SF Express tracking

SF Express tracking


In China, SF is one of the most well-known integrated express logistics service providers. After extensive research, SF now offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions, including warehousing, sales forecasting, big data analysis, and financial management.

SF Express package tracking

How do I track my SF Express package?

There are several ways to track your SF Express package. It can be done through their website or through a third-party tracking service like Ship24.

Track Package on SF Express Website

  • Visit the SF Express website.
  • Enter your Air Waybill (AWB) number, which you can find on your shipping confirmation.
  • Click on "query" after entering your tracking number.
  • Receive the latest status update on your parcel.
track package on SF Express website

Track SF Express on Ship24

If you prefer another way of tracking your shipment, you can use Ship24. To track with Ship24:

  • Go to the Ship24 homepage or the search field above.
  • Enter your SF Express tracking number or AWB number.
  • Press the search button.
SF Express tracking on Ship24

Tracking with Ship24 will give you access to more than a thousand couriers which means that even if other couriers like USPS, Hong Kong Post, China Post, etc., are handling your parcels, you can still get tracking updates with the same tracking numbers.

Where does SF Express ship from?

SF Express is mainly involved in the delivery of eCommerce orders from China to the rest of the world, however, it does also offer domestic parcel delivery services and more specialised services. SF Express is based in China and has the majority of its fleet and operational capacity within the country, meaning it is heavily involved in the transportation of goods from and within China. This also includes goods coming into China, such as from Japan and South Korea.

SF Express Shipping Area

SF Express delivers to over 200 countries worldwide, using its own fleet of transportation and partnerships with other couriers to deliver in countries where it doesn't have its own company vehicles.

Examples of countries that SF Express facilitates its shipments to are: South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Thailand among a few examples. SF Express shipping also facilitates deliveries to 28 EU countries and all provinces located within China.

SF Express Shipping to the United States

SF Express makes deliveries to all 50 USA states, which includes Alaska and Hawaii. SF Express also delivers to numerous other countries around the world and has partnerships with other logistics companies and forwarding couriers which allow it to deliver to countries in which SF Express doesn't have a courier presence.

The couriers who help SF Express deliver in these countries are sometimes referred to as local last-mile couriers, as they are handed over responsibility for delivery for the final leg of a parcel's trip.

SF Express Delivery Time from China to the United States

The time it takes to deliver from China to the US may vary depending on which service you take and which region you are in in China. Below is a table that shows the delivery time from China to the US:

Express Standard Shipping Delivery Time to the US

Origin (China) Delivery Time to the United States
East China 2 to 3 business days
South China 2 to 3 business days
North China 2 to 3 business days
West China 2 to 3 business days

SF Express Economy to the US

Origin (China) Delivery Time to the United States
East China 4 to 6 business days
South China 4 to 7 business days
North China 4 to 6 business days
West China 4 to 7 business days

You can also check out Ship24's Ship from China service. Ship24 can ship to more than 40 countries around the world and it is considered to be the fastest way to deliver items from China, with an average time of 8 days (depending on where you stay), you can guarantee that your parcel will arrive at your doorstep on time. It is also 3 or 4 times cheaper than other international couriers. The price may range from ¥99 (15 USD) to ¥249 (38 USD) depending on the size of the parcel you are sending.

Is SF Express a fast package delivery service?

The reach, huge operational capacity, and logistics experience that SF Express has meant that it is able to boast some of the fastest international delivery times. With over 50 company aircraft at its disposal, it's no wonder why when people want fast international parcel delivery, they turn to SF Express.

However, the dimensions and weight of your parcel, and delivery service are chosen, and the shipping method will always be the best determiner of how fast a parcel will take.

SF Express shipping offers Economy Express, Standard Express, Heavy Freight, e-Parcel services and many others.

SF Express Weekend Delivery

SF Express offers 7-day-a-week delivery on parcels, including weekends, to some destinations. It may also depend on the delivery service you have purchased with SF Express and extra charges could be involved. It is always best to check with SF Express directly, or a seller from which you are making a purchase, to ensure that the delivery can be made both to your desired location and on the desired day.

SF Express Tracking Status

SF Express event updates are notifications which display a change in your parcel's journey, such as when it has reached a new location, is in transit or is being processed at customs. Below are some of the tracking statuses that SF Express provides:

Tracking Update Description
顺丰速运 已收取快件 SF Express has collected the shipment.
The shipment has departed from, has been sent to Your shipment has left a specified region and is being sent to another region.
Shipment loaded at, prepare to send to The package has been loaded onto a transport vehicle or facility and is ready to be dispatched to the next designated location or final destination.
The shipment has arrived at Your shipment has arrived at a specified region.
In transit Your shipment that is currently on the way to its destination but has not yet arrived.
Delivered You have received your package.

Contact SF Express Customer Service

If you need to contact SF Express about your parcel, you can either contact them via the website or on one of the many international customer service hotlines. There are numerous different hotlines, including dedicated ones for Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and so on.

However, the most used hotlines are for the US, China and Australia, and can be found below:

  • For the United States: 001 855 901 1133
  • Mainland China customer service: (+86) 755 9533883
  • For Australian customer service: (+61) 1300 148 168

Generally, when you have the current location of the parcel and the current status to hand when contacting SF Express, they will be able to understand any issues your parcel will be facing.

For example, if your parcel is stuck at customs, the status of the parcel will read something like "Customs Processing Error," and you can then proceed to call SF Express to find out what the error could be specific, rather than having to wait for them to check with the parcel tracking themselves before finding out the same information.

About SF Express

SF Express is a Chinese multinational limited company that delivers cross-border delivery services and logistics. SF Express is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and has a range of delivery domestic and international options for individuals and businesses, including economy and express shipping. SF Holdings owns the company and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

SF Express is one of the largest courier services in China, with a huge fleet of vehicles that includes some 50 aircraft carriers. Since its inception in 1993 as a small parcel delivery service focused on Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, the company has grown to forward over 2 million tonnes of cargo.

SF Express, along with other services like 4PX, Yanwen, and China Post EMS, are widely used in China and is expected to expand further with the ongoing increase in global eCommerce and parcel delivery needs. In response to varying demands on the urgency of items ordered from China, SF Express has developed several different services to cater to different customer needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you'll find frequently asked questions related to SF Express tracking.

Does SF Express deliver to your house?

SF Express offers both door-to-door and pick-up location deliveries. If you want home delivery on your package, you will need to specify this with SF Express or the seller with whom you purchased it to make them aware of your request.

You will, however, need to make sure that the address to which you intend your parcel to be sent is covered by SF Express delivery services.

What does shipped with SF mean on Amazon?

When an item on Amazon is indicated as "shipped with SF," it means that the parcel has been dispatched using SF Express, a well-known logistics and shipping company based in China. SF Express specializes in both domestic China and international shipping, offering a range of options from economy to express delivery.

Essentially, "shipped with SF" signifies that SF Express is responsible for the delivery of the item, and the tracking and logistics of the shipment will be handled through their network until it reaches its destination. This is common for items originating from or being sent within China and to various international locations.

Where is SF Express located?

The head office of SF Express is located in Guangdong province, but anyone using SF Express should note that the company does not process packages or have warehouses that deal with parcels at all of its company addresses. Some SF Express addresses are company buildings that deal with in-house matters, administration, handling investments, and holding board meetings and are not directly related to its core logistics operations.

This is important to bear in mind as when you are tracking your package, you should not expect to see certain SF Express addresses, as even if they are the closest to where the parcel is being sent from or delivered to, they will not pass through these locations on the tracking.

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