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What is Gmarket?

It is one of the biggest marketplaces, offering every kind of item to its customers. Founded in 2000, Gmarket Korea has enhanced its services allowing you to buy and sell everything you need.
This company later was acquired by eBay in 2009, which has made the company to grow substantially and become one of the most important e-commerce in Korea. They are now an international company that offers their products to everyone, wherever they are. Their list of products is available in several languages, especially in English.
In this marketplace, you will find appliances, furniture, electronics, vehicles, and more with the best price of the market. From the most common to the rarest things, this place has all that you may be looking for.
Another of their great features is that you can find many collectibles on the website, that you can get at affordable prices or in an auction. Companies like LG and Samsung sell their newest products on this e-commerce with attractive prices for everyone.
With their mobile app for Android and iOS released in 2015, you can now buy all their products anytime you want to. This app is always updated with the latest things so you can check it out.

Is Gmarket reliable?

Yes, it is a reliable company; you can buy everything you want on this website and if something goes wrong they will intercede in the negotiation. If you pay via PayPal, they can even refund you the money that you used while buying a product on their website.
They also count on many security features that will help you to get all your personal information secured such as your account information, avoiding that anyone can use your account to do anything on the website.

Does Gmarket ship to the US?

Yes, they do, they work with many reliable couriers that will send any product to the United States, and not only there, they also count with their Gmarket shipping to Canada service so they are shipping packages to almost all North America regions.
However, if you are in any other country, you can also buy things from this marketplace; you just need to ask the seller if the courier he is using sends goods to your country.
SF Express, EMS, and CJ Logistics are examples of companies that make possible the Gmarket international shipping. All of them are reliable companies that have been in the market for years, providing the best service while shipping products with them.

How long does Gmarket shipping take?

The Gmarket international shipping time will vary depending on the courier you are using, the distance that it must travel, and the product itself.
For local shipping inside South Korea, once the seller confirms that he or she has sent the product, it will take from 2 to 5 business days to arrive at your location.
However, this can change depending on the item you buy because for electronic products it can take from 7 to 10 days and for furniture even more from 7 to 15 days.
You must know that once the seller has shipped the item to the Gmarket warehouse, it will be classified and then shipped by any of their affiliated courier partners as EMS or SF Express. This process alone can take at least 6 to 10 days while the product arrives at the warehouse and they calculate the weight of it.
Depending on the service and the country that you choose as your final destination, the package can take from 1 to 3 weeks to arrive. Paying the express service, your parcel can arrive within the next 3 - 7 business days at your location.

What are Gmarket shipping costs?

The prices are different depending on the country that you want to send them and the package’s weight. The type of service you ordered will also affect the price. For example, if you opt for the company express shipping service, it will be pricier.
For local shipping, they will charge you depending on the zone and the weight of the package. However, many products count with the Gmarket free shipping mark, so you will not have to pay anything.

  • Local deliveries are affordable, their prices may vary from $3 to $10. You can always check the prices on their affiliated couriers’ official websites.

Gmarket international shipping costs are higher, but you can get their products anywhere in the world. For example:

  • If you want to send a package that weighs 1 kg to the United States, they will charge you $26.02. Besides, the price will be higher depending on the weight. For this service, they will use EMS.
  • If you want to send a package to an Asian country, they will use the SF Express courier, so if the package weighs 1 kg and it is going to China, you will need to pay $10.20.

How do I track my order from Gmarket?

Once you have bought the items that you want from this e-commerce, they will provide you a Gmarket order. This order has the tracking number of your package.
You can type the tracking number in the tracking bar here, on our website, and then press the blue button on the right side of the screen. All the information available on your package will appear in seconds. You will know the location of your packages and how much time it will last to arrive at your location.
Gmarket tracking service is also functional as they work with some of the main couriers in Asia, which will ship your packages to all the national territory and abroad in the promised time.

How do I contact a seller on Gmarket?

If you want to contact a seller on this marketplace, you will need an account on the website, for this you can register or log in if you already have one.
Once you are logged, go to the product that you want, and go to the Seller info, then click on “inquiry” so you can leave him or her, your inquiry. You can make it public or tick “text protection” if you only want the seller to read your inquiry.

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