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There are various platforms serving as venues for selling and buying different types of products. Usually, most of them leave the shipping responsibilities to the same sellers and only provide the space for advertisement. There are others that take a step beyond that. Some make their store bigger, not depending on the third-party sellers as a main driving force but in its stock of products, Fyndiq is such a type.

What is Fyndiq?

Fyndiq Sweden is an e-commerce website. It collects products from thousands of different stores and displays them on the same website. Besides, the company only shows the best prices found and ensures that everything bought has the best quality and a bargain price.
Established in Sweden, Fyndiq is considered a paradise of bargains. It collects millions of products and displays low prices ready to be selected and taken home by some who want them.
Of course, Fyndiq is not only limited to serve as a venue for different stores. It also goes another step forward and offers to send each product to your location in the fastest time available. That way, all the purchases are done from the comfort of your home without needing to do anything else besides paying. Also, as an additional characteristic, Fyndiq has good variability of products, reaching different categories, from electronics and accessories for the home to mobiles and tablets, increasing the stock every day.

Is Fyndiq reliable?

Yes, Fyndiq takes all the necessary precautions to authenticate the identities of buyers and sellers. That is before starting to welcome them to begin the transactions. Also, they are responsible to send each purchase ensuring its security and that it reaches you the fastest time available. On the other side, every purchase has a tracking number that allows the user to constantly look into the situation of their order from anywhere. Especially using the Fyndiq app on your smartphone.
As if everything were not enough, Fyndiq also allows the customers to ask for a refund and cancel the purchase. It is in case of being dissatisfied with the quality of the product, or it is not as described. Besides, the platform counts with one million six hundred thousand customers registered that can give testimony of the reliability of Fyndiq as a business store.

Can I track my Fyndiq package without a tracking number?

Yes, in the cases that the Fyndiq tracking number is lost because of some reason. The customer can always contact the staff of the store for customer service and ask about the status of its order. The only thing needed is to enter into your Fyndiq account and send a message to the staff team of the store. They will immediately provide you with information about what you need.

How long does Fyndiq take to deliver?

Fyndiq delivery is always trying to be both fast and secure, to make the procedure the most efficient possible. This reason, along with the variety of stores having a large number of products in stock, allows Fyndiq to send your order the fastest. Sometimes starting from different stores to make the process more fluent and that everything reaches you in the closest time. Usually, the time needed will vary according to various factors like the preparation and the distance between both parts. Either way usually takes around 1 to 12 business days for the order to arrive at your place.
There are variations, such as in some cases when the order includes multiple articles from different stores. The package is sent separately from one another and even arrives on different days. Of course, this is without mentioning that in some locations the package is picked up in the local delivery post, Like Posten, DHL, and Schenker, depending on the way used during the order process. On the other side, if the products are marked as express delivery, the company will try to make it reach the client in 2 working days, 3 days tops.

Does Fyndiq deliver worldwide?

Right now, Fyndiq has limited its services to Sweden, some associated stores in China, and the European Union. That way, the shipping can be done from any of those stores or associated, and the products can reach their destinations fast, even if it is in other countries. Of course, it is not worldwide yet. On the other hand, all their efforts are concentrated to make the process of acquisition easier for any product using Fyndiq to make the customer shopping experience the most comfortable possible.

Are Fyndiq shipping costs expensive?

Fyndiq tries hard to make the costs of every product to its minimum to make it a bargain, their effort includes the low shipping cost. The company has adopted a new modality that ensures the prices remain low. Their policy ensures that once you make your purchase of at least one item, it doesn't matter anymore how much you add to the cart later, the shipping price will continue at the same low price.

How do I contact Fyndiq customer service?

The website does not include a Fyndiq contact number among the contact information the best it does is redirect to sign in with your account and leave messages directly to the Customer Service Staff team. It is through this method that all types of transactions and even some complaints are made. It is the best way to establish communication with the company. 
On the other hand, Fyndiq Customer Service will also answer all your questions through an email detailing their answer to you, usually done in the next 24 or 48 hours depending on the surge of consultations, but always maintaining the shortest time possible before answering. Finally, Fyndiq has a variety of products divided and various categories always provide the best price in each one and take its pride in the bargains that are its items. Truth be told, it is an excellent e-commerce website that also pays lots of attention to the delivery time, resulting in the most efficient and reliable stores with delivery in the current market.

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