Zalora tracking

Zalora tracking

Zalora growing marketplace in Asia that focuses especially on the fashion trade. The company's shipping specification is what makes it unique compared to other marketplaces in Asia. Zalora is one of the most reliable companies from which you can buy fashion products.

What is Zalora?

Zalora is one of the leading stores in terms of online fashion shopping. When it comes to international and local brands in Asia and Oceania, it is constantly expanding. So it’s perfectly suited to consumers in the target region. In this way, it has more than 50 thousand products of the most recent fashion between both continents.

They have to their credit a large series of suits, sneakers, sportswear, casual and for special events. From the most basic and everyday fashion to the most special fashion. Ranging from evening dresses that steal everyone's attention, to suits specially made to stand out in offices.

All these outfits with the best quality you can find. Thus, they have a good reputation in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Zalora Indonesia has a lot of customers.

Is Zalora legit?

Calling itself the best online fashion store in Asia, it has a good reputation in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Zalora Philippines, for example. So we can consider that if it is a legitimate and reliable business for the purchase of clothing and fashion accessories. However, the quality of the products always depends on the brand. So it’s entirely up to the buyer to know how to choose their products well.

For this, and for purchases in any other Marketplace, be sure to read the reviews and the reputation of the seller. In addition to the characteristics of the brand. Remember that also at a lower price, the reliability of a brand is also lower, even if it sounds very old-fashioned.

On the other hand, Zalora also has a good product return policy. So, if you have a bad experience with a bad product or if your product simply didn’t reach its destination, Zalora will be there to solve the issue.

How do I track my order from Zalora?

Zalora's track order process is as easy as tracking an order on any popular marketplace.

Tracking Zalora Orders

  1. The first is using the Zalora mobile application.
  2. Start by logging into the app and going to the "My Orders" option. Here you will find the list of all the orders you have made so far.
  3. Select the order you want to track and look for the option "Track the Order" to know its status.
  4. Now, in the "Package Tracking" option, you’ll find more information about the Zalora shipping tracking. If this information is not available, the page will provide you with this information via email.

On the other hand, you can also get your Zalora Tracking number through the website by logging in and looking for the "Track My Orders" option. Finally, buyers should note that this information could take about 24 hours to be available after having processed your purchase.

Tracking Zalora on Ship24

An easy way to track your orders is by using the Ship24 tracking system. Ship24's tracking system allows you to track up to 10 parcels at the same with just the tracking number. Since Zalora is a marketplace, it will not come with a tracking number unless the seller has sent it through a courier. Couriers such as DHL, FedEx, China Post, Japan Post, etc.., all provide tracking numbers for parcels. To track your orders, just simply copy the tracking number and Ship24 will give you live status regarding the parcels in a matter of seconds.

How long does Zalora take to ship?

Zalora shipping always makes sure to make their deliveries in the shortest possible time. However, these times may vary depending on the destination of the package, and its origin, among other factors. In this way, if the items are sold by Zalora, it could take between 1 to 20 business days, depending on the place where you are buying.

While items sold by private sellers, independent brands and international brands have their own delivery times. So it’s a piece of information that you must confirm when making your purchase. Likewise, Zalora assures you that, if your item hasn’t arrived after 30 business days, you can get your refund.

Can I cancel my Zalora order?

You are only allowed to cancel your order if it is still being processed at the warehouse. If it is already packed and has been shipped, you won't be able to cancel your Zalora order.

Cancel Order via Zalora Mobile App

  1. Log in to your Zalora account.
  2. Click on "Account" and go to "My Orders".
  3. Click on "Manage Orders".
  4. Click on the items that you want to cancel.
  5. Click on "Cancel Selected Items" to submit a request.
  6. Press on "Yes Proceed" to confirm cancellation.

Does Zalora have shipping fees?

That's right, depending on the country where you make your purchase, you’ll have some additional shipping costs that you’ll have to cover. Of course, Zalora tries to keep its shipping costs to a minimum. So if you make a purchase that is above a certain amount, you could get a Zalora free shipping or a discount. All this depends on the region where the package goes.

Therefore, Zalora shipping costs also depend on the product and the number of products you’re buying. As well as where they’re destined to go. These costs also vary if the product has come directly from Zaloraheadquarters, or if it comes from the headquarters of an independent brand.

Does Zalora ship internationally?

At the moment, there’s no Zalora International Shipping outside the countries it already covers. In this way, the country of delivery must be the same as where the purchase is made. In this sense, Zalora covers countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, as well as New Zealand and Australia.

So be sure to go to the specific pages for these countries if you want to make a purchase directly in these places. Likewise, maybe you would like to know some restrictions for certain areas of these countries that Zalora has. But this depends entirely on the destination country where you are.

How can I contact Zalora Customer Care?

There are several ways to contact Zalora's customer care. They have live agents that are ready to assist you. You can also contact them on their official Facebook. They are available on Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Customer Service Phone Number and Email

Likewise, you can also access the customer service section on the Zalora platform that corresponds to your country. There you will find several FAQ articles in which the answer to your question may be found. On the other hand, the head office is at 182 Clemenceau Ave # 06-00, Singapore.

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