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Complete Colissimo Package Tracking API solutions

End-to-end, business package tracking API solutions for Colissimo, from the shipping experts.

Complete Colissimo Package Tracking API solutions

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How many Colissimo delivery destinations does a tracking API cover?

Colissimo is part of logistics solutions giant Le Groupe La Post, which includes DPD, GeoPost, La Poste, and Chronopost. Therefore, Colissimo has a huge international reach which covers some 235 countries worldwide. The Ship24 tracking API not only covers all of the destinations which are offered by Colissimo, but it also can continue to track your Colissimo parcel even if it is handed over to one of its partners listed above, or another international partner (such as FedEx or UPS in the United States).

For this reason, thousands of businesses are choosing Ship24 as their go-to shipment tracking API system, especially those who use any of the Le Groupe La Post delivery services. We track thousands of couriers worldwide, including all of the major handlers as well as more niche couriers in rural destinations and national postal services. Find out more information on our dedicated tracking webhook and tracking API page, alongside our pricing plans and FAQ

How do I get Colissimo tracking API updates on my parcel?

Colissimo packages will travel through a number of Le Groupe La Post in-house sorting warehouses and processing centres, but it does not mean that your package will definitely pass through any one particular place. Depending on the origin and destination of your parcel and the pickup or drop-off service which you choose will all determine the route of your Colissimo parcel. This is why it is essential for businesses who want to keep control over the flow of their goods to equip a powerful and capable tracking API system. Ship24 has been providing market-leading tracking services for small, medium and large enterprises, e-tailers and companies for years and our tracking API offers some of the largest coverages in the sector. If you want the best tracking API available, look no further than Ship24.

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Do I need a tracking number if I have a Colissio tracking API?

Once a business system has been integrated with Ship24, our tracking API will only need to be notified of the tracking number you wish to send once. From then on, our Colissimo tracking API will deliver all of the updates relevant to that Colissimo tracking number, or any tracking number that you send. You can send multiple at a time and our tracking API will still either make available or deliver the information as it happens, depending on your desired functionality (check out our dedicated tracking API page for more information about plans as well as pricing).

For your general information, Colissimo tracking codes consist of a set of characters around 11-15 in length. Among these characters are numbers and letters, which allow us to identify and track Colissimo in a package.

  • An example of a Colissimo tracking number is: EE684039789IN.

Which Colissimo parcel shipping services can a tracking API cover?

Colissimo offers various package shipment options depending on the size and destination of your parcel. The requirements and limitations on packages dimensions and weights can be found below but in general, all registered Colissimo parcels can be tracked with Ship24. Using the Ship24 global Colissimo tracking API, you can get 100% of all package tracking updates delivered directly to you or choose for them to be ready whenever you need them depending on your preference. We deliver both of these services through our tracking API and tracking webhook system functionality, which we also offer flexible and competitive services for alongside our other logistics services. If you want to find out more, head to the business solutions section of our website by using the navigation bar at the top of the page. On this page, you can see a tracking API FAQ, as well as see pricing options and even talk to one of our team directly using the chatbox in the bottom right hand corner (it should pop up when you access the page). We are always happy to answer any questions, technical or otherwise, about our API services and look forward to hearing from you!

Some of the requirements for Colissimo packages are written below:

  • 250g Colissimo packages usually cost around 5 euros.
  • 500g packages and 750g Colissimo parcels cost around 6-8 euros.
  • Colissimo packages which are 1kg, 2kg, and 5kg, cost 8 euros, 9 euros, and 14 euros respectively.
  • Colissimo also offers packages cost 20 euros and a 30kg package will set you back around 30 euros.

The above prices are for domestic (within continental French territory) delivery and shipments to Andora and Morocco.

Prices for shipments in other European countries, such as the UK and Switzerland, cost more. Prices for that usually start at 13 euros for 500g whereas 10kg and 30kg would cost approximately 38 euros and 62 euros respectively.

Can a Colissimo tracking API cover the package zonal system?

Colissimo has a zonal system meaning that if you want to send parcels abroad using Colissimo, the zone letter (A, B, C, etc) will determine the price and time it takes to arrive, with A being the nearest zones and progressively getting further as it goes down the alphabet. However, it doesn't matter which zone your Colissimo parcel is travelling to (or which country) our universal Colissimo tracking API system can track any Colissimo parcel worldwide. This also includes if your Colissimo package is handed over to another third-party courier as part of its journey (as can happen due to the nature of the international shipping industry, as it allows for couriers to offer worldwide shipping options to customers through partnerships with other firms where it doesn't have an in-house fleet or delivery capability). For instance, if your shipment is being sent from China and starts its journey with the China Post, then even if Colissimo is technically responsible for your parcel's final delivery, tracking might need to be accessed in a different place. This is not the case with Ship24, as our tracking API covers both the China Post, Colissimo, and thousands of other couriers and logistics companies which may be involved in the transportation/processing/delivery of your parcel. The same applies if you are sending a Colissimo package overseas, that will initially be handled by the company but then passed on to another (say if you are sending to the US, it will likely have its final delivery organized by a US partner, such as FedEx or UPS).

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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