Hepsiburada tracking

Hepsiburada tracking

What is Hepsiburada?

Hepsiburada is a Turkish e-commerce giant that is also called the Amazon of Turkey. They offer a variety of products on their platform including electronics, apparel, stationery and also baby and parent care goods. Hepsiburada is owned by the Dogan Online Holding Group, one of Turkey's top players on the internet, and digital media companies. It was founded in 1998 but in 2000 the company decided to keep expanding the Hepsiburada brand.
The company head office address: Trump Towers Office, 34387 Istanbul, Turkey.
It is Turkey's largest online retailer website and has been named among the top growing retailer websites as well. Hepsiburada operates in Turkey, Europe, and neighboring countries to Turkey. They are connecting the sellers to the buyers directly through their platform. They ship more than 2 million parcels in a month.
With more than 17 million products available online it is also one of the biggest marketplaces in the internet world. They have a website traffic range of 102 million users per month and of the 32 million users are unique visitors as well. They are now a leading brand in the European online retail market.

Does Hepsiburada ship internationally?

Yes, Hepsiburada ships internationally throughout Europe and neighboring countries to Turkey. They ship the products using their international shipping partners. Hepsiburada delivery service can be tracked using the Ship24 website.
There are different options to get your things delivered from the Hepsiburada. You can do your Hepsiburada tracking through the Ship24 website. You can check where your goods are and when will they be delivered to your location with this website.

How can I track my Hepsiburada package?

Hepsiburada ships all over Europe and in many international destinations including the US and Canada. The shipment takes more time to reach the far destinations as there are different options of shipments. So, people who want to keep a track of their Hepsiburada shipment can go to the Ship24 website and track their orders.
All you need is your Hepsiburada tracking number. That you will fill in the Ship24 website portal and you will be able to see the location of your goods that you ordered from the Turkish giant, Hepsiburada. You can shop online from the Hepsiburada and get your goods delivered at your doorstep. During this, you can also keep the track of your parcels easily form the Ship24 website.

How long does it take for Hepsiburada to ship?

Hepsiburada shipments can take different times based on your location. For example, if you are living in Turkey or near Istanbul, it will take less time to deliver than on the other side of Europe. Shipments sent by Hepsiburada shipping to the far location will take more time to reach their locations. Below is the list of few possible shipment times based in different countries and locations. Here is a list of the shipping times (estimated time to deliver) by locations:

  • Istanbul: Same-day delivery and 24 hours of delivery services.
  • Sabah: Same day delivery and 24 hours of delivery services in Turkey.
  • Europe : More than 3 days (depending on where you are in Europe)
  • US: More than 10 days (delays can be caused due to location)
  • Canada: More than 10 days (delay depends upon your location).

This timetable is not 100% accurate as the deliveries can be late due to several reasons and there is no proper timetable that tells about how much time the Hepsiburada shipment will take. In order to track your delivery, we advise that you keep your Hepsiburada tracking number with yourself and check about your delivery location from the Ship24 website.

How to get Hepsiburada free shipping?

Hepsiburada free shipping is also available to different locations and sometimes on different products of the vendors. In order to get your goods delivered free from the Hepsiburada free shipping you need to check the products that are listed to be shipped free. There are a lot of options available in the marketplace for free shipping options. You can search the products that are listed for free shipment then you can buy these items and get them delivered at your doorsteps free of cost.
Hepsiburada orders are only delivered free if you have selected the products that are available for free shipment. Otherwise, you will be charged shipping fees as well. Hepsiburada package tracking is also available for free shipments. Hepsiburada package is delivered on time and they also provide you the tracking of your parcels through the Ship24 website. You can check your delivery by going to the website Ship24 and get an insight into the location of your order.

What are Hepsiburada shipping costs?

Their shipping costs also vary based on your origin country and locations, for example the people in Istanbul and outskirts of Istanbul can get same-day delivery at normal rate while you may have to pay extra charges as you are at a distance from Turkey. The costs of a shipment can vary based on different options that you choose in the Hepsiburada marketplace. But the Turkish giant has a solution for your shipping costs as well. As they are charging almost a very low amount on their shipments to international destinations. So now you can receive your shipments from them at a very low cost.

How can I contact Hepsiburada?

You can contact the Hepsiburada customer support services center and get in touch with them through their website or you can call their customer support numbers or again contact them by email also.
Hepsiburada customer service number: 0850 252 40 00
Hepsiburada Email: bilgi@hepsiburada.com

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