Sagawa tracking

Sagawa tracking


Since its beginnings in 1957, when Sagawa Express had its origin with the first Sagawa package between Kyoto and Osaka, they have kept working to offer the best logistics in shipping and receiving luggage, a task that they have always done with heart.
This company tries its best to offer the best shipping, delivery, and Sagawa tracking Japan service to all its customers, developing better and better levels of service to help them gain and maintain the trust of every user.

Sagawa package tracking

What is Sagawa?

It is a company that was founded by Kiyoshi Sagawa in 1957 dedicated to offering a delivery and shipping service where logistics has played a fundamental role. 
The demands in recent years as a result of globalization have become more sophisticated, so Sagawa Express has set the standard by creating its own logistics system based on the best transportation for its customers, with an open and effective Sagawa tracking Japan.
As a transport and logistics company, Sagawa is committed to putting safety first in the development of all its activities, respecting the environment, and offering solutions capable of satisfying the interests of all its partners in terms of time and quality of service.
Sagawa Express is a company characterized by offering a vast range of options for all its customers. Among these we can mention:

  • Hikyaku courier service: Designed for the delivery of packages with a total length of 160 cm or less and a maximum weight of 30 kg, every day of the year.
  • Same-day delivery service: Thanks to Sagawa delivery Japan's large transportation network, luggage received in the morning is delivered to urban areas the same day.
  • Hikyaku international courier service: With Sagawa delivery near me you are guaranteed door-to-door delivery in more than 220 countries around the world.
  • Moving service: Whether you need to move house or it is a change of infrastructure for your company, Sagawa Express will take care of all the details.
  • Hikyaku oversized courier service: Delivery includes Sagawa package over 160 cm up to 260 cm and with a maximum weight of 50 kg.

How can I track my Sagawa package?

Once you have contracted your shipping service, you will have to ask any office for the packing material or ask the courier to take it to you for the loading of the Sagawa package. You have two options: you can leave the package at any of the sales offices or have the goods picked up by Sagawa delivery near me.
As soon as you contract the service of your choice, you will be provided with an invoice on which you will be able to read a tracking number that will be used to enter in the field identified as "Inquiry Invoice Number" to perform the Sagawa international tracking, as the case may be in the "Baggage Inquiry Service" section.
This number will allow you in both cases to perform the Sagawa tracking with which you can be immediately informed on the status of the shipment of your Sagawa package. That is why you should be very attentive and request, when necessary, the invoice that will give you access to the Sagawa tracking number with which you can access the Sagawa tracking Japan.
Sagawa tracking is a fairly simple procedure that you will perform through the company website, so you can always be informed about the status of your shipment from the comfort of your office or home.
Remember that in the section identified as "Luggage Inquiry Service" you will automatically open the doors to information related to Sagawa tracking. All you have to do is enter the invoice numbers.

What looks like a Sagawa tracking number?

The Sagawa tracking number consists of 12 characters, all numerics, and can be founded at the top of the invoice that you received via email.

How long does it take to Sagawa to deliver my parcel?

Like many other delivery service companies, Sagawa Express manages the time depending on the area or country the shipment is destined to. However, customers have a possibility to get closer to the Sagawa delivery time by using Hikyaku courier services.
From the website, you will only have to enter the tab identified with this service, where you will only have to fill in a form where you will indicate the zones (from-to) for Sagawa delivery Japan. The system will then provide you with a specific number of days within which the delivery will be handled.

How late does Sagawa deliver?

As mentioned above, this will depend on both the destination of the shipment and the service contracted. For urgent cases, Sagawa customers have at their disposal an efficient express service with which they can reduce the wait to hours, and at the same time, they will be able to track their order to keep up to date with the progress of the shipment. With Sagawa delivery near me, you can receive your delivery at your doorstep.
However, certain conditions apply, so we recommend you visit the company's website.

Does Sagawa only deliver in Japan?

No, this company offers an international delivery service to more than 220 countries in the world and the best thing about it is that customers can keep up to date with the process through the Sagawa international tracking service.
With the use of the tracking number, you will be able to perform this Sagawa international tracking in real-time, which will also help you have the advantage of having a close enough approximation of the delivery time.

What are Sagawa shipping costs?

Sagawa establishes the approximate costs of the service based on three premises:

  • Destination (sender's area/addressee's area)
  • Size of the luggage
  • Contracted service.

Interested customers can access the price search section of the website and after filling in the form with the above criteria, they can access an approximate cost.

How do I contact Sagawa?

Sagawa invites customers who wish to contact Sagawa customer service to call the sales office in charge of their order, to solve doubts or requests related to deliveries. On the other hand, in the "Feedback / Inquiries" section of their website, they offer the option to fill out a form.

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