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We already know that there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of websites that bring together retailers or large businesses to offer their products in different countries. E-commerce has grown so much lately that there is practically no country that does not have at least one online sales platform for different products and services. An example of this is a group of countries in Asia and other continents that joined together to found a large online store, known as Shopee. Shopee online is the platform that brings together thousands of sellers and buyers from various countries in one place, and with exclusive offers for each of them.

What is Shopee?

As we mentioned, Shopee online is an online shopping platform that operates in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Brazil. In total there are 8 countries in which Shopee is a leader in the area of e-commerce, offering hundreds of products in different categories to satisfy the tastes and needs of all the inhabitants of these and many more regions.
This virtual store was founded in 2015 and since then it has achieved more than 200 million application downloads and has kept operating successfully in all its regions. Brazil was the last country to enter its network, which began operating in 2019. The other markets where this platform offers its services are Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore where the headquarters are located. 
In each of its domains, it has Shopee sellers in all categories, from clothing, shoes, and appliances, to vehicles, real estate and food.

How do I track my Shopee order?

To provide a better experience for all website visitors, the website has Shopee tracking, a service that allows you to track your packages at all times and can also be used from the Shopee app. Shopee tracking is also available to all those shoppers who may or may not have free shipping. Below, we will explain how the tracking service works.
The first thing you have to do is go to the Shopee website and select the option "My Purchase". Then you will see the option "Shipping Information", which you must select to see all the details of the shipping status of your order. If at any time you believe your order is delayed, you can review Shopee Warranty information or how to protect yourself as a buyer. This way you can be prepared to face any situation that may arise, even though most shipments are completed successfully. 
Another easy solution is to go on the Ship24 homepage and track your Shopee package with this platform.

Does Shopee deliver to the USA?

Unfortunately, Shopee does not ship directly to the United States. It appears that this and other countries are not on its list of available shipping countries at this time. However, there is a way to get your packages to the United States, and that is by renting or hiring a company to provide you with an address in that country.
MyUS.com is one of the best options you can hire to get your packages to the United States. This will allow Shopee ship to the USA thanks to the address that MyUS.com will provide you.

Is Shopee available in India?

Like the United States, India is not currently available on Shopee radar. However, there are other countries near India that Shopee can reach. So for those in India who want to buy something from Shopee, they can request that it be shipped to a neighboring country and then a shipping company can take the package to its final destination.
It is important to mention that all the expenses involved in moving a package from a Shopee store to a country, and then it has to go to another country, can generate a lot of time and money, which must be assumed by the buyer at all times. In addition, in this case, there is the risk that the package may be lost and this will not be reimbursed because it will already be outside the jurisdiction of Shopee.

Does Shopee deliver on weekends?

Shopee warehouse has days to Ship to make all the deliveries that need to be made. All the products that are sent from Shopee leave the warehouse in a period of two days. However, the preparation of packages and shipments are only made from Monday to Saturday. Sundays do not count as a working day to send any product, without exception.
In case a package has not been delivered before a Sunday, it will have a day of delay because on Sunday it will remain in the last place where it was until Monday that it continues with its trajectory. If in the calculation of the delivery it throws him the Sunday, it must wait until Monday to be able to withdraw the product.

How does Shopee charge for shipping?

Shopee shipping charges are set according to the location of the supplier, the destination, and the weight of the package. If you want to know the shipping costs of Shopee Thailand, Shopee Malaysia, or any other for any of the available destinations, you can investigate on the platform of the e-commerce store itself and get a clearer idea.

How long does Shopee take to ship?

Like the shipping rates, the shipping time for packages may vary depending on the branch office. However, we have been able to establish an average based on the main platform:

  • The average time within Metro Manila is 2 days
  • For Luzon, it is 3 to 8 business days.
  • In contrast, shipments to other countries can take up to 16 days to be delivered.

It is important to remember that shipments may have different delivery times depending on the country you are buying from and where you want to ship to. However, one advantage of this e-commerce group is that most of the countries in the group are located close to each other.

How can I contact Shopee customer care?

There are many ways to contact Shopee Customer Care. Shopee customer service is always ready to answer any questions, queries, or suggestions through any of its platforms.
On each side, you can find all the information about the store, as well as blogs, references, FAQs, and more. In addition, you can locate the Help Center where you will be provided with some contact methods according to the country you have selected, as well as e-mail addresses or phone numbers to contact.

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