Shopee tracking

Shopee tracking

Shopee is a leading online eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform that provides its consumers with an easy and affordable shopping experience.

Shopee tracking is provided by Ship24 by entering your tracking numbers on the homepage. Tracking with Ship24 will give reliable information for you to connect with your Shopee items.

What is Shopee?

First launched in 2015, Singaporean startup Shopee, or Shopee Pte Limited has grown into a multinational technology company that specialises in e-commerce. The company has grown exponentially throughout the years and it is known to be Southeast Asia’s top e-commerce platform in 2021, making up 57% of the transactions. Chris Feng is currently the CEO of Shopee as well as the CEO of Seamoney. Shopee uses Seamoney as its form of digital payment and financial services.

Shopee is currently available in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, and of course its founding country, Singapore. Shopee continues to build on an already wide range of products, including homeware, electronics, fashion, sports accessories, gaming equipment and so much more.

Shopee is also one of the major players in the new digital era's way of shopping, with its user-friendly, attractive interface and seemingly limitless products available on demand. But make no mistake, behind Shopee's customer-facing exterior there is a big investment into the technology and strategy which makes Shopee a market leader in multiple regions.

The platform also boasts integrated logistical and payment support, making shopping on the platform both simple and secure for sellers and buyers, further boosting its popularity. Indeed, Shopee is seen as one of the top disruptive -commerce start-ups, due to the scalability, success, and social elements incorporated in its success.

Today, there are a total of 8 countries in which Shopee is a leader in the area of e-commerce, and the shop has achieved more than 200 million application downloads. Shopee continues in its pursuit of being ahead of the curve with ongoing product optimization and user-centred marketing and operational strategy. Some of Shopee's main competitors include Lazada, eBay, Orami, and Zalora.

What is Shopee Standard Delivery?

Shopee Standard Delivery is a shipping method that is commonly used by Shopee's logistics partners such as J&T Express, LBC Express, Thailand Post, and many more. The standard delivery allows the merchant or seller to ship orders that do not go over 144 kg and have maximum dimensions of 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm.

The goal of Shopee Standard Delivery is to ship your Shopee orders as fast as possible by shipping them in 3 to 8 days. They operate every day (except on some public holidays) from 8 am to 7 pm.

Shopee Standard Delivery tracking can be done on Ship24 by entering your Shopee tracking numbers. Do this by simply copying the Shopee tracking numbers and entering them on the Ship24 homepage. You can track up to 10 Shopee orders simultaneously and get results within a few seconds.

How do I track my Shopee order?

Whether you are tracking your Shopee Standard Delivery or Shopee Express Delivery, you can track an order using Shopee tracking. Shopee tracking is a service that is integrated into the Shopee phone app and can also be accessed via the website. However, buyers and sellers alike are increasingly choosing third-party shipment tracking applications for Shopee, such as Ship24, due to wanting a specialised tracking platform for their Shopee tracking needs.

Shopee Standard Delivery Tracking

Shopee Tracking with Shopee App

To track with the Shopee App, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopee account.
  2. Click on "My Purchases"
  3. When you are on the "My Purchases" tab, click on "To Ship" or "To Receive" to view shipping details and tracking updates of your order.

Shopee Tracking with Ship24

Switching your Shopee shipment tracking is simple, just enter your tracking number on the Ship24 website and start enjoying universal tracking. With Ship24 you will receive 100 per cent of all event updates which concern your Shopee parcel, including its current location and status.

Please note that a tracking number will only be provided by the seller if they registered the package to a third-party courier. If the item is registered by Shopee Supported Logistics, a tracking number is automatically provided and can easily be tracked on the Shopee App.

For developers, you can integrate Shopee tracking API into your tracking system. Ship24 offers blazing-fast integration of tracking API, access to more than 1,200 couriers, and auto-courier detection using one tracking number only.

How can I get Shopee Express Delivery tracking?

To get your Shopee Express Delivery tracking, you can either go to the Shopee mobile app or head over to a universal tracking website like Ship24. All you would need to get tracking updates for your Shopee Express orders are your tracking numbers.

