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What is Australia Post?

Australia Post is the government-owned largest logistics provider network that caters to the everyday needs of the Australian community related to postal, retail, financial, and travel services at an affordable cost. Australia Post or Auspost, is operating as the successor of Post Master’s General Department, a veteran, and custodian of traditional postal services which has been connecting Australia for the last 200 years. They are committed to strive for excellence and ensure reliability to its community by aligning with technological and social advancements. Innovation, digitalization, and maximizing customer satisfaction is the focus of all operations at Australia Post. It is evolving and it fulfills what its community desires and requires keeping in view the changing dynamics of postal and logistics business. As a leading service provider, Auspost has introduced several features over time such as Australia Post Parcel, Australia Post Package, Australia Post Express Shipping, Australia Post Tracking app, Australia Post Online shop to improvise the coverage and promptness of its services and ascertain user’s convenience. In addition to its devotion towards postal business and connecting Australians, Australia Post has shown commitment and dedication to minimize its environmental impact by introducing a unique “Carbon Neutral” delivery service and use of electric vehicles in their fleet. The enthusiasm and professional acumen of highly-dedicated people at Australia Post is directed towards connecting communities and businesses nationwide by adding satisfaction and making a positive difference in the lives of Australians each day.

How does Australia Post work?

Australia Post, while operating in three main areas of logistics and retail merchandise, associated agency services, letters, and parcels, extends its services with a wider nexus of human resource, vehicles fleet, Air freighters, and a number of subsidiaries. The professionally adept workforce of more than 80,000 personnel from both Australia Post and Star Track, process 90 million parcels a year at 461 facilities, delivers to 214 countries with 12.1 million delivery points, operates around 7000 postal outlets. Australia Post has proven to be a valuable asset as billions of items are delivered annually via Australia Post Order, Australia Post Shipping, Australia Post Parcel, Australia Post Free Shipping for orders from online stores and Australia Post Package, Australia Post Express shipping, Australia Post Standard shipping. The parcels and mail are delivered at a nationwide network of Australia post offices, Licensed Post Offices, Community Postal Agencies, Australia Post franchises, Red street posting boxes, parcel lockers, Express Post Box, Parcel collect and private addresses. Australia Post Digital Mailbox, automation of shipments, and online services complement its traditional services with modernization.

Does Australia Post still deliver every day?

Australia Post delivery service is operational seven days a week - even during the prevailing pandemic scenario in 2020- to relieve its customers from any nuisance. During this period, to maintain continuity of delivery services, hiring of additional human resources, redeployment of workforce, exploration, and engagement of additional transport alternatives, the establishment of new processing and delivery facilities was ensured across the country. To accommodate restricted flight operations, Australia Post made efforts to broaden the parcels and mail delivery through the road during the pandemic scenario.

How do I track my parcel with Australia Post?

With Australia Post Tracking services, you can find the origin and destination of your parcel or post. The current information regarding your parcel can be tracked by visiting the website www.auspost.com, by connecting through chatbot, by accessing the MyPost account dashboard, or with the Ship24 website that will track your order. You can easily access the user-friendly tracking tool on the Australian Post website, also access the customer contact center either online or through call. All you need is to have the tracking number or article ID that entails the uniqueness of your transaction. The name and address may not be helpful in tracking your parcel or post as the system uses a unique tracking number to locate items throughout the network.

How long does standard shipping Australia Post take?

Australia post shipping time for a standard post takes 2 to 6 days covering all Australia and 10 to 14 days for international deliveries. Within country standard shipping Australia Post delivery time may vary depending on the location of delivery point which is different for country locations and for metro areas (weekends and public holidays excluded). Items processed through Australia Post standard shipping method are proven to ensure convenience, timely delivery, and adding value to customer experience for the Australian community regardless of the size of the transaction.

How much is Express shipping Australia Post?

Australia Post shipping fees are different from standard post service for customers opting for Australia post express shipping for their valuables to be delivered the next business day. The postage cost starts from $11.95 and may vary subject to the inclusion of additional features offered for the service. Express shipping Australia post offers “If it Packs, It Posts” service on national flat rate postage range for parcels weighing up to 5 Kgs and varies depending on the size of packaging selected and may entail postage through yellow street posting boxes. The service also includes optional extras as Extra Cover, Signature on Delivery, and Carbon Neutral parcel delivery. Additional charges may apply for pick-up services.

How to find lost tracking number Australia Post?

In case Australia Post tracking number is lost, the best way to recover is to check your receipt in the system from the day you performed the transaction. For a sender, the receipt carries an Australia Post tracking number, only if your transaction was for a tracked service such as a prepaid satchel which gets scanned prior dispatch or a tracking label was printed from the point-of-sale machine after assessment of postage amount at a post office. For a receiver, if the sender has opted for a tracked service, email or SMS record will have the requisite information. In case of a transaction from if your transaction falls in any of these cases, you can contact Auspost Customer Contact Centre either online at https://auspo.st/help or by calling on 13POST(13 76 78). Before contacting, you must have all information regarding the Post Office attended, date and time of the transaction, transaction amount, and mode of payment to facilitate the tracking process for you.

Nationality of the courier: Australian

Date of creation: 1975

Tracking number format (the common one): EE 999 999 999 AU

Different types of services

  • Regular mail delivery
  • Express service
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