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Many websites are opened by stores directly, others serve as an intermediary for the products to be sold at the prices asked by the seller. Sometimes the price is not suitable for the product. In other times it can obtain more of the same product without increasing the price excessively. In such cases, the best option is to open an auction and wait for the bidders to offer the seller an amount that satisfies both parties.

What is eBid?

eBid is a company founded in the United-Kingdom. It works like a venue for individuals in all the European Economic Area, and other countries, who want to sell their products online in an auction modality. eBid provides a legal and trustworthy online platform. There, the sellers can publish their goods and designate the starting bid amount, and a minimum one requires to increase for any potential customer to bid successfully during the auction. Also, the same platform can allow any user to freely search for the item that interests them among all those available.
This company also provides support services like an eBid app. For both buyers and sellers to make use of all the features of the platform in the comfort of their smartphones. Besides, the website also includes advertisements for the products of the seller in Google and Bing search engines. Showing them on the storefronts of the website, among other advantages for the seller. Depending on the type of account that the individual is subscribed to, of course, eBib charges different costs by each type according to the services that are providing to its users. The buyers' accounts are free of charge.

How can I track my eBid parcel?

Being the eBid platform only a venue, the website is responsible for helping the buyers and sellers to get in touch with each other. The entire process of the transactions is done by themselves without any other type of interventions from eBid. This is why the website does not assign an eBid tracking number. All the aspects involved in the services of shipping fall under the responsibilities of the seller, including providing the right means of tracking the parcel that is sent to the buyer. Along with the security and quality of the content.
Besides, eBid does not take any responsibility for the quality of the products bought. Neither it takes liability upon misinformation in the description of the products or another issue that can result from the actions of the sellers.
On the other side, eBid takes seriously the claims of fraud and any type of complaint that the users submit about other users both buyers and sellers; which is why the platform obliges the sellers to make the corresponding refund if required in 30 days. Along with the opening of the due investigation of the complaint.
To do that, eBid requires the authentication of the identity of every seller. Use strict security measures to avoid any fraudulent use of the website, ensuring the safety of every transaction made through it.
On the other side, the users of eBid usually use courier companies like:

  • Boomerang
  • Cargobookers
  • Business-Post
  • City-Link
  • Citipak
  • Global Freight
  • Citysprint
  • Excel
  • LondonVan
  • Deliveries4U
  • DHL
  • Lynx
  • Halo Direct
  • Interlink Express
  • Chronopost
  • Courier
  • Fastlane International
  • Onlinepallet

Those among many others, all depending on the availability in the country where the transaction is being taken care of and the agreement between the seller and the buyer. Furthermore, each service can or not have its tracking service to determine the status of the order.

Where does eBid can deliver?

As explained before, eBid is not responsible for delivering directly any type of product, meaning that there is no eBid track order either. Even so, the buying and selling activities between the users are available in:

  • All countries of the European Economic Area.
  • These nations also include the United Kingdom
  • Foreign nations like the United States and Canada from North America
  • Australia and New Zealand in Oceania
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India in Asia
  • And even Brazil and South Africa.

eBid keeps expanding the service of the website to many countries for the people to successfully and safely commerce between themselves.

How long does eBid take to deliver?

Because eBid is not responsible for the transaction directly, the seller has to deliver the buyer's order in 30 days or less as described in eBid shipping time obligations in the standard terms of service. This is only under the condition that both parts of the transaction, the seller and the buyer, have not agreed for a longer time to make the delivery of the goods.

Are eBid shipping fees expensive?

There are no eBid shipping costs because the website does not take care of it. On the other side, the fees are bound to the rules of the courier service selected by the seller and can or cannot be the responsibility of either of both parts to pay for the process. These types of details are negotiated between both during the transaction.

How to contact eBid customer service?

The website does not show any eBid customer service phone number but it shows that the company has a presence on various social media like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and Tumblr. Also, for customer service, the website presents a large number of Frequently Asked Questions to seek help, along with their collection of How-To Videos on Youtube and an active eBid Forum where members can publish their doubts and seek answers. Lastly, the website allows the users to send a message to their staff members through the platform itself, they will later answer with an email. 
Not many websites work with the modality of auctions but among them, eBid has a line of expertise in the field, serving as a venue for a large number of transactions every day worldwide, without a doubt is one of the best of its type, allowing its users to gain a certain amount of profit while satisfying the needs of the customers.

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