Clevy Links tracking

Clevy Links tracking

What is Clevy Links?

Clevy links was created in 2009 in China by Frederic Campagnac, a french entrepreneur experienced in logistics and transport and used to cross-border business with the People’s Republic of China. Clevy links is an operator of self-designed logistics and parcel delivery solutions made for B2C cross-border e-commerce: direct delivery of parcels, bonded warehouse, exports and imports.

The headquarters of the company are located at the following address:

Room 505, Block 11, Pingshan 1st Road Crossing
Cloud Valley (II) Innovation Industrial Park
Nanshan District, 518055 Shenzhen.

Clevy links also has representative offices in Beijing, in Moscow, in Vilnius and in France. In 2018, the company was a courier/carrier developing globally in all regions of the world and relying on a dynamic base of +400 million parcels processed. Today Clevy Links is already present in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Caucasia, Russia, Central Asia and is expanding to new areas at a fast pace, recruiting talents in each region where e-commerce is developed or developing.

Is Clevy Links reliable?

Clevy Links was initially set-up to develop and operate a new delivery solution to Russia and Eastern Europe/CIS through Lithuania. Relying on the success of this solution, Clevy Links started to develop more solutions to more destinations from 2015. From 2016 on, the company has been developing its presence overseas, starting with Russia and Europe for packages from GearBest, AliExpress, Joom and others couriers. A few years later, Clevy Links has turned into a fast growing and reliable company, offering the whole range of logistics services needed for cross-border e-commerce activities.

How to get information about your package from Clevy Links?

Clevy Links integrates the whole chain of collect, sorting, transport, customs clearance and delivery in effective door to door products easy to use for customers like e-sellers or marketplaces. The company has the unique particularity to be a Chinese company with a DNA and a management team truly international. The company has been able to greatly differentiate in the CBEC market relying on a combination of strong management processes, IT system and effective operations skills worldwide.

It is easy to track your Clevy Links parcel with the Ship24 website. If you go on the Clevy Links website, you will see in the top menu, at the top right, the section “track on Ship24”. By clicking on it, a new window will open, leading to the Ship24 website where you will find all the necessary information about your Clevy Links order.

You can also directly go on the Ship24 website and you will just need to put the Clevy Links tracking number in the search bar to get more information about your Clevy Links package.

How to recognise Clevy Links tracking numbers?

Clevy Links delivers parcels in transit through Georgia, this is why Clevy Links tracking numbers look like international postal numbers of Georgian Post (the local courier of Georgia). Indeed, Clevy Links uses the same tracking number format as Gpost delivery system, composed of 13 characters (two capitals letters at the beginning, followed by nine numbers and two other capital letters at the end : UH123456789GE.).

Clevy Links relies on Ship24 to display tracking information to its users but unregistered parcels are traceable to a certain point. OnlyAfter the status "Arrived at the destination country airport", no other tracking information will be available because the Clevy Links packages are not traceable through the postal system and after leaving China there will be only a few additional statuses.

What delivery services does Clevy Links propose?

Clevy Links proposes two different types of delivery services:

  • The postal shipping

It is the most economic shipping solution that assures a global geographical coverage for the small packets up to 2kg. This Clevy Links shipping service works thanks to partnerships with designated postal operators of the Universal Postal Union and Clevy Links tries to offer the best delivery performance possible in terms of reliability, speed and tracking through this service. The postal shipping is divided into 3 other services:

  • The ordinary service, which is the most economic and untacked.
  • The tracked service, also economic and tracked.
  • The registered service, where the delivery is made in hands and that may include a compensation if the Clevy Links package is lost or in case of damage.
  • The Express shipping

This solution is made for parcels up to 30 kilos and provides a real time full tracking. This is why people often use it for high value products or for goods that have to be delivered as quickly as possible (within 3-10 days). The Express shipping service can come with a set of options such as an insurance for the Clevy Links package, a proof of delivery or again cash on delivery option. Clevy Links is in charge of the commercial customs clearance for the Express shipping service that covers the major e-commerce destinations such as Europe, North America, Russia and of course China.

Who uses Clevy Links?

Buyers from different countries use the Clevy Links delivery services for their packages but also several cross border e-marketplaces, that use it directly or through their appointed consolidators. Here is a short list of the e-marketplaces using Clevy Links:

  • Amazon, the american multinational technology company, focuses on e-commerce.
  • Jumia, the african online marketplace for electronics and other types of goods.
  • AliExpress, the online retail service owned by the Alibaba Group from China.
  • Wish, the online e-commerce platform known for facilitating the transactions between sellers and buyers.
  • Shopee, the well known singaporean e-commerce platform.
  • Newegg, the Californian online retailer proposing computer hardware and consumer electronics.
  • Lazada, the international e-commerce company founded in 2012 and owned by the Alibaba Group in China.
  • Zoodmall, the online e-commerce platform where users can find and buy products from the Silk Road countries.

Clevy Links is still developing its network today and plans to grow from year to year.

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