Amazon logistics tracking

Amazon logistics tracking

What is Amazon logistics tracking?

Amazon Logistics is the logistics arm of the major American eCommerce company, which was launched in 2018. When it was launched, many thought it would mean the replacement of the use of partner couriers - such as FedEx and UPS - which are predominantly used for the delivery of Amazon orders both within the US and other logistics partners worldwide - such as DHL, DPD, and GEODIS.

However, instead of Amazon logistics replacing other couriers, the service has acted as an extension of its reach, allowing for faster and more flexible delivery optional for customers. This has led many to wonder how to get Amazon logistics tracking when the company uses a combination of private couriers and logistics companies to deliver parcels.

This short FAQ will help answer how to get Amazon logistics tracking, the best place to get Amazon logistics tracking updates, and a range of other topics related to logistics tracking for Amazon.

How can I get Amazon logistics tracking?

Amazon Logistics is a network of third-party logistics handlers who organize Amazon order delivery via a fleet of transportation methods. This network of providers is all organized by Amazon who managed the entire process from dispatch to delivery. You can obtain Amazon logistics tracking by using the Amazon site directly, however, this will often mean having to log in and find your package details in the orders section in order to begin tracking. Sometimes, you can also get tracking information directly from the courier who is handling the parcel, although sometimes it is not clear which courier out of the several used by Amazon (such as Hermes, UPS, and FedEx in the US), meaning it can be confusing to know which website to head to. This becomes even more confusing when multiple couriers are used, especially when items are being sent internationally.

The difficulties faced by people wanting to access Amazon logistics tracking and not knowing how led to the creation of Ship24, a universal Amazon logistics tracking platform that allows you to track Amazon orders internationally and with multiple couriers, all in one place. This tracking one-stop-shop works by scanning the internet for all the relevant information on your parcel on 1,000s of different sites simultaneously, meaning you can take the guesswork out of where to get universal Amazon logistics tracking.

How does Amazon Logistics Tracking work?

Amazon logistics is provided using the companies own software, which runs from a central platform that manages carriers, its in-house logistics services, and third-party. Equally, carriers also use Amazon's "Flex" software to help them process their own responsibility in regard to order deliveries. This software is used predominantly in Amazon's most used services, which are Amazon logistics, Amazon groceries, and Amazon restaurants.

How big is Amazon logistics tracking?

Amazon is a multinational distance selling platform founded in the USA. The platform originally specialized in distance sales of books, but quickly expanded its operations to begin selling more and more items on its platform. Today it specializes in everything from eCommerce and digital streaming to cloud computing and AI.

Amazon is still best known for the ability to buy a huge range of everyday items at affordable prices and have them delivered directly to your home. Many people who order these goods then take to the internet to find out how to get Amazon logistics tracking, sometimes referred to as Amazon parcel tracking, so they can continue to track an Amazon order along route to its destination.

The difference between Amazon logistics tracking and parcel tracking is that logistics tracking refers to goods that are sent using Amazon's in-house logistics arm, whether directly by physical delivery or facilitated through the use of its delivery software. Amazon logistics tracking can also refer to larger business or bulk order tracking which is done through Amazon. Large business-to-business orders are often referred to as Amazon logistics tracking.

When does Amazon logistics tracking operate?

The Amazon logistics delivery service operates from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week, however, Amazon logistics tracking updates may be available out of these times due to the fact packages could still be progressing towards their destination at any point. This is especially true when it comes to international orders, which often travel overnight on transport, reaching various destinations in different time zones. However, delivery will always take place between the stated 8 am until 8 pm times where available.

When you make a purchase on Amazon you should always be given an estimated time of delivery, which will depend on the size and weight of the package, the service purchased (such as with Amazon Prime, all deliveries are guaranteed by the following day), the location the package is traveling to an so on. But don't worry, no matter what the variables are concerning your parcels, you can always get full Amazon logistics tracking with Ship24. Simply take your Amazon tracking number to the Ship24 website, enter it into the search bar and click enter for the latest Amazon logistics tracking information.

Please note, packages sent internationally or handled by partner couriers could be delivered at different times. Always check with Amazon or the courier handling your parcel if you have an issue with your delivery.

Where can you get international Amazon logistics tracking?

Due to the fact that many Amazon logistics providers will be third-party companies, it's not possible to completely ensure the quality of service provided by them. With the increasing number of shipping destinations and routes customers can choose from, shoppers can get confused on who to contact and where to find their Amazon logistics tracking information.

Having a single point of contact that can meet all of their Amazon logistics tracking needs is important for both buyers and sellers using the service, which is why millions of merchants and consumers are using Ship24 for their Amazon tracking.

For businesses especially, it's crucial to ensure your customers have full Amazon logistics tracking on their orders, in order to provide the best possible post-purchase experience for your customers. In turn, this will provide you with better reviews and increase your chance of repeat business, setting your company apart. That is why making sure comprehensive Amazon logistics tracking is available to your customers is essential. If you need business-level tracking, check out Ship24's shipment tracking API and webhook services and optimize your tracking options for yourself and your customers today.

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