Post. At the same time, Flat-Rate packaging in various sizes was introduced.
  • USPS-supplied mailing boxes for Priority and Express mail are now allowed for international use. This was brought in to offer specialized options for almost universal delivery of USPS packages. However, if opting for this option, this service is known to be largely provided by contracting through private firms, such as FedEx and others.
  • Global Express is now Express Mail International, while Global Express Guaranteed is unchanged.
  • Economy Parcel Post was not changed, as it was discontinued for international service.

Although this is subject to change, international mailing classes with a tracking ability are Express, Express Guaranteed, and Priority. When it comes to priority, it should be known that tracking is not available for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes or Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Boxes.

All mail that is registered and can be tracked, no matter if the delivery is contracted out, can be followed using the tracking system on the Ship24 website. Businesses can also take advantage of direct access to the Ship24 tracking API which also covers multiple couriers and encompasses globally capable tracking services.

Does a tracking API cover my USPS parcel?

If a buyer has purchased an item either from within the USA or from an international marketplace, then USPS is a solid courier option that will usually deliver a parcel safely and on time.

However, when it comes to universal tracking of your parcel, it may be worth bearing in mind that parcels can travel with a number of sub-contracted handlers before they are directly handled by USPS staff and therefore, getting the latest most up-to-date location of your parcel might not always be possible.

This is where Ship24 comes in to save the day. Designed specifically for businesses to businesses orders, the universal tracking API system from Ship24 allows real-time tracking of your USPS parcel globally, whichever courier it may be in the hands-on.

Businesses integrated and connected with the tracking API system can also expect to have access to the latest status event notifications, meaning optimized tracking information for businesses and enterprises. Increasingly, this has led to businesses turning to shipment tracking APIs to ensure they receive total information on their USPS package progress, of which Ship24 is a leading provider.

For normal users, to know where you can track your USPS package, you can use the official USPS website or you can use the Ship24 search bar that will automatically provide you with the event tracking information globally so you can monitor events statuses to not miss a delivery or to make sure your customer has received its order. You can also get updates on your orders from thousands of marketplaces when you enter your USPS tracking number on the Ship24 homepage. Get updates when you do Amazon tracking, eBay tracking, SHEIN tracking, Shopee tracking, etc.

What USPS tracking notification can I get from the Ship24 tracking API?

All USPS products can be tracked through the Ship24 tracking API. Buyers should be advised that updates provided on your USPS delivery through the Ship24 tracking API will be event updates sent by the carrier. In order to know what these event updates mean and understand your USPS parcel tracking more effectively, please see the explanations below for shipping notifications.

USPS Shipping Notifications

Shipping Tracking Notifications Description
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item A tracking number is created and already registered by the sender, but the parcel has not been handed to USPS yet.
Accepted at USPS Origin Facility The parcel has been accepted at a USPS sorting warehouse around your region.
Your item was delivered to an individual at the address at The parcel has been received by the recipient. This notification is usually followed by the time, date, and address of when and where it is delivered.
Out for Delivery, Expected Delivery by The parcel is on the way and expects it to arrive at a certain time stamp.
Out for Delivery The parcel is on its way to the recipient.
Delivered, Left with Individual The recipient received the parcel.

Previously, businesses had to take to USPS to get tracking updates, but now businesses connected to the Ship24 global tracking API get all notifications and updates directly. Covering hundreds of couriers, whatever the location and the status of the parcel businesses using this service are enjoying universal tracking from the Ship24 tracking API.

How do I set up a universal USPS API tracker on my shipment?

With USPS, tracking shipments or packages from your order has been simplified when using the tracking API system from Ship24. This universal tracking API simply requires system-to-system integration to supply your system with the tracking service it requires.

It should be noted that the Ship24 tracking API covers parcels shipped with USPS and any other couriers that should also handle the package as it progresses along its journey.

The system works in much the same way as people normally track their parcel through Ship24, in that once they have notified Ship24 of the package they want to track, Ship24 will give them a list of all the information available on their package, including the most up to date location and status of their shipment.

The way a tracking API differs is that the tracking API is connected directly to the business, rather than the business having to go to the website and enter their information.

With this Ship24 tracking API set up, you will be able to follow it and know the latest status and the location of your shipment. In case of any issue with your shipment, please follow find the contacts of USPS, where they can query any updates provided should they wish.

USPS Customer Service Contact

  • By telephone, you can contact customer support at 1-800-222-1811
  • By sending a textual content message with your tracking number and package content in the message
  • By the USPS Mobile App

Find all the information in the Contact Us section of the USPS site for more information.

