Wishpost tracking

Wishpost tracking

In the past decades, commerce has been a little bit complicated. After all, to buy something you want, it was a necessity to move to the store and select all the items personally. However, on many occasions, we do not want to get out of our house to get our products. Besides, carrying all the heavy packages to our home was exhausting. For this reason, a lot of electronic commerces appeared and became more and more popular. During this period, companies like Wishh introduced in the market new services like the WishPost shipping option.
However, WishPost is not the only company that is dedicated to online commerce. For this reason, it is necessary to know what makes WishPost one of the most popular shipping companies today. Besides, more than the history and the structure of the company, it is also essential to know about all the services that this company can offer you like the WishPost Tracking service.

What is WishPost?

You have probably already received some notification or recommendation about a company called Wish. If you have curiosity, you should get into one of these publicity posts and figure out what it is. However, if it is the first time you read about Wish, let us tell you that this company offers all the users a safe app where they can check and buy a wide range of products at very attractive prices.
The best part of this company is that unlike the other companies in the market, on which the users have to buy through intermediaries, Wish sets direct communication with the seller. The foundation of Wish took place in 2010, and since this year they had been given their customers the best services.
Besides, unlike other online commerce stores, Wish counts with its proper shipping service called WishPost. . In this way, they give the clients the guarantee that their packages are going to arrive safely because they take care of the process themselves. Of course, thanks to this, it is one of the most popular and coveted online companies around the world. WishPost represents the only direct logistic platform in the main Chinese territory, recognized by the Wish platform

How to track a WishPost parcel?

Within the company’s services, there is WishPost International tracking. With this service, it does not matter where you live or where you want to send a product because you can know exactly where it is.
Besides, its interface is very friendly with the users, and you can track your parcel through both, the web and mobile apps. You only have to get on the WishPost website and look for the shipping tracking section. If you are trying to track your parcel through the website, you can look in your order history and you will find there all the information and details about your parcels.
But, if you are using the mobile app, you can touch each article to get the tracking information you need. In this way, you are always going to know where your packages are every single minute.

Where do I find my WishPost tracking number?

Like the regular courier companies, with WishPost, you are going to have a tracking number too, to identify and track your package. Although it is very easy to find your WishPost tracking number, sometimes it is a little difficult for the users to find it.
You only have to get in the “Where is my package” section. Once you are there, you only have to see in the left corner, and there you are going to find your parcel’s tracking number. If you cannot find it there, you have to contact the client's attention service to get more information about it.

How long will a WishPost package take to arrive?

The WishPost shipping time is very variable because it is going to depend on the destination of your packages and their dimensions. Besides, it also depends on the modality of shipping you choose. Most of the users select the standard shipping that is predetermined.

  • With standard shipping, your parcel can arrive at its destination from days to months. Remember that it all depends on the country where you are. In European territory, it can take 45 days to arrive, but inside of China’s territory only a few days.
  • Besides, you can also count on the Wish Express service. With this modality, your parcels are going to be with you in 5 or 10 days. But, all the products do not count with this service. You only have to check if the product you want has this delivery option.
  • However, if you need your packages with extreme urgency, you can hire the 2-day delivery service. But, it is also not available for all the products. And finally, you can also ship it to a local store to pick it up without any problem.
    In this way, the shipping time is going to be different according to the destination and the shipping modality. But, you can always check the estimated time in the shipping details related to your product.

Where does WishPost can deliver?

The scope of WishPost is huge. You can ship and receive your products wherever you want. They can ship a WishPost parcel inside of the Chinese territory, Europe, The United-Kingdom, North-America, South-America, and even Central-America. If you want it, they send the parcel to your country without any problem. It is one of the things that make them popular among users.

What are WishPost shipping costs?

The costs for a shipping service with the WishPost vary a lot according to the dimensions and weight of the parcels. Besides, the destiny of the parcels can also influence the prices of the shipment. Besides, the costs are calculated based on each article and not for a group of articles. In this way, they are not going to vary if you order one or ten products. Also, the costs are calculated in the currency you handle, but its service is very cheap.

How do I contact WishPost customer care? 

Contacting the WishPost customer service to have information about your WishPost package is very easy. You can go to the following website https://www.wishpost.cn/welcome/#/contact or send an email at wish_post_customer_support@wish.com.

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