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Shopping for household goods and electronics has never been easier than with Goods Russia, a platform that puts you in touch with the highest quality and most trusted brand names companies and sellers. And that also offers you excellent prices, under a totally secure interface and with totally reasonable national shipping conditions.
But there is always the possibility that a customer isn’t satisfied with their purchase, or the product they have ordered is defective. Therefore, below, we’ll tell you in detail about Goods.ru shipping and return policies and other information that may interest you.

What is Goods.ru?

Goods marketplace is an online trading platform originating from Russia, where users can find a large number of household appliances, electronics, household items, construction and repair items in just a few seconds. They guarantee to have the best prices, as well as the best deals you could find.
They claim to be the best virtual commerce place in their country of origin, with the best and widest collection of products. To which they always carry out totally exact quality controls and guaranteed by their companies. Not to mention that every day they publish the lowest prices in the market, so their customers can save up to 50% of the value of their purchases. And with the possibility of having accumulative bonuses for purchases to pay for other items.

Is Goods.ru reliable?

Goods Russia is a totally reliable and convenient portal, but also safe. Because it’s possible to make payments by credit card or with cash, the latter are protected by 3D-Secure technology. This ensures your money, in case the product does not reach its destination, is defective, or doesn’t meet the customer's expectations.
Therefore, Goods.ru is a totally trustworthy platform for trading all kinds of electronic equipment and much more. With a totally intuitive interface, it’ll take you only a few minutes to search for what you want to buy and make the purchase. It simply puts you in direct contact with the seller or the manufacturing company. In addition, the company acts as a mediator so that the purchase process is safe for both parties.

Does Goods.ru work only in Russia?

Unfortunately, for now, they only ship within the Russian Federation. Since it is a portal dedicated solely to users and clients from their country of origin. Sellers registered with Goods.ru only reside in Russia, as the company's policies are governed solely by Russian laws on online businesses.

How do I track a package from Goods?

At Goods.ru you can request the delivery of your package in three ways. First of all, there is the modality of express delivery, which is carried out throughout Russia. While you can also choose to collect your order at the more than 4000 delivery points in the Moscow region, or at the more than 14,000 delivery points distributed throughout Russia.
Likewise, you can make withdrawals of your products at any Goods store that is close to you. And as for the tracking of your shipment, it’s something totally simple and similar to the tracking of any online commerce page. You just have to go to your customer area or "Basket", review your orders and there you will see the Goods tracking number.
You can also see the current status of your order, from "Created", "Sent by the Seller", "Confirmed by the Seller", "Received by courier" "In courier" "Received by the buyer". On the other hand, you can also relax and wait for the company to notify you when your order is near you.
You can also track your Good package with Ship24.

Is shipping fast when I order on Goods?

The terms of deliveries depend on the preparation of the merchandise by the specific seller, in addition to the address of the receipt of the order. However, when you choose express delivery service, Goods.ru policy is to get your package delivered in the shortest time possible. So if you have ordered a product before 1:00 p.m., you can have it the next day if you are in the Moscow region.
As for the Goods “order and pick-up” service, the preparation and issuance of your order can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours after you have requested them through the website. Therefore, you can make the withdrawal in the store the same day if you have placed the order 2 hours before the end of the business day. So in short, the deliveries are quite fast with this platform.

What are Goods.ru shipping fees?

Goods shipping cost isn’t included in the price of the products, logically it must be paid by the customer. At the end of the purchase, these costs are appended to the final price, as well as the cost for packaging and the value-added tax. Said shipping cost is calculated based on the weight and volume of the merchandise that has been requested.
So this additional cost depends on the dimensions and kilograms of the order you have placed, as well as the type of delivery service you want to ship with Goods.ru.

How do I contact Goods.ru customer service?

This platform wants you to enjoy the shopping experience, in addition to purchasing good products at an excellent price. So if something goes wrong, the company is committed to getting you in touch with the seller of the product as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.
So if you want to know about the Goods returns, you simply have to access your account on the Marketplace and fill out the appeal form. For this, you have to know the specific seller's return terms, which you can check through Goods.ru. And if you have another problem related to the services of the page or want to ask a question, you can call them on Goods phone number:

  • 8 (800) 550-80-08
  • 8 (495) 540-80-08

Or you can text them through Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp at any time of the day. So you have several options to contact the customer service of this company and you don't have to worry if there is something wrong with your purchase.

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