YTO Express tracking

YTO Express tracking

Created in 1992 and more officially in 2000, YTO Express is a private courier company headquartered in Shanghai, that delivers parcels in China mainly but also all over the world. YTO Express is particularly known for its express services and aims to become an advancer of China’s Express services.

What is YTO Express?

For thousands of years, there have been many companies dedicated to delivering products to all the people who need them. However, every company has its particularities and benefits. For this reason, it is essential to know the company we are going to use to only choose the right one for us. Within those companies, we can find YTO Express which is committed to helping people overcome the barriers of distance and get access to all the products and items that the world can offer them.

The YTO Express shipping has earned its reputation as one of the best shipping companies around the world. The hard work of the company is based on an efficient system designed to satisfy all the users and make the best deliveries they can.

YTO Express is a courier company committed to improving the express post service in China. This company was founded in the year 2000 and after 20 years it has demonstrated how responsible it was for becoming one of the best choices for all the people in China and one of the competitors of China Post, 4PX, Cainiao.

However, it does not mean they limit their market to the Chinese territory because they are also in charge of sending any YTO Express parcels to different places around the world. Besides, they offer all the users different kinds of post services like warehousing.

Also, they have earned the respect of almost everyone in China for their philanthropic activities because more than a private post company, they are an example for all the Chinese companies about the importance of helping China to be better. And they have made it thanks to their unique monitoring and YTO Express tracking services.

How do I track my YTO Express parcel?

One of the most used online services that YTO Express offers you is the tracking service. With the YTO package tracking, you are always going to know where your package is. In this way, it is never going to be out of your view. Normally, the biggest fear that people have at the time to buy in online stores is that the packages never arrive.

However, with the YTO Express tracking service, that fear is a thing of the past. You only have to get on their website and go to the online services section. Once you are there, you are going to find on the left side of the page the tracking box that says Express mail tracking. Then you only have to get in the tracking number and search where your package is and the status of the same.

What does a YTO Express tracking number look like?

The only way to track your package is by using your YTO Express tracking number. However, in the receipt, there are many elements and sometimes it is difficult for the users to find them. For this reason, it is essential to know what the tracking number looks like to be able to introduce it in the tracking system of YTO Express.

The tracking number can vary according to the kind of parcel or the destination it has. Normally, it has from 10 to 14 characters where the first and second characters are letters. Then it is followed by numbers in a series of three. And finally, one or two more numbers are separated from the rest of the series. All those characters are separated with slashes or dashes. In this way, you only have to look in your receipt for a series of characters that are similar to this.

You can track your YTO Express package by going to their website or by using the Ship24 platform. With Ship24, you can track up to 10 parcels at the same time and get results within a short period of time. Ship24 can also detect more than 1200 couriers which means that even if you have different tracking numbers from different couriers, Ship24 can automatically detect which courier the tracking number belongs to.

Is YTO Express safe?

All the users always try to find information about the courier company they want to use before hiring their services. It happens because we always want to feel safe. After all, no one wants to use a courier company with a bad reputation.

With YTO Express, something particular happens because at the beginning of their foundation they were a highly reliable company that you can count on wherever you want to send a parcel. However, they had some bad years where the packages were accumulating, and they were failing on their services. But, it did not last for too long because over the years they managed to recover and be a safety courier company again.

How do I contact YTO Express?

Contacting YTO express is very easy because you only have to make a phone call to its number. You can use the number 95554 or also call them on 021-69777888. In this way, you can clear all your doubts before trying to send any package you want.

Where does YTO Express deliver?

YTO Express counts on both national and international delivery services. You can send an international YTO Express package to countries in Southeast Asia, America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and other countries.

Besides, the national shipping services inside the Chinese territory are very efficient and reliable. Also, the national services count on the next-day delivery which accelerates the shipping process and makes many users prefer YTO Express to make their national deliveries.

Where is my YTO Package?

With the tracking service that YTO Express offers to all its clients, it is very easy to know exactly where your package is all the time. After you make the shipping and you have the receipt. You only have to get on the YTO Express website and introduce the tracking number of your package in the tracking box. In this way, you are going to have all the details about every one of your packages. It is going to let you know where your package is and follow its way until it arrives at its destination. Besides, you also can know its status. It means if the parcel is still in the office or if it is on the plane to its destination.

What are YTO Express shipping costs?

The YTO Express shipping fees are going to vary according to the kind of shipping because it is not the same to send a package inside of the national Chinese territory as to send it to another country. However, the YTO Express services are known to be one of the cheaper courier companies.

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