Copy or enter the Shopee tracking numbers on the Ship24 homepage and get all the tracking updates that you need for your orders. You can track up to 10 Shopee Express tracking numbers and get all the results within a few seconds.

On the other hand, you can also track your orders made from other marketplaces. You can get updates when you do Amazon tracking, AliExpress tracking, SHEIN tracking, Mercado Libre tracking, and even TikTok tracking on Ship24. With Ship24, you can get all the latest tracking events to be aware on where your orders are and when it will arrive.

How do I track my Shopee order from China?

To track your Shopee orders from China, go to the Shopee app:

  1. "To Ship" or "To Receive" which can be found under "My Purchases" on the "Me" tab.
  2. Select the shipment status of your order.
  3. View all shipping updates.

Another way to track your Shopee orders from China is by getting your tracking number and entering it on the Ship24 homepage. If your order is being shipped from couriers like China Post, Cainiao, Yanwen, or YunExpress, all you have to do is gather the tracking numbers and enter them on Ship24 and Ship24 will do the job for you in getting connected with your orders coming in from China.

How do I track my Shopee International order?

Tracking your Shopee international order can be done through the Shopee app by doing the following steps:

Tracking Shopee International Standard Delivery

  1. Log into your Shopee account.
  2. Click on "To Ship" or "To Receive" under "My Purchases" on the "Me" tab.
  3. Select the shipment status on the order that you have chosen.
  4. You should see all the shipping updates.

If a tracking number has been provided by the seller or the merchant, head over to Ship24 and paste the tracking number onto the homepage to get results within a few seconds. You can track up to 10 international Shopee order tracking numbers at the same time and get real-time events regarding your items.

Where is Shopee located?

Shopee headquarters are currently in the Shopee building, located at 5 Science Park Drive, Singapore 118265.

However, due to the company's truly international reach, including being a market leader in many other countries in Southeast Asia as well as the North and South Americas, Shopee has offices located internationally.

Shopee has also extended its reach throughout Europe Currently, the company has firms in Poland, Spain, and France. It is also reported that they are planning to extend their reach in India in the future.

Some of these countries include Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico.

However, Shopee does not deal with shipping directly, therefore none of these offices is likely to appear on any Shopee parcel tracking. These offices deal predominantly with the operational side of running Shopee's e-commerce platform and are not directly connected to the shops and sellers which you can find on Shopee.

For Shopee tracking, you can use the global tracking platform from Ship24 for free. It is a website that specialises in tracking Shopee purchases, or orders made up of thousands of other e-commerce and e-retail websites, as it scans them all at the same time to bring you the latest information you need on your parcel when you need it.

What is Shopee Xpress?

Shopee Xpress is a shipping programme that has been incorporated by Shopee's supported logistics fleets to provide a dependable delivery service to its consumers. Buyers can choose this shipping upon checking out.

The benefits of using Shopee Xpress are your shipping options are:

  1. You don't have to pay right away. You can opt to pay cash on delivery.
  2. The airway bills are automated. You no longer have to do handwritten waybills, you can print them directly from Shopee Seller Centre.
  3. The shipping fee will automatically be calculated for you based on the total weight the buyer has purchased from multiple shops.

Is Shopee a reliable e-commerce site?

Since the e-commerce boom, hundreds of online marketplace-type websites have popped up offering varying levels of services for both customers and buyers. Shopee is one of those sites, and a notable one at that, having grown to become one of the leading eCommerce platforms in multiple countries.

Buyers have taken solace in the fact that the size of Shopee as a platform means that it has enough weight and operational capacity to ensure that the delivery partners it recommends and its sellers use are reliable when it comes to delivering orders from its platform, but also that the sellers themselves are reliable when it comes to the products on offer.

Shopee's Core Values

To reassure customers about the reliability of the Shopee platform, it advertises three core promises to customers on the homepage of its site. These are listed below:

  • Shopee guarantee means that if the items you order are not delivered; you get your money back.
  • Shopee also guarantees that the sellers that use the sites are trustworthy with a built-in rating system and direct contact feature for any questions you may have with your parcel.
  • Shopee is also free for all, with no download costs, listing fees, or commission, meaning all users can enjoy Shopee for free from their devices.

