Citilink tracking

Citilink tracking

What is Citilink?

Citilink is a Russian company of electronic and household supplies. It is one of the main stores in the country. This company was founded in the year 1995 in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. The company is mostly specialized in distributing computer components and other items related to technology. Besides, the company has the Citilink shipping service to deliver the orders right to the house of the client.
The Citilink online store was opened to the public more than 10 years ago in 2008, providing users the opportunity of acquiring the products of the store without leaving their houses. This new expansion was very well received. After that, the number of clients and sales significantly increased.
Currently, Citilink has more than 600 physics stores and pickup hubs in over 360 Russian cities. Besides, the variety of products offered by Citilink includes more than 800 brands and over 70.000 articles and products related to computers, home appliances, office furniture, automotive electronics, among others.
Citilink also provides different services like computer maintenance, equipment installation, electronic signatures, and others related to digital and electronic services.

How do I track a parcel from Citilink?

Every single delivery company provides the client with a whole delivery system that he can use in order to follow the route and the status of his package. Citilink tracking parcel service is one of the most effective tracking services in Russia. This service is in charge of supervising the location of any delivery.
The procedure of this service starts when a customer buys a product. After that, the distribution center assigns a tracking code to the order so the company can register that sale into its database. Citilink uses the tracking code to register all the information about the client and the order, like the type of article, travel route, weight and size of the parcel, name of the client, and so on.
Citilink provides the user with the tracking code, so he is free to go to the website and introduce the tracking number in the Citilink shipping status section. There, the platform provides the customer with all the information regarding the status of the order, the real-time location, the estimated arriving time, and the type of transportation vehicle.

Does Citilink only deliver in Russia?

Citilink is one of the biggest retailers in the entire Russian nation. Their stores and services cover almost the whole extension of the territory. However, this company only works in Russia. They don’t extend their operations to any other country.
The territories covered by the Citilink delivery system compromises many cities close to Moscow, the capital of Russia. The MKAD area regards the most part of the places that Citilink covers with the delivery service. The webpage says that this shipping system only covers the territories that are within a range of 100 km away from Moscow. It means that deliveries coming from the capital city won’t arrive at any other place out of the stipulated range.
Nevertheless, Citilink has more distribution centers in other regions of the country. These hubs are in charge of ensuring the merchandise supply for all the other stores of the brand. Besides, these distribution centers also help with the door to door delivery services in the other cities of the Russian territory.

How long does Citilink take to deliver?

Citilink has established different distribution hubs around the Russian territory. These distribution centers are meant to keep a constant supply in all the Citilink stores. In addition, those warehouses also ensure the delivery service for all the clients of the company.
Thanks to these distribution points, the Citilink delivery time reduces significantly. There are many different options for deliveries with this company, but they all are usually very quick.
The company establishes some delivery periods. Such periods are the time intervals in which Citilink accomplishes the deliveries. Those usually go from 9 am to 9 pm, and divide into different hours depending on the type of delivery and distance.
Delivery times are all calculated based on a top distance of 100 km. Citilink doesn’t work with deliveries that exceed that distance. The maximum waiting period is of three working days.
In any case, there could be moments in which delivery can take more time. These cases happen when the product required by the client is not available in the closest Citilink store, so the customer has to wait until the company provides that distribution point. The waiting time in these cases doesn’t exceed one week.

What are Citilink shipping fees?

Like the delivery time, the Citilink shipping fees for an order are stipulated by the different features of the parcel. The weight, the size, the distance to cover, the type of service, and other factors that influence the final cost.
There are many different options for delivery services in Citilink. All of them are based on the urgency of the delivery. For instance, the cheapest delivery service is standard shipping. From there on, other services are also available, like:

  • Urgent shipping
  • Same day delivery
  • Delivery on store

and many others.
Besides, every single delivery fee is stipulated in the base to the maximum standard of distance. All the prices are calculated for a maximum distance of 100 km. The company will not ever overcharge its customers for any kind of eventualities or extra fees.

How do I contact Citilink?

The Citilink customer service is a very complete and suitable service. The company takes deep care of its clients. The customer service is used by the company in order to improve the experience of the clients, so workers at the customer service offices are always willing to hear the customer’s doubts and suggestions. This way Citilink is able to know what the lacks of their services are in order to solve them.
The company provides its customers with the Citilink phone number that goes straight to the Citilink call center. This call center is mostly used to attend quick issues related to delays with the shipment, and some other “minimal” problems.

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