OnBuy tracking

OnBuy tracking


What is OnBuy?

OnBuy is an online marketplace, but not just another of the bunch, OnBuy is one of the marketplaces with the fastest growing in the world. It is becoming more and more a leading website that is catching up to colossus like Amazon. This speed was achieved thanks to the great popularity in the United Kingdom. This is due to the company’s untiring effort to provide the best quality and quantity of varied products to its customers at the best prices available.
Although the website was launched barely in 2016, it is already one of the most popular marketplace online in the United Kingdom. It has thousands of daily visitors and OnBuy reached this point by putting a lot of effort into creating an ideal platform, for both, the buyers and the sellers to make business safely. It is not to be surprised that the working environment was so good that many more people choose to do business using OnBuy instead of another competitor.

OnBuy package tracking

Is OnBuy.com safe?

OnBuy owed its success to learning from the former leading platforms, which made OnBuy so popular and incorporated into its system after improving it. That is how the website achieves so high standards of security: the sellers that agree to the conditions and terms of OnBuy are subjected to a strict secure checkout, to ascertain their identities and trustworthiness as professional company representatives or formal sole traders.
Besides, OnBuy has a partnership with PayPal and counts with 180 day PayPal Buyer Protection, increasing the security measures of any transaction.
If even with that, there are still doubts about how safe OnBuy is, then, what do you think of more than 15 thousand reviews made by satisfied customers and sellers in Trustpilot? Each one granting the website the highest qualification. It ensures any reader about the transparency and safety of the transactions made through this platform.
One of the most alluring features of OnBuy is that to increase its transparency when making business, the platform does not sell anything manufactured under its brand. So, there is no competition with the sellers that seek the website to help them start or grow their business. OnBuy serves only as a venue to create contact with the thousands of small, medium, and large scale businesses and companies with the millions of possible clients that would like to buy their products.

Who owns OnBuy?

OnBuy marketplace works as a private company founded by its CEO, Cas Paton, who wanted to create a platform that allows a commercial environment of true transparency in every transaction. Showing always the best deals and offers with neutrality without preference of the brand of the website itself. The OnBuy Team also includes different Head of departments like Head of Operations, Head of Development, Head of Front-End, Head of e-Commerce and Head of Communications; without forgetting about the Senior Developer and the complete team of developers, SEO content writers, graphic designers and more.

How do I track my package from OnBuy?

OnBuy only serves as a marketplace, a venue to allow the different thousands of sellers to be contacted by the millions of customers that visit the website. This means that the company does not work as a retailer, there is not an OnBuy delivery service for any order, and even less can they provide tracking service and information on their name.
It is the seller that you contacted who will offer different options for couriers, according to the access he has to them and the availability to deliver the order. This means that it is him or her who can provide you a tracking number for you to consult the information through the courier's official website, and there is no OnBuy tracking service.

Does OnBuy deliver internationally?

OnBuy is not directly responsible for delivering any product. It is the duty of the seller to make contact with courier companies according to his or her circumstance and options available close to his place. OnBuy sellers are mostly from the United Kingdom but there are also some from the European Union and a few outsides. Each seller specifies the delivery availability for his or her product according to the courier that he or she has access to. In that sense, there is no OnBuy international shipping because the marketplace does not make any shipping by itself.

How long does it take for OnBuy to deliver?

Each seller has access to different courier companies and is located in different places even if they sell the same item. With thousands of sellers, there is a large number of courier and delivery options, each one with different shipping times.

Are OnBuy shipping prices expensive?

It is the responsibility of every seller to provide the delivery options to the buyer so that this one can choose the best option for him. There will also be different prices and shipping times for the same product, according to the circumstances of the seller. Again, the website only works as a marketplace. This is why there are no OnBuy fees for shipping. On the other side, they do provide you the opportunity to compare between sellers of the same item and see for yourself which one has a better price and shipping service that will better suit you.

Is it possible to contact OnBuy?

OnBuy customer service limits itself to answer your questions about your OnBuy account, the website, or how you make an order. To do so, the marketplace provides you with a section called Contact Page. There, you can submit your inquiries and use a predesigned format to send their team an email with your questions, in the case that the section of Help & Support does not give you an answer. In such a format, you register your email account to receive their answer later. Besides, the marketplace also counts with a presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest where they publish interesting news.

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