Afrikrea tracking

Afrikrea tracking

Afrikrea distinguishes itself by being a sales platform based in South Africa, dedicated to bringing together South African designers and artisans but also non-African creators, to enable them to promote and sell their excellent quality products in a reliable and totally secure place for the customer.
The goal is to make known the best of African culture, integrating it into each of the designs. The clothes in Afrikrea stand out for being colorful and adapted to the current fashion.

What is Afrikrea?

Afrikrea is the e-commerce platform in charge of promoting Africa fashion in addition to incorporating products and crafts from different parts of the world into its stock. 
However, the main thing for Afrikrea is to provide a high-level space in which creators, artisans and designers have a place where they can have access to a multitude of customers, thanks to the popularity of Afrikrea website.
Afrikrea acts as a trusted third party, as a secure medium through which effective transactions and exchanges can be made between buyers and sellers from different parts of the world who find in this platform a safe and reliable meeting point.
Afrikrea strives every day to provide a pleasant environment for its users and all its sellers, providing both advantages that motivate them to keep this great online sales platform as their first choice.
In this sense, sellers have the advantage of obtaining discounts on their promotional or shipping costs and buyers will find original and unmatched products at excellent prices, just by subscribing to the Afrikrea Box.

Is Afrikrea legit?

Afrikrea website is a totally secure site, managed by Mansaar S.A.S, a company registered in the "Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés", in France. In addition, Afrikrea is hosted by AWS with address 410 Terry Ave North, Seattle, WA 98108-1226, US.
Afrikrea uses secure methods like Adyen for its payment processing, so every transaction will always be safe.
When you cancel your purchases, you are doing so through a secure method that meets all standards. Your bank details will always be protected. Afrikrea will never have access to your credit card information as it is encrypted and will be transferred securely to Ayden with every transaction you make.
Afrikrea works to guarantee all its customers secure and fraud-free transactions. However, it is important that the customer first avoids sharing any of their data with third parties.
Afrikrea has many internal mechanisms that have been put in place to detect possible fraud in time. Each technique is studied and remains in constant evolution to successfully block any attempt at fraud.
Other payment methods accepted in Afrirkea are:

  • Credit cards
  • Virtual Wallet
  • Paypal
  • Payment in 3 times

How can I track my Afrikrea package?

Once you have made your online purchase in Afrikrea and the seller has processed the sale of the product, you will receive an email from the seller of the store with an Afrikrea tracking number with which you can make your Afrikrea track order.
Another way to track your Afrikrea order is by logging into and going to the "purchase" section in your account. By clicking on your order "shipped", you will see the carrier information and the Afrikrea tracking number that will allow you to track your package.

Does Afrikrea deliver worldwide?

The vendors who are part of Afrikrea offer the Afrikrea international shipping service. However, in terms of Afrikrea shipping fees, the vendors themselves set the costs and time of delivery.
To have more detailed information about this topic, we invite you to visit the page of the store where you have chosen the product. Then, click on the product list. Then, click on "Shipping and Policies".  There you will find all the information related to the Afrikrea shipping costs.
If you have any questions, do not wait and contact the seller directly, he will gladly assist you and answer your questions.

How long does it take for Afrikrea to ship?

To determine Afrikrea delivery times, it is important that you take into account the following information:

  • The vast majority of designs and crafts are made and shipped from South Africa, so they may take longer than usual to be delivered. However, the customer can check the delivery time by accessing the section "Delivery, general terms and conditions" on the page where you have located the product.
  • When the status of your product indicates that it has been "shipped", ideally you should contact the carrier to find out the status of your order to how long it will take to receive your order.
  • If you do not receive an answer within 48 hours, you can cancel the order. However, it would be good to check the processing time of your order first.
  • To cancel, all you have to do is go to the "purchase" section of your account, click on the order and then "Contact the seller". This is where you will indicate that you wish to cancel your order. If the seller does not respond, you can contact Afrikrea to take control of the situation.

Are Afrikrea shipping costs expensive?

Afrikrea shipping costs as stated above are set by the seller with whom you have made the transaction. However, Afrikrea advises its vendors to choose to offer affordable prices to encourage customers to make more purchases.
Another of its recommendations is that shipping costs should not exceed 20% of the cost of the product.

How do I contact Afrikrea?

If you want to remove any doubt or express any inconvenience, you can contact Afrikrea. You can write to the following e-mail address:
You can also contact the seller of the product that has caught your attention. In both cases, Afrikrea guarantees its customers an immediate response to their requests.
To solve your doubts, Afrikrea presents on its website a wide range of articles with the most frequently asked questions, to help you to solve any doubt about the processes. In this section, you will also be able to fill in a form and send your own concerns so that they can be answered promptly.
For more information, please visit:

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