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Malaysia is a beautiful country where a huge development is present in different economic areas, such as online sales. For several years now, Lelong.my has been providing Malaysian citizens with one of the best online sales platforms where millions of people can find their products and meet their needs. Lelong.my Malaysia has years of experience in the market.

What is Lelong.my?

As mentioned above, Lelong.my Malaysia is the largest e-commerce platform in Malaysia. More than 10,000 vendors have registered on this site, resulting in more than 1.3 million products in different categories.
At Lelong.my people can find products such as cell phones, PC's, cameras, gadgets, electronics and appliances, clothing, accessories, toiletries, personal care items, toys, and even frozen food.

Is Lelong.my Safe?

Like any online marketplace, at first, Lelong did not convey much confidence to its users, but as they have advertised and been recommended by people and users of Interbase Resources Sdn Bh this has become one of the most secure and reliable online sales sites in Malaysia with time. 
Interbase Resources Sdn Bh has been in e-commerce for over 19 years and is the first to exploit it in Malaysia. They manage several websites, including of course Lelong.my. In addition, all transactions and operations conducted on the site are protected by the Netpay security system, which protects the personal data of all sellers and buyers who register on the site.
In addition, Lelong.my remains at the forefront of innovations and security systems on the sales sites to enhance the security and smooth operation of its platform. This way, more sellers and buyers are motivated to use Dba for all their purchases.

How can I track my package from Lelong.my?

Lelong.my shipping tracking allows all buyers to know the location of their purchased products. All buyers have two options to track the location of their packages. The first way to find out the location of your package is by going to the "My Purchases" section in the buyer's profile. This section shows all the purchases that a user has made, those that have been completed, and those that remain to be completed. You can see different numbers of orders in the list, which can be viewed in detail by selecting the one you prefer. If you want to know the location of a specific package, just select it, and you will immediately be shown the entire location or status of the package and the rest of the purchase information.
The other way to perform the Lelong.my shipping tracking is by contacting the seller and requesting the Lelong.my tracking number to track directly by the corresponding courier service. It is the responsibility and duty of the seller to provide all information regarding the shipment to the buyers. With this Lelong.my tracking number you can know the location of your package at all times and also additional information about your package from the time of shipment.

How to sell on Lelong.my?

There are three options available to anyone who wants to sell products in Lelong.my:

  • The Express Auction, which is ideal for people who want to sell real estate, services, and cars.
  • The Standard Auction, which is perfect for people who want to bid or the auction.
  • The Traditional Sale or Buy Now, which is the most common way for those who want to sell consumer products and services.

The last method of selling is the most effective because it decreases the period of time buyers spend buying.

Does Lelong.my only deliver in Malaysia?

Currently, some vendors of Lelong.my may offer to ship their products to different countries within the country. To this end, it is necessary to mention that all shipments of products offered on this website are made through couriers outside Lelong.my. This means that vendors may offer Lelong.my international shipping through companies of their choice. Therefore, sellers should ask all necessary questions to ensure that their product can be delivered where they want it.

How long does Lelong.my take to ship?

As mentioned above, the entire process of buying and selling takes place directly between sellers and buyers, this includes the method of payment and the terms of delivery. Sellers can offer one or several shipping methods for their products so buyers can choose the one that best suits their needs. The time it takes to deliver the packages depends on this decision.
In addition, sellers may have agreements with carriers in parallel with Lelong.my. There are couriers that can make deliveries in periods of 1-3 days, and there are others that can take up to 1 -2 weeks, depending on the destination and shipping conditions. It is important to remember that Lelong.my does not offer parcel services, but the seller must find a courier outside the online store to ship its products.

What are Lelong.my shipping costs?

Knowing the price of shipping a package directly from the Lelong.my platform may not be possible. The only way to accurately know the shipping cost of a product is for the seller to put it in the description of their product. Therefore, if you want to know if it is expensive to send products purchased in this online marketplace, then you have to contact the seller directly through the store or check if they have any means of contact. All sellers must specify the Lelong.my contact information that will be displayed in the description of each product.
It is possible to find sellers who offer free shipping on many of their products, which could save you some money. It is possible that free shipping may take a little longer, but in the end, it is money saved and your package will arrive sooner or later.

How can I contact Lelong.my?

It is actually very easy to find Lelong.my contact for any questions, inquiries, or suggestions through the website. On this site, you can also find all the information about the store, as well as forums, FAQs, and more. In addition, you can locate the Help Center section where you will be provided with some contact methods, such as social networks or phone numbers to contact. Also, the new Messenger Widget feature allows you to find some Lelong.my contact number to contact sellers directly.

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