The first guarantee has proven very popular amongst buyers particularly, as they feel they can purchase risk-free, with refunds offered by Shopee for any items not delivered. If you think your item has not been delivered, check on the universal shipment tracking site Ship24, to see the current location and status of your parcel.

It could so happen that your Shopee parcel is still in transit or has been caught up in customs, which you will be able to find out by simply entering the Shopee tracking number in the Ship24 search bar.

The built-in rating system and ability to contact sellers directly is also a massive bonus for both buyers and sellers, as, at this point, they can discuss product features but also ask about Shopee delivery options. No matter which country you are ordering your Shopee parcel from, you can access global Shopee tracking with the worldwide tracking website called Ship24.

You just need the tracking number that you will be sent by the seller or Shopee at the checkout stage (or by email post-purchase) to begin tracking your Shopee parcel from the beginning of its journey (or initial dispatch) to final delivery.

Finally, the fact that sellers are only charged when a purchase is made, and not charged to set up a shop or advertise their products has proven hugely popular for the site, resulting in its dominance in the e-commerce sectors in South East Asia, which is a particularly eCommerce leaning part of the world.

The main issue that sellers meet is, which courier companies should they choose which will ensure that the product they are selling reaches the customer.

This, of course, depends on the speed and type of delivery each customer opts for, but the reliability of logistics is of utmost importance to sellers using Shopee. The good news is, that all sellers who send their products as registered parcels, can offer full tracking capability to their customers by recommending Ship24.

Ship24 tracking covers lots of different couriers at the same time, so no matter who sellers choose to ship with, they can offer free universal Shopee shipment tracking.

How has Shopee continued to develop its services?

Shopee has exploded in popularity alongside the boom in eCommerce, but it also aided its own development with a series of smart market moves. For example, Shopee University - which was launched in 2016 - saw a rollout of tutorials for entrepreneurs and businesses to begin using the site, which took place in the Philippines. This business manoeuvre saw not only a jump in businesses using the platform but also an increase in customers wanting to check out the new products on offer.

Shopee Mall followed a year later, which saw some 200 brands across Singapore and the Philippines join the website, meaning that popular and already established brands could now be found on the e-commerce website. The move created a much more diverse shopping experience for customers and again led to a rise in users.

The China Marketplace portal was also a notable development in Shopee's success, offering buyers access to Chinese products and e-tailers without shipping or agent fees (for those located in Singapore and the Philippines. The portal is now a direct competitor with Alibaba group Tmall.

Both businesses and shoppers can get free universal Shopee shipment tracking on orders bought and sold on Shopee with the Ship24 tracking website. All you need is a tracking number and Ship24 can find and track your parcel at every step of its journey, whether in the Philippines, China, or anywhere in the world.

Also, Shopee has been successful in utilising popular culture as part of its sales appeal, appointing South Korea's Blackpink, Thailand's Bambam of Got7, and world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as brand ambassadors to boost its sales.

This also led to many people who may have not ordered online before in those regions, or used Shopee, wondering how their Shopee parcel would be delivered. The good news is you can track a Shopee parcel delivery from the start of its journey to the end with Ship24.

It's a simple tracking website where you can use your Shopee tracking number to find all the information about your parcel whenever you want. Ship24 also tracks lots of different people who handle Shopee packages, so you don't need to know who is shipping your Shopee parcel, just enter the tracking number and you'll get everything you need to know.

Does Shopee deliver to the USA?

Unfortunately, Shopee does not ship directly to the United States. It is one of the many countries that currently do not have direct shipping options. However, Shopee is slowly but surely expanding the list of countries it delivers to, through its growing list of logistics partners.

Currently, there are several options available for shipping goods from Shopee outside of the app, in countries that are not currently on the list of countries to which orders can be shipped at.

One option is to use a freight forwarder. Anyone taking this route will need to organise these logistics solutions directly. This is where an item is shipped to an address that is accepted by Shopee, and then someone is responsible for sending that item on to the final destination.

The reliability of this option is down to the individual freight forwarder and people seeking to send Shopee parcels through this option are recommended to do some research beforehand.

