Vova tracking

Vova tracking


Vova is an international marketplace from where consumers can find a very wide range of products from sellers from across the world. Some of these items include shoes, women’s clothing, homeware and garden products, pet food, electronics, sports equipment, and much more.

Vova package tracking

What is Vova?

Vova is an online marketplace that offers free, worldwide shipping on low-priced goods which are advertised on behalf of the many sellers. The online platform facilitates the sale of all types of goods, including bags, watches, accessories, electronics, women's clothing, men's clothing, shoes, homeware, gardening equipment and plants, mobile phones, and many other different types of products at very competitive prices.

What services does Vova offer?

Vova defines itself as a global online platform that aims to connect customers with stores around the world. It is truly international, with sellers featured on the platform being located worldwide. Vova also has an app that is available for both android and smartphones and Vova boasts free shipping on all its items.

Vova is particularly popular with retailers and businesses based in the EU and USA, who order products cheaply from Chinese merchants who use the platform and resell products at higher prices in the western market. Indeed, because the platform has such a wide range of choices, with varying prices depending on the level of quality needed by the customers, it is a great solution for businesses to find the products which match their target customers.

As a result of a large number of businesses using the site to purchase bulk orders on products, many have employed third-party shipping platforms which can track multiple orders across multiple couriers, so they can keep track of the flow of goods. Ship24 has been a popular choice for businesses using Vova, as it offers universal step-by-step Vova shipment tracking on all orders via our special tracking API and webhook functionality. These tools have been built specifically to cater to business tracking needs, with system integration and AI-machine learning built into the program to not only deliver step-by-step Vova tracking information on multiple orders but continue to develop our system in line with the fast-moving shipping industry.

We help businesses track millions of parcels every month travelling with more than 1200 different couriers, e-tailers, and marketplaces. Alongside our IOSS VAT intermediary services and shipping from China logistics solutions, we have become experts within the shipping sector and are recognized as market leaders in our field. If you want to utilize the ultimate tracking capability for your business, look no further than the one-stop shop, Ship24.

Is Vova a trusted online store?

Vova displays products from a number of different sellers from across the world and subsequently, the quality of items can vary. As an online marketplace that only facilitates the sale of goods, it is very clear that it does not guarantee the level of quality of products featured on its website or whether they will arrive looking exactly like advertised in the photographs of the item displayed online.

However, customers and businesses can better gauge the quality of products by the following points:

  • Price: If the price of a product is too good to be true, it probably is a lower quality version of the item which you are searching for. Although this may not always be the case, generally very low-quality products will be sold at the cheapest price point.
  • Product description: You can learn a lot more about the product from reading the description, such as in some cases the materials used to make the products, the specifications of the product (which is important for electrical products), and the actual size/dimensions of the item (as they may appear larger in the pictures than they are).
  • Product reviews: There is a space to leave product reviews that can be filled by people who have already purchased a product. This section should always be consulted where possible. Reviews have a section to comment on, along with a 5-star rating system. Make sure to make your assessment based on the reviews and the 5-star rating system.
  • Seller reputation: Similarly to the product review, sellers can also be reviewed so you may want to check both the seller and product reviews before deciding to make a purchase.

You can get Vova tracking on any Vova purchase using the Ship24 website, no matter where the seller is located or the final delivery address. Ship24 is a worldwide shipping app that ensures you have end-to-end Vova tracking on all of your Vova orders.

Where is Vova located?

Vova's is headquartered in London, on the Third Floor of 207 Regent Street. They also have offices in Hong Kong. Although Vova has offices located in both London and Hong Kong, the products available on the site are stored in multiple locations and therefore the journey of an order may not necessarily originate or pass through either of those areas. In fact, the head offices in London will never usually have products stored, and instead, orders will travel from various warehouses and storage facilities owned, leased, or in partnership with the online platform.

This leaves many wondering how to effectively track a Vova parcel and - especially for individuals and businesses who make multiple orders - what the best method for Vova tracking is in general. The good news is, that there is now a complete Vova tracking solution available from Ship24. Ship24 is a universal tracking tool, meaning that it can track Vova packages from wherever they are dispatched right up to their final destination, worldwide. It doesn't matter which courier your Vova parcel is delivered with, whether DHL, TNT, or GEODIS in Europe or 4PX, Cainiao or China Post in eastern Asia, Ship24 offers full Vova tracking on any order.

Which couriers does Vova use?

