Hong Kong Post

Hong Kong post is a dedicated postal service, providing customers with the flexibility and convenience to send their parcels/ ePackets worldwide. The comprehensive coverage of the postal services are over 220 countries and regions. With the commitment to providing reliable convenience and value for money, Hong Kong post offers exclusive services that includes both “with tracking” and “without tracking”. Hence, making it a suitable one for Ecommerce business including Tmall, Alibaba, DC Fever, etc.

Hong Kong post e-express tracking

Customers can only track their deliveries when chosen to go for registered mail as the tracking number in a format of 13 digits is offered, starting from R and ending with HK. An example here is; RC529764238HK. Similarly to Singapore post packet and China post small packet, Hong Kong post small packet is referred to as an economic way to deliver items which are less than 2Kg, covering over 200 countries and districts worldwide. When it comes to tracking an order placed via Hong Kong post, the deliveries by Ecommerce sellers are either made via HK post air normal mail service or through the Hong Kong post registered air mail service. Both of the services offered by the postal service provider can be tracked online. Hence, making it easier for Ecommerce sellers to deliver the accessories, clothing, handicraft articles, electronic products, etc. Tracking is as simple as typing the tracking code provided on the order page.
Finding it difficult to trace your parcel? It has now become quick and easier with the availability of Hong Kong post contact:

  • Hongkong Post Headquarters :2 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong
  • Tel:(852) 2921 2222*
  • Fax:(852) 2868 0094
  • Mail Tracking: mto@hkpo.gov.hk
  • E-mail: hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk

(Official Website)

Hong Kong post air mail AliExpress

Ecommerce sellers across China and HongKong including AliExpress and others have been utilizing the Hong Kong post due to the convenience, high-efficiency, affordable pricing and of course safety. When the seller look forward to have the parcel/package delivered to the Hong Kong Post air mail in China or any other country, finding a reliable and trustworthy agent authorized by Hong Kong post is required. From grabbing it from the service provider to having it received at the door step are all the available options with the buyers.

It has become easier to track your delivery when sent via Hong Kong post delivery as the seller such as AliExpress is required to be filled with CN22 custom clearance docket (pasted on the back). Additionally, the declaration must be in English or French or having the destination country characters written. For the sellers, this postal service also requires information about the item to be delivered, it’s value and the net weight very clearly.

How long does Hong Kong post take to deliver UK and other countries?

With regards to Hong Kong post delivery time, they claim to have a direct flight to the parcel/ package destination countries. The time of delivery do vary according to the services taken by the customers. For instance, where the customer intends to deliver small packet, the post office hk delivers it within the next working day. This includes counting the day when the parcel/package or ePacket reaches the board. For the time limit of some countries, this may take 5 to 12 days while for countries including Canada, UK and USA, the parcels are delivered within 3 days of time.

Estimated time of delivery for countries

  • England & Ireland- 3 days to the minimum while 10 days to the maximum
  • Western European countries- 7 days to the minimum while 21 days to the maximum
  • US, Australia & Canada- 5 days to the minimum while 12 days to the maximum
  • Asian countries- 3 days to the minimum while 7 days to the maximum

Please note that the time period of delivery takes number of working days (as mentioned above). Similarly, South Korea as part of Asian countries take 6 working days to have their parcels delivered.

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