How do I integrate Ship24's tracking API to track USPS parcels?

To integrate Ship24's tracking API to track USPS parcels, you will need to create an account on Ship24 or log in to one if you already have one. After that, go to the tracking API page, which can be found here.

The next step would be to click on "Get More". You will be directed to another page where you can choose between our two plans, "per-call" and "per-shipment". We recommend going for the "per-shipment" plan as it offers more benefits such as having extensive features, low cost, and it transmits information quicker. You can also choose both if you want to try both of them. You are given 10 free trials for tracking your shipment upon subscribing to a plan.

After choosing a plan, head over to the dashboard and there should be documentation for the next steps. The process should only take a few minutes. If you have any concerns or issues integrating Ship24's tracking API, don't hesitate to contact our support team and we'll be happy to assist you.

Is USPS tracking API free?

Upon subscribing to any of Ship24's plans, you will receive 100 free USPS tracking APIs on per-call requests or 10 free USPS tracking APIs on per-shipment requests. After using up your per-call or per-shipment free trials, you can go over the "Pricing" page to explore Ship24's affordable and reliable services.

Where can I find Ship24's USPS tracking API documentation?

After creating an account on Ship24 and subscribing to one of the plans, you can head over to the dashboard and find the documentation on how to integrate Ship24's tracking API. For questions or queries regarding the integration, please contact our in-house team of experts to help guide and assist you.

Should I inform businesses that I use a global tracking API for USPS parcel updates?

If you are selling online, impress your clients and give them peace of mind by telling them they can track their parcel via the Ship24 website no matter which courier they or you opt to choose! Make sure you send them the link so they can begin tracking from the outset and get all the tracking information they need.

How long do I wait for tracking API updates with a USPS parcel?

While other tracking API systems may vary in response time, Ship24 offers one of the leading tracking information response times on the market. This is only enhanced via its tracking API services, as it means that businesses integrated with the tracking API can access the latest tracking information directly.

The handler is responsible for making any updates and adding events. Only once this information is made available does it become an accessible tracking event. The fastest way to access these tracking events is through the Ship24 universal tracking API which offers real-time status and location notifications when they are available.

Please keep in mind that in some rare cases, it takes up to 24 hours before a tracking notification is updated. This is due to the fact that either the package has not been processed or registered or that the courier has not received the package from the sender.

Can I track Sunday USPS deliveries with a tracking API?

USPS does offer deliveries on Sunday with their Priority Mail Express as well as some Amazon packages. Since there is an increased volume of packages, they are currently trying to expand their services throughout the country on Sundays. With that being said, yes, you can still track your USPS parcels on Sundays.

Ship24 allows you to track up to 10 parcels simultaneously and you can expect it to give you fast and real-time events within a few seconds.

Where is my tracking API parcel status update?

If something seems wrong with the USPS tracking information, there could be a number of reasons. The Ship24 tracking API detects the latest information regarding your parcel status and location, so businesses are aware in real time of what is going on with their parcel. Indeed, any tracking updates will be instantly available as soon as they happen via the Ship24 tracking API service.

Another reason why our USPS tracking API is not giving out parcel status updates is due to incorrect input of the USPS tracking number. Be sure to double-check the USPS tracking number if there are any missing letters or numbers on the one you entered.

With the global tracking API system by your side, you can enjoy a full view of all the information available.

Why is the tracking API not updating my USPS package status?

If there are no tracking updates regarding your USPS package, it could generally mean that the package has not been handed to the courier or has not been registered yet. Ship24 automatically updates the tracking if there are any events that occur. In this case, wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before trying to track again.

If there are still no updates from the tracking API, then the problem is with the courier. Contact USPS customer care service regarding this matter.

Are tracking APIs needed for business tracking with USPS?

While USPS tracking can only track USPS packages, the universal Ship24 tracking API allows those subscribed to track parcels shipped with any courier, including USPS. Ship24 constantly interacts with hundreds of couriers and even more online shops, meaning it is able to perform global tracking effectively regardless of the courier.

Furthermore, because of this capability, the Ship24 tracking API is being chosen by businesses to handle their universal shipment tracking, whether with USPS or otherwise.

Businesses that use China Post, Japan Post, FedEx, and UPS post no longer need to visit those individual websites to track their parcel. Equally, buyers no longer need to use USPS tracking services at all and are flocking to the one-stop-tracking-shop: Ship24.

How will my business benefit from a USPS tracking API?

