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The ultimate YunExpress Package Tracking API solution

Ship24 offers a market-leading tracking API solution that covers thousands of couriers and logsitics companies, including YunExpress

The ultimate YunExpress Package Tracking API solution

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What is YunExpress?

YunExpress was founded in 2014 in China and today is one of the leading third-party logistics companies in the country, offering logistics services for domestic and cross-border B2C business lines. The giant also provides services for cross-border e-commerce sellers, including FBA transfer, parcel postage, and international express delivery options. The company prides itself on what it calls its double logistics platforms, which provide clients with full-link digital service systems which include parcel pick-up, air transport, customs clearances, warehousing services, and last-mile delivery. Yun Express main rivals are 4PX, Cainiao, China Post and others.

YunExpress consists of 20+ branch companies and more than 15 transit hubs. The courier company is also responsible for handling over 700,000 parcels per day from over 10,000 clients which is handled by its team of 1500+ staff. YunExpress's main business is concerning the wide range of logistics options it presents for the eCommerce sector, something which alongside its reliability as a logistics company, was won the trust of consumers and businesses alike.

Yunexpress also strives to be known as the company with information technology at its core, designed specifically for the logistics services industry. It does this by incorporating technology in each of its operational processes to improve overall company efficiency. It is also known for its services innovation, which it works for in order to benefit the clients it has. Finally, it also has extensive warehousing space and vast experience in eCommerce, which sets it apart from other companies in both capacity and knowledge.

What is the best YunExpress tracking API available?

In light of the expansive operations carried out by YunExpress and the ever-increasing demand for Chinese products via eCommerce marketplaces and platforms, many businesses who are interested in tracking YunExpress orders are asking what is the best YunExpress tracking API system? Fortunately, Ship24 has answered those calls, by offering a complete YunExpress tracking API system that not only covers the courier, but also thousands of other similar and major couriers worldwide, from China to North America. This has meant thousands of companies have chosen Ship24 for their tracking API needs, so they don't need to worry about where to track shipments, which courier they need to track or otherwise. Once your business is integrated with the YunExpress tracking API, you can sit back and relax, knowing all the tracking updates for your parcel are being collected and are available whenever you need them via call, or delivered to you directly as they happen, with our webhook functionality.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Who uses YunExpress courier tracking APIs?

Businesses that deal with shipments or shipping and want to optimize their visability over the flow of goods are using tracking APIs. Ship24's tracking API is designed specifically to meet those needs in the simpliest and most efficient way possible, for YunExpress or any of over 1,000 other couriers covered by our powerful tracking API system. With integration taking just minutes and our services is backed by a responsive, international expert team, we have proven the winning combination for the companies we provide for.

Find out more about our API tracking services on our main page, including our flexible pricing range and different services which can help meet the scale and budget requirements of your business. As mentioned, we can get your YunExpress tracking API ready within just minutes so you can start enjoying maximum coverage of the parcels you need tracking information on. It doesn't matter whether you track with YunExpress or Ship24, you will get the same notifications. However, the difference is Ship24 can continue to track your parcel worldwide, long after Yun Express has outsourced delivery to another third-party logistics company when it leaves China. So you don't have to worry about which courier is dealing with your parcel or if they are handling the process end-to-end. With Ship24s global tracking API you can rest assured that you can continue to track your YunExpress parcel wherever it goes.

What can a YunExpress tracking API do?

A YunExpress package tracking API will help you keep up to date with any new events or tracking notifications that occur on your parcel without you needing to log in or search the website which your parcel is being handled. Traditionally, you would need to go to individual courier websites, sometimes multiple if your parcel was being handled by a series of couriers as part of international partnerships, in order to get information. Businesses would sometimes have to enter numerous amounts of data about the destination, size, weight, dispatch location, and more about the parcel. A YunExpress parcel tracking API means you don't need to do that once you have integrated with a system. This leads to the new question, which is the best tracking API? Although there are many tracking APIs, it is important that the one you choose offers the following:

  • Multicarrier API tracking capability
  • Global tracking coverage
  • AI-machine learning built into its core
  • A solid support team behind the service

Ship24 offers all of the above and more, as well as flexible and competitive pricing, which can meet the requirements of small enterprises or major businesses alike.

Why choose Ship24 for your YunExpress tracking API?

Ship24 provides not only market-leading tracking API and webhook services but is in its own right, shipping, and logistics expert. Why? This is because Ship24 has services far beyond just tracking, it also actively runs ship from China services for people and businesses and eCommerce IOSS VAT solutions for sales on goods to the EU. This means that Ship24 fulfills several sector roles, providing solutions for business in the industry, evidencing that the company has its finger on the pulse when it comes to shipping and logistics. This allows Ship24 to stay ahead of the curve and keep passing its involved knowledge on to its customers both directly and through in the development of our services.

At Ship24, we were one of the first companies to launch an IOSS solution for businesses and many sellers have benefitted from the advanced knowledge and system we developed to make the transition to IOSS easy. This is just one of the examples that stand as a testament to making shipping easy for our clients. This is no different from the way we approach our tracking API and we are committed to providing the best service and continuing to develop what we provide to ensure our clients get only the best.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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