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What is Taobao?

Taobao is an online store where millions of people can trade products, whether new or used. This company was founded by a Chinese corporation. So, they develop the consumption and trade of products through China to other countries. 
In the online store, users have the opportunity to buy or sell the products through an auction method, which is actually very popular among users. Taobao main international market is the United States. In fact, during 2010, there was an incredible increase in sales, that exceeded 20 billion dollars.
Taobao USA represents one of the biggest sources of income for the Chinese company. Currently, there are more than 190 million users registered in Taobao. At least 20% of users come from the United States.
One of the reasons why Taobao got off the ground and has become so popular today is the communication that exists between the buyer and the seller. You can communicate with them via the online WangWang chat. This chat is usually used especially in China since most of the buyers in Taobao only speak Chinese. This communication method is very popular because it allows buyers to have direct interaction with sellers. It is also important to mention that one of the most popular forms of payment on Taobao is Alipay. This is a secure online payment method that guarantees the buy and sale of products.
More and more users are deciding to make purchases online through the Chinese market. Taobao offers a wide variety of products, which are sold at competitive prices both in national and international markets. These characteristics are a benefit for those foreign customers who wish to make purchases of good quality products at a good price. For this reason, China becomes the number one option for the trade of products. It is establishing itself as a commercial giant, both domestically and internationally. 
In the next ten years, Taobao hopes to be the largest Chinese company in online commerce. Also, dominate the national and international markets.

How do I track my order on Taobao?

Taobao Tracking of orders is done through a tracking code that corresponds to the shipping order number. This Taobao tracking number is obtained once the order is placed on the website. 
Likewise, the monitoring of the packages is carried out on the same Taobao website. Taobao international shipping tracking will also be performed by completing this procedure. This includes shipments made to the United States.
Likewise, on the company website, through the WangWang chat, you can also have detailed information about the shipping data of the products. In this way, you can track the products purchased more efficiently. 
You can also use the ship24 website and put your Taobao tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. You will get all the necessary information about your Taobao package after clicking enter.

How fast is Taobao shipping?

After first payment, the order is made, it consists of paying the product plus a percentage of for the service provided. The product takes approximately 5 business days to reach the shipping warehouses. 
These warehouses serve as intermediaries that are responsible for verifying the status of the products' conditions. Weighing the product, and confirming a final payment consisting of international shipping payment.
Once this process is completed, the Taobao delivery time is 7 to 40 business days. Taobao delivery is only made by three shipping companies, which are DHL, EMS, and AIRMAIL China Post. So it is important to consider that the Taobao shipping time may vary depending on the shipping company that the user decides to use. 

Is Taobao shipping expensive?

China currently has the largest and most powerful commercial industry in the world. In China, the workforce is very cheap and there is strong commercial competition within the country. 
For this reason, the prices of the products on Taobao are very cheap, which includes the shipping price of the products, whether they are within China or international shipments. 
The Taobao Shipping price within china is priced at 15 RMB, which is 15 yuan and is equal to about 2 USD. But, the price of Taobao shipping to the US or any other country may vary according to the shipping company selected by the client, and the intermediaries that function as delivery distributors of the products.

Does Taobao have free shipping?

Currently, the Taobao free shipping for the distribution of products sold in the online store is not available. Yet, Taobao makes discount days on products that can reach 65%. These may vary according to the user's selection in relation to the environmental company.
In these cases, in Taobao, it is customary to end the requests for the products with the payment of a service commission, and the final shipping payment, either in China or international shipments. 
This test is a disadvantage and a disappointment for customers. But for the company, the shipping costs are so low that they prefer to offer discount promotions on their products to their customers. 

Does Taobao deliver to the US?

Taobao shipments to the USA represent over a quarter of the company's earnings per year. In 2010, an exponential increase in the number of registered users on Taobao began to manifest. 
Currently, this number exceeds 200 million registered users. For Taobao, trade with the United States is very important. Approximately more than 25% of the profits received per year come from the United States, which are estimated at more than 5 billion dollars. 

How can I contact Taobao?

Taobao customer care is located in a special section on its website. In this section, customers can contact via email or telephone numbers. Besides, it has several physical offices where customers can make complaints or seek answers to their questions about the products. 
However, in Taobao, the main process to serve customers is done through direct interaction by WangWang chat. Taobao support staff is always available to its customers through chat. Generally, through WangWang chat, users are served in Chinese, however, there is also an option where they can be served in other languages, which is generally the English language. 
Besides, the company offers help and support guides for the purchase and sale of products to those customers who are from other countries.

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