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Vova is an online store that offers you incredible prices with worldwide shipments, in addition to good quality. In this store, you can find everything from accessories, jewelry, clothing, electronic products, household appliances, among many others with just one click. And without forgetting the excellent offers that are always available.
However, is this all too good to be true? Can we trust Vova to buy good quality items? How to track your Vova package? We’ll answer it in this article.

What is Vova?

Vova defines itself as a global online platform that aims to connect customers with stores around the world. Therefore, it has a good number of stores from all over the world, and a large part of China. Likewise, it allows purchases by smartphones thanks to an application. So many users can do their business transactions and purchases from the palms of their hands.
Vova is also an online store where you can find a large number of products and brands. It’s a marketplace that stands out for having a great variety of prices, even from the cheapest. In this way, it has a variety of electronic products, accessories, among others that can be found within the website.

Is Vova a trusted site?

Regarding the delivery of packages, there may be some problems in terms of shipping or money back for packages reported as lost. It should also be noted that some items may not actually look as posed in the photos. Therefore, these are things that all users must take into account when buying through Vova.
Possibly they’re quite common problems in terms of online stores when products are promoted at a much lower price than one might expect. So it’s possible to say that Vova is reliable when certain precautions are taken into account as in any other type of store. These precautions have to do with reading the product descriptions well, as well as the seller's reputation and shipping conditions. Vova is very clear in saying that it’s only a mediator between customers and sellers.

Where is Vova located?

Vova main location, or head office, is in London, specifically at Third Floor, 207 Regent Street. They also have offices in Hong Kong.

How do I track my package from Vova?

This process is similar to any other tracking process on any other website. If you want to see the Vova order tracking, you simply have to enter your personal Vova account in the My Account section. Then, select the My Orders option and you’ll see all the order history you have with the store. Like the specifications of each of them. That includes the address where they have been shipped and the current status of the orders.
You’ll also be able to know the Vova tracking number. But this number can fail for different reasons. The first is that the particular shipping company hasn’t given any further updates regarding the current status of your package. Therefore, you should wait for 3 to 7 business days to know the activity of the package. And the second reason is that you may need to get a new tracking number depending on the shipping method you have selected.
You can also use a universal tracking platform like Ship24 to track your Vova parcel. On Ship24, you just need to go on the homepage and copy-paste your Vova tracking number in the search bar. You will just need to click on the blue arrow then to enter and you’ll be able to see all the details related to your order: its current status and the next steps of the delivery.

How long does Vova take to deliver?

Before knowing Vova shipping times, you have to select the destination country where you want to send the package. After this, select the product you want to buy and the delivery specifications will appear in the item window. You’ve to know that it is quite usual for items to take up to 60 business days to reach their destinations. Since many of these products come from China and Hong Kong and depend on customs conditions, among other issues, to estimate these shipping dates.
To know the estimated delivery date, you’ve to enter the My Orders option and then select the Details option. There you will know all the information about your Vova package, as well as the specifications and the progress of its delivery.

Does Vova deliver internationally?

Vova claims to ship worldwide. However, there may be places that, due to their customs and import conditions, may need to meet other requirements so that Vova can send their packages. But these cases are rare. In the same way, Vova international delivery system can help you if you contact them immediately if this is your case.
On the other hand, the delivery of your package will be made directly to the shipping address you have entered, with some exceptions for some countries. In this way, some remote regions may not have home delivery, but you have to enter the address of the parcel service to receive your package.

Are Vova shipping prices expensive?

Shipping costs are usually included in the final price of the products, so there’s Vova free shipping. However, if you want a Vova Express Shipping service, the rates may vary depending on the destination country and the weight of the item. In the same way, this information is always present in the details of your purchase in your shopping cart before you proceed with the payment.
On the other hand, to keep Vova shipping costs lower they can get a 30% discount on your express shipping if you buy more than 4 items that are currently active.

How do I contact Vova?

You can contact Vova customer service only through the company email service@vova.com. On the other hand, you can also find on the support page a large number of questions already answered, among which may be the answer to your problems or doubts. So, there’s no Vova customer service number. In the same way, you can follow them on their social networks to know their offers, coupons and constant discounts.

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