The USPS, or United States Postal Services, is the national American post service - as the name suggests. Today, it is one of the biggest parcel delivery operators in the US, handling millions of packages every year which is bound for both domestic and international destinations.

This means that thousands of businesses use and trust USPS to deliver business mail, goods, and even bulk shipments within the USA and abroad.

The USPS is also involved in delivering goods that come from outside of the country and are ordered by US consumers from places like Europe and China. This has seen USPS become involved in complex shipping and logistics routes where it only handles parcel and package delivery during a certain stretch of the journey of a parcel.

In the past, this has meant some businesses need to switch tracking manually between carriers in order to keep up to date with the progress of their parcel. However, Ship24 was launched to find a solution to the universal and multicarrier tracking question, by developing a USPS tracking API that will continue to deliver tracking notifications regardless of whether it is being handled by the USPS or where it is in the world.

That's why today, thousands of small, medium, and large companies are turning to Ship24's one-stop-shop tracking API solution to solve all of their tracking needs.

Which types of shipping do the USPS tracking API cover?

Some companies are left wondering which postal services are provided by the postal company that covers Ship24's USPS tracking API. The good news is, that any registered parcel which is shipped with USPS is able to be tracked by the Ship24 tracking API. The Ship24 tracking API can track not only USPS but all of the other major carriers, including DPD, Royal Mail, La Poste, FedEx, UPS, China Post, and so on.

Please find some of the most common USPS shipping methods listed here, all of which are trackable using the Ship24 tracking API.

USPS Shipping Methods

  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail International
  • Standard Service
  • Express Mail International
  • All other registered packages and parcels are shipped with USPS

Please note, before sending a large or abnormal order, or for bulk orders or large USPS shipping options, you should contact USPS directly in order to get a quote and make sure they can meet your requirements. These types of items may be shipped under special circumstances which could affect the ability to track these items.

What USPS shipment tracking API notifications will I receive?

Whether you are using the "per-call" or "per-shipment" Ship24 USPS package tracking API, you will still receive 100 per cent of all notifications that occur during your parcels journey, whenever you need them. The only difference is that with the per-call plan, you will need to notify us by calling for the information in order to receive it.

Whenever you call, we will still be able to deliver the latest status and locational information relevant to your parcel, this tracking model simply suits other businesses better. On the other hand, some businesses prefer the per-shipment tracking API, which will automatically deliver notifications directly to your server as they happen.

When choosing the per-shipment plan, you can also choose the option of our Shipment Tracking Dashboard which is a great complementary to the tracking API plan because it will quickly allow you to add and monitor your shipments as well as give you a better experience when tracking your shipments.

Moreover, you can also get tracking information when you integrate our FedEx package tracking API, DHL package tracking API, UPS package tracking API, and thousands of other globally-known couriers which are supported by Ship24.

Does a tracking API work for B2B USPS shipments?

Business-to-business shipping requires a step above in terms of shipment tracking and many are looking for tracking API solutions that can integrate with their system directly. Ship24 is one of the leading providers of parcel tracking for USPS and other couriers with businesses, via its powerful tracking API system.

Once integrated directly with a business, the Ship24 tracking API system offers high-level tracking capabilities, with tracking a parcel with USPS or other couriers incredibly efficiently.

How do I enter my USPS tracking number in a tracking API?

When searching for a USPS package, many worry that it will be a difficult process, and some may be forgiven for thinking they need a degree in shipping and tracking with USPS in order to know what to look for. Yet in reality, business shipment tracking is easier than ever!

Ship24 universal tracking will send the latest status updates on your parcel either via the web page, or if you set up your business with the Ship24 global tracking API, directly. It will also allow you access to the real-time location of your USPS parcel. With the Ship24 tracking API, businesses can relax knowing that all the information on their parcel is available at their fingertips.

With Ship24, you don't need to know anything about your tracking number other than the numbers and digits, and you're all set!

Business demands have meant this has gone a step further, with enterprises wanting to up their tracking capabilities with a direct link to tracking companies. This is achieved by integrating with an API, and where better to start than one of the leading universal tracking API providers, Ship24.

By harnessing the power of the Ship24 tracking Application Programming Interface (API) system, you can Integrate powerful shipping capabilities into a business. A tracking API will allow your business to get full shipment tracking directly.

Once your business system or server is connected with the Ship24 tracking API, your business can benefit from one of the most powerful parcel tracking API systems in the market, optimizing your USPS package tracking capabilities from the word go.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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