Vova uses a number of different couriers to deliver its products. This is because Vova is an international online store that sells and delivers products around the world. Due to the nature of the ever-complex logistics and shipping industries, marketplaces are utilizing multiple companies and couriers to handle packages, with any number being involved in the delivery of a single Vova package, especially on overseas and international orders. Although in most cases this has not compromised the safety of packages as far as damage or delays to delivery times, it has meant that tracking has become more complicated, especially on niche business to consumer orders or bulk business to business shipments. Especially when you consider that any of the following couriers could be used depending on where your order originates and is delivered to:

  • USA: Couriers used in the US include UPS, FedEx, USPS, and so on
  • Europe: Couriers used in Europe include DHL, TNT and GEODIS
  • Asia: Couriers used in Asia include China Post, Hong Kong Post, Empost
  • South America (SA): Couriers used in SA will depend on the country they are travelling to, but often final delivery is handled by national postal service, such as Correos de El Salvador.
  • And many more

The good news when it comes to tracking a Vova order is that Ship24 offers Vova tracking for all of the above couriers and thousands of other logistics companies and e-tailers. When using Ship24, you don't need to enter any information about your Vova account, your order, or even register to use our universal Vova tracking capability.

Simply head to the Ship24 website with your Vova tracking number, which you will receive either once a purchase confirmation has been made on the site or in a confirmation email. Once you get to the Ship24 homepage, paste your Vova tracking number into the search bar, click search and get instant results about the location and status of your Vova order. It's as simple as that!

How do I track my package from Vova?

If you want to see track a Vova order, you need to have a personal Vova account and log in to the main website. Once logged in you should head to my account section, then select my orders option and you'll see your entire order history (all the items you have purchased from the store). This will also include details such as the addresses where orders have been/are being shipped to as well as the current status of any live orders (which are still being delivered).

However, this method of Vova parcel tracking can be very time-consuming, especially if you have to log in and out constantly and monitor multiple parcels at the same time. Ship24 is designed to provide a solution for this issue. On Ship24, you can track up to 10 Vova packages at the same time in one search, without having to log in and/or enter any personal information each time. Simply copy and paste your Vova tracking numbers into the search bar and utilize the market-leading, universal shipment tracking.

How long does Vova take to deliver?

The time Vova takes to deliver will depend on the product (size, weight, and type), as well as the origin country where the item was dispatched and the final delivery address.

To get an estimated delivery time on a Vova product, on the product page you will need to select the destination where you would like the product delivered. Once this field has been filled, an estimated delivery timeframe will appear. In some cases, you may get the option of multiple delivery services, with more premium services being more expensive but offering faster delivery whereas some slower options are more economical.

Delivery of Vova products can take anywhere from 10 to 60 working days. Since many of the products listed on the website come from China, deliveries from this country - especially to Europe and the US - usually take a minimum of 25 days. Further delays can also be caused by customs processing, bad weather conditions, shipping route blockages, pandemics, national holidays, local courier capacity, and so on.

However, in general, Vova estimated delivery times are accurate, according to online reviews. If you need to track a Vova package, head to Ship24 for universal end-to-end tracking.

Does Vova deliver internationally?

Vova claims to ship worldwide, however depending on the product and/or the address delivery may not be possible. These cases, however, are rare and it should be made clear before the point of purchase that delivery to the given recipient's address is not possible.

Some businesses and individuals have found ways around this by ordering shipments to be delivered to a pick-up to which the item can be delivered. However, this needs to be organized by the individuals and businesses involved. If you opt to choose this method, you will still be able to track your parcel from dispatch to the pick-up point using Ship24. In fact, the Ship24 platform ensures Vova tracking is available from and to any worldwide destination. Essentially, if Vova can deliver the product, Ship24 can offer complete end-to-end Vova tracking.

Are Vova shipping prices expensive?

Shipping costs for most Vova products are usually included in the price of the product, which is why Vova says that shipping on all products is free.

However, if you want a more premium shipping option, such as the Vova Express Shipping service, there will be an additional charge and rates will vary depending on the destination country and the weight of the item. This information will be available at the point of purchase and optional when proceeding to the payment point.

On the other hand, to keep Vova shipping costs lower they can get a 30% discount on your express shipping if you buy more than 4 items that are currently active.

How do I contact Vova?

You can contact Vova customer services only through either the company email or on the support page, both of which can be found on the website. However, they do have a big section covering lots of frequently asked questions which can help save time for customers who have common queries.

If you have a problem with your Vova order, such as if you want to return the product, you should contact Vova directly. However, if you are inquiring about tracking information or delays with your parcel, buyers are advised to access Vova tracking information on the Ship24 website first, before making contact. Ship24 offers the latest Vova tracking information which may help your query to be answered faster by the Vova customer services team.

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