However, what you can be sure of, is that your shipment will still be able to be tracked via Ship24. Ship24 covers hundreds of logistics companies and freight forwarding companies, meaning picking one which we cover will enable you to track your shipment end-to-end, with complete peace of mind about your Shopee package's whereabouts and status.

How much does Shopee charge for shipping?

Shopee works by calculating shipping fees based on the default pickup address which should have been provided by the merchant (seller of the product). This may be subject to change if the merchant organises pick-up from a different address, which will, in turn, cause the logistics partner to adjust shipping fees accordingly.

In general, Shopee shipping charges are set according to the location of the supplier, the destination, and the weight of the package. If you want to know the shipping costs of Shopee Thailand, Shopee Malaysia, or any other Shopee location, you can enquire directly on the website with either Shopee or the e-tailer.

Regardless of the size, weight, or pickup location of your Shopee order, you can access Shopee tracking on Ship24. It's the universal global tracking solution millions are turning to monthly for their e-commerce order tracking solutions.

How long does Shopee order delivery take?

Like the shipping rates, the shipping delivery times will be different for every package depending on the origin and destination.

Shopee Delivery Time

However, we have been able to establish an average based on the main platform:

  • The average time within the South East Asia region (for countries close to each other) can be as little as 2 days, with Shopee's logistics partners
  • International shipments to other countries can take 7 to 19 days to be delivered.
  • Buyers should be reassured that the Standard Delivery options from Shopee offer 7 days a week shipping, with deliveries being made between 8 am and 7 pm, excluding certain holidays (depending on the shipping route, origin, and destination countries.

Does Shopee deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

Shopee Xpress delivers orders on Mondays to Saturdays from 8 am to 7 pm. There are no deliveries on Sunday. However, some deliveries on Sundays are made only because the delivery riders are allowed to deliver on that day or because the item is late for delivery. Also bear in mind, that there will be no deliveries on certain days if that day is a holiday.

Scheduled time for Economy Delivery may vary as Shopee has not specified any delivery schedule for this type of service. The schedule above is for Shopee's Standard Delivery.

How do I request a refund/return of items?

To request a refund or return of items, you can simply head over to the Shopee App. You can only request a refund/return only if you are still within the Shopee Guarantee Period and if you have not clicked on “Order Received”.

Once you are on the Shopee app, click on the “Me” tab and follow the steps:

  1. Under “My Purchases” you should be able to see “To Receive”, click on that.
  2. Then click on the order and then click “Return/Refund”. Select the products you want to return or refund.
  3. Select an option from “Reason”.

Here are some of the reasons you can select from:

  • Did not receive the order.
  • Received an incomplete product. (missing quantity or accessories)
  • Received the wrong product(s). (wrong size, wrong colour, different product)
  • Received a product with physical damage. (dented, scratched, shattered)
  • Received a faulty product. (malfunction, does not work as intended)
  • Received a counterfeit product.

After you have selected a reason, you need to provide some evidence of the product, if you have some then you can select “Solution” and then choose one of the solutions provided.

You can select Return and Refund or Refund Only. When you have chosen one, press Submit.

Please note that you can only choose Refund Only if you have chosen products that are not received, incomplete/missing products, and products that are perishable goods.

When you have processed all that, you have to wait 7-9 business days for your request to be processed. If it is approved, you will be notified via email or push notifications from your Shopee app.

How can I contact Shopee customer care?

There are many ways to contact Shopee Customer Care and Shopee customer services are on hand to answer any questions, queries, or suggestions via its mobile app or the website.

On each, you can find all the information about the store, as well as blogs, references, FAQs, and more. Each country in which Shopee operates has its own customer service email address and phone numbers, so if buyers or sellers have a question, they are encouraged to check the website of the country in which they are located.

To contact support, you can head over to their customer support website. On the website, you’ll have the option to choose whether you are a buyer or a seller. Once you have chosen an option, you can then proceed to choose an option on what your inquiry is about.

From there, you can input your Shopee username, email address, order SN (Order ID), and tell them a brief description of what you want to enquire about. You also have a choice to upload a maximum attachment of five (5) files.

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