Kilimall tracking

Kilimall tracking

Kilimall is an online sales platform that stands out for offering quality products to its customers, from the most diverse categories including food, clothing, accessories, electronics, and office supplies, among many others.
Kilimall online shopping is constantly updated on the dynamics of its merchants, to ensure a service that is distinguished by being cataloged as first class. The site allows users to check every detail of the product before making a purchase. Checking items even include reviews from other buyers.

What is Kilimall?

Kilimall is an e-commerce company. It is also recognized as a pioneer in this type of sales in Africa. Since 2014, it has established itself as the largest e-commerce platform in Kenya. It has around 100 million customers and more than 10,000 merchants between Africa and China. Kilimall main goal is to provide each user with the possibility of acquiring new and excellent quality products. At Kilimall, there is no room for flaws or frustrating sales, in this sense the company is quite strict with sellers who fail in this area; they are even sanctioned.

How can I track my Kilimall parcel?

Kilimall innovates its systems to offer its clients better methods to keep track of their transactions on this successful e-commerce platform. This is why transactions are becoming easier and more secure.
Once the customer makes the payment for the purchase of one or more items, he is instantly notified by mail and message.
To realize your Kilimall track order, you can do so from within the application by going to Order Account - Find Order - View Logistics Information.
Then you need to click on the column of your order to access the information about the record of the shipment. There, you can obtain the Kilimall tracking number. This number will be used to track your Kilimall orders. It is also available in the purchase confirmation email.
Kilimall is on the road to excellence in efficient, seamless service so that customers feel they are a full part of the entire process. That's why it facilitates all tracking methods, with an easy-to-use app that is just a click away from your phone.
You can also use the Ship24 platform to track your parcel from Kilimall.

How to sell on Kilimall?

Kilimall offers its customers and members options to be part of this online sales platform, as secondary sellers; allowing them to sell Kilimall products from their stores and make a profit in the process.
If you are interested in selling on Kilimall, the App provides an option for you to share the product link with a customer; advising them on the purchase process and selecting your store to earn the commission.
Through the KILISTAR program, the store owner can sell a Kilimall product and obtain a percentage of profit; as well as a double commission for the item sold and for the shipping of the package.
For more information, please go to the page and ask about Kilistar.
Any entrepreneur who wishes to become a Kilimall agent can join a partnership and thanks to this, obtain excellent benefits:

  • Earn 8 to 20% commission when promoting Kilimall products.
  • In addition, for each shipment processed from these sales, the commission will be from KSh. 35
  • This partner's business will receive better exposure to new customers, which will increase visits to your business.
  • The last and best of the benefits are related to increased revenue from the sale of Kilimall products.

Does Kilimall deliver internationally?

Kilimall delivers throughout the country. Once you have made your purchase through the site, you must enter your shipping address in the address book to verify if your address makes home delivery possible.
Through the Global Delivery service, Kilimall takes care of international deliveries. All products ordered from Kenya and other regions of Africa are processed by air, sea and land transport companies, that work with this company to provide excellent Kilimall international shipping fees.
In some cases, deliveries can take longer than the normal 15-30 days, so Kilimall asks for its customers' understanding, arguing that these delays are generally linked to the processes in the different international customs.
Currently, efforts continue to be made to achieve a more expeditious service, although the reality is that in international matters, the procedures cannot always be carried out within the established time frame. Many factors influence, climatic, institutional and even social order.
Kilimall goal continues to be to achieve the highest level of quality in all its services.

How long does Kilimall take to deliver?

Once the customer ensures the acquisition of the product through the purchase, the next step is to ensure the delivery of the product. This, like any other purchase and sale process at Kilimall, is usually quite simple. There are 3 ways to send your Kilimall package:

  • Sent by Kilimall: Look for the orange icon. This icon is linked to the item sent from Kilimall warehouse, with a time frame of 1 to 5 business days.
  • Sent by the seller: Look for the green icon that indicates when items are sent by local sellers. This type of delivery usually takes a little longer, about 8 to 15 business days.
  • Sent from abroad: Look for the purple icon. These deliveries are made from the warehouses of international sellers located abroad. Airfreight is used. The latter method is the longest, taking between 10 and 25 working days.

What are Kilimall shipping fees?

Kilimall has an effective shipping system that reaches the entire country and charges are made according to the Kilimall pick-up points delivery and shipping costs. However, Kilimall free shipping service is available at some stations such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuro.
For other sites, the shipping rate is usually between 200 and 400/-.

How to contact Kilimall?

To address any questions related to your order, or to your user account in the App, the customer can contact Kilimall Kenya contacts customer service team from the live chat on the website or can send an email to: There, you will be attended by the team that will gladly give you an answer in the shortest time possible.

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