Made in China tracking

Made in China tracking

What is Made-in-China?

Made-in-China is a webstore which is located in the city of Nankin, in the Chinese People’s Republic. It was founded in the year 1996 by John Shen. The Made-in-China website is managed by Focus Technology Co., Ltd, which is one of the most important pioneers and leaders in e-commerce in China.
This webstore is dedicated to offering suitable solutions for international commerce. The company is looking forward to reducing the costs and efforts of outlander companies when importing merchandise. Made-in-China provides different services for different kinds of users. Most part of its operations is dedicated to wholesale, orders in bulks, international shipping, and some others. However, they also work as retailers, selling products to individual clients.
The company works with a huge variety of products. They offer many different things, like electric and electronic machines and devices, processing machines, industrial components, farming machines and equipment, hardware, health and medicines, clothes, among many others.

Is Made-in-China website legit?

There are many webstores, delivery companies, and online retailers working from China. Besides, finding webstores dedicated to the scam and fake transactions is a very common event nowadays. So, it is very crucial to take care of the companies and webstores that you use. There are some ways to determine if a webstore is fake or not. These methods are easy and don’t take too much time.
Anyhow, the Made-in-China shopping site is an established company that has over 20 years of working, selling, and shipping worldwide. This company has built a whole reputation based on its quality service, its customer attention, among some other features.
In addition, the group Focus Technology that owns Made-in-China is one of the leaders in IT services and other operations related to cybersecurity, cloud solutions, data center infrastructure, regarding some others. They operate in many different countries around the world, providing high-quality services and solving diverse types of concerns.

How do I track my parcel from Made-in-China?

How does Made-in-China track my parcel is a very common question in the FAQ section of the webstore. Of course, it is a “complicated” topic because Made-in-China doesn’t have its own shipping system. Commonly, other companies have their own transportation system in order to offer a better and more accurate customer service.
Made-in-China is a webstore that dedicates all of its efforts to wholesale and retailer services. To summarize it, they just sell. They are a webstore in charge of providing better prices for products in bulk or retail. Made-in-China works with some other companies that are in charge of delivering every single Made-in-China order, so everything related to deliveries, including the tracking process, is these companies’ responsibility.
First of all, Made-in-China provides different shipping companies as options for clients. After the customer chooses one, Made-in-China gives the package to that company. However, the parcel is already labeled with the Made-in-China tracking number that will be also used by the delivery company. The client receives such a tracking number so he can go inside the webpage of the company in order to consult all the information related to his order.

How long does it take to receive a parcel from Made-in-China?

China is the biggest wholesaler all over the world. This country provides almost any single nation in the world with their merchandise and their production.
However, Made-in-China shipping time is more likely to vary depending on different elements of the order. The most important thing to consider is the distance between China and the country of destination. The biggest clients of China’s wholesalers are located in the Occident. Countries like the United-States, Canada, the United-Kingdom, Spain, and Latin America are the greatest customers of China, so most shipments go there.
Besides, it is important to remember that Made-in-China works with other companies to accomplish the deliveries, so they are not able to control or barely estimate shipping time. Delivery time estimations are given by the delivery company. However, shipments coming from China can take from 10 to 21 days on average, depending on the destination.

Are Made-in-China shipping fees expensive?

As usual, every delivery company determines the shipping fees basing their calculations on different elements about the package. Commonly, these are the travel distance, the weight and the size of the package, the type of article inside, and the urgency of the shipment.
However, the shipping fees don’t depend on Made-in-China directly. They only receive the money from the sale and that’s it. After that, they only pay for the services provided by the delivery companies they work with.
The company in charge of the delivery calculates the cost of the shipment after considering all the expenditures involved. International deliveries can be a bit complicated because of customs, taxes for importation and exportation, travel distance, among many others.
Nevertheless, shipping costs are more likely to be cheap. Although the distance from China to an occidental country is quite long, orders with Made-in-China are very affordable. This is also because most parts of deliveries are ordered in bulk, so shipping companies offer special discounts for these cases.

Which partners does Made-in-China use for its deliveries? 

The delivery company is something that is up to the client. He is the one who chooses which company will take his order from China to his homeland. However, Made-in-China works along with some delivery companies that work as partners, so they offer special privileges for Made-in-China clients.
For orders going to America, there are many companies available. Some of these are Evergrad, which provides air shipping; GWL Logistics, which travels from China to the United-States; Seabay Logistics, which is in charge of sea shipping, among many other companies. They also have partnerships with companies from many different countries around the world, not only American nations.

How do I contact Made-in-China?

Contacting Made-in-China is a simple process. They have an official webstore where they provide the different contacting ways and the Made-in-China customer service so clients can solve doubts, questions, and communicate complaints, suggestions, among others. There is also a FAQ section that has the answers for the most common issues related to the company services. 

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