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Universal tracking API solutions for Auspost

AusPost, also known as Australian Post, is the national postal operator in Australia and has been serving its citizens for well over 200 years. Today, AusPost has modernized and offers a range of logistics services, including last mile eCommerce delivery an international express postage options, as well as other products.

Universal tracking API solutions for Auspost

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What is an AusPost tracking API?

An AusPost tracking API gives customers and businesses which use its package delivery services full visibility over the progress and transit of their parcel from dispatch to delivery. It provides 100 percent of updates on an AusPost parcel whenever they are needed with the per-call API functionality or automatically as they happen if needed. Ship24 offers a market-leading tracking API that has the capability of tracking more than 1,000 different logistics companies, carriers, e-shops, marketplaces, and more, including all AusPost packages and their partner handlers.

In the modern shipping world, being able to track shipments is key for the efficient delivery of C2C, B2C, and B2B shipments. As the demand for distance sales grows alongside a booming eCommerce sector, it is more important than ever to be able to keep track of the flow of goods for both merchants and customers. This has led to the need for comprehensive Tracking API systems which offer complete end-to-end tracking capability to ensure that businesses can keep track of the control of goods.

This article will explain what an AusPost tracking API is and what the best AusPost tracking API solutions are. If you are tracking with AusPost, or any other of the major international couriers, such as DHL, UPS, Cainiao, China Post, 4PX, look no further than the shipping experts, Ship24.

Please note, AusPost is a short form for Australian Post.

How does an AusPost tracking API work?

An AusPost tracking API delivers tracking events on AusPost parcels in as close to real-time as possible, providing its users with full visibility over the progress of a shipment from dispatch to delivery.

Ship24 has created a powerful tracking API system that scans the web every time a call is made to its system to find the latest information relevant to that parcel and tracking number, including with AusPost. If your system is integrated with Ship24 you are guaranteed to be delivered 100 event notifications in as close to real-time as possible.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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How can an AusPost tracking API help my business?

Businesses that want to take their tracking functionality to the next level are doing so using a shipment tracking API. Ship24's universal tracking API delivers 100 percent of event notifications on AusPost parcels, meaning whether the package being sent needs to be tracked by a customer or a business, they will have 100 percent visibility over the movement of their order/goods. Every day, businesses are upgrading their tracking functionality and capability with Ship24 so they can improve their operational efficiency while ensuring they have AusPost tracking services they can trust. Whether for B2B or B2C tracking, check out our powerful tracking API and webhook functionality to take your tracking to the next level.

What event notifications will an AusPost tracking API provide me with?

When you use an AusPost tracking API you will receive information about the journey of the parcel so far, its current status, the location of the parcel, and the carrier it is being handled by. The information you receive will be public so if any of this information is missing, it is because it has not been released by the handler or courier company. If you want to check if you can find out more information than you have received from your AusPost tracking API call, make sure you contact the Ship24 team.

Tracking notifications happen when an AusPost shipment arrives, is processed at, or dispatched from any AusPost or carrier center, warehouse, post office, or otherwise.

Will an AusPost tracking API show an estimated delivery time?

The estimated delivery time of your AusPost parcel will be quoted by AusPost directly. The Ship24 tracking API does not provide an estimated delivery time as it will depend on the service you have chosen to purchase from AusPost (such as standard or express delivery) and the efficiency by which they handle the delivery of your parcel (and any other courier partners involved in that delivery). However, using an AusPost tracking API will help you keep up to date on the latest location and status of your parcel meaning you will be able to best predict when your parcel will arrive.

Furthermore, it will mean that should any delays occur, you will be notified immediately and can act accordingly depending on the circumstances of the delay. For instance, if your parcel is stuck at customs because of outstanding Value Added Tax (VAT) which is due on the parcel, this will need to be paid before it can be released. With Ship24, you will be notified and can proceed to make sure the parcel is released as soon as possible, either by paying the VAT owed or pushing the customer to pay the tax so the item can be released.

In this respect, tracking with the universal Ship24 tracking API is the ultimate way to ensure the fastest delivery time for your AusPost parcel.

Why isn't my AusPost tracking API working?

There could be a number of reasons why your AusPost tracking API number is not working, which are listed below for your convenience.

  • Please make sure that you have chosen the correct AusPost tracking number which you would like to be tracked. An AusPost tracking number will be unique to each parcel sent and there are millions of different combinations of letters and numbers generated for each AusPost parcel, so make sure you have correctly entered the set of characters relevant of your AusPost package.
  • Please make sure you have not exceeded the limit of your tracking API. Ship24 provides two different types of API. The first is a per-call tracking API and the second is a per-shipment tracking API. As the name suggests, the former will have a maximum number of calls you can make to find out the latest information on your parcel. If you exceed this amount you need to upgrade your plan. Our free tracking API plan will allow a maximum of 100 calls, so you will need to upgrade in order to continue tracking an AusPost parcel using our tracking API.
  • Your package has been delivered or seized. Once a package has been delivered you will not receive any more tracking API notifications. If you believe the AusPost parcel was delivered to the wrong address or the recipient did not receive it, you need to contact AusPost directly. If your parcel has been seized at customs or a processing facility, it will likely have contained a prohibited item. Please contact the courier for more information.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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