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What is Nature & Decouvertes?

Nature & Decouvertes is an ecological friendly store that produces a variety of products 100 percent organic. To integrate the sensitivity for natural well-being. Without letting aside the health of customers and manufactures as well as the quality of the products that are on sale. In addition to all of that, the company also provides alternatives to pedagogies and teaches children about a more healthy and sensitive environment lifestyle.
Besides, the company has also created a Foundation that works untiringly for the improvement of natural well-being. It supports thousands of projects dedicated to the best for the world that all of us live in. Nature & Decouvertes also provides teaching materials. It is so anyone can learn about the advantages of this type of lifestyle and the benefits that result in the health of people, besides, the conservation of natural well-being.
The products made by Nature & Decouvertes are 100% organic. Without any type of artificial chemicals like pesticides. Those can alter the composition of the item and produce harm to the consumers. Also, the products are of high quality proving that natural practices and Organic Farming techniques are the best to preserve the quality of ingredients. Also, they are sustainable, free of unnecessary contamination, waste, and overexploitation of natural resources.
Besides all that, Nature & Decouvertes shopping in their physical stores is based on the stimulation of the senses. Allowing the customers to experience by themselves the beauty or every product by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting their properties along with ambient sounds makes the experience pleasurable for the customers' senses and their well-being.
Over the years, the store has grown enough and currently has dedicated a good effort to improve even more the relationship with their customers through the e-Shops making it easier for the clients to acquire the product they want online with the best price of the market and to be able to receive in the comfort of their homes. In the cases that the delivery of Nature & Decouvertes order occurs when the client is not home yet for some reason, the company also provides solutions such as leaving your order in the closest local post office.

How can I track my package from Nature & Decouvertes?

It is very easy, upon shipping the order you will receive an email containing the related information including Nature & Decouvertes tracking number that you can use on the official website of the couriers. Also, the website of the store can provide a specific link to the tracking service of both its couriers. Those links are:

Does Nature & Decouvertes only ship in France? 

There have been around 30 years since the creation of Nature & Decouvertes since the company has grown beyond the borders of mainland France and have an open business in other countries such as:

  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Austria
  • Estonia
  • Denmark
  • Metropolitan France
  • Belgium
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Poland
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Luxemburg
  • Czech Republic
  • Netherlands
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden

How long does Nature & Decouvertes take to deliver?

Nature & Decouvertes shipping time can vary upon the destination and delivery method. Normally, deliveries are done in France using the service of Colissimo at home, which takes around 4 working days. On the other side, if the client chooses to use the Express Chronopost either to reach your home or a relay point, it requires 2 business days under the condition that the order is placed before 4:00 pm. On the other side, in the case of international shipping, the time required for the order to reach the customer can be from 2 to 5 working days.

Are Nature & Decouvertes shipping fees expensive?

Not at all, the company excels in its services.

  • In the case of national shipping, there are options of Nature & Decouvertes free shipping of products with a value of 49, 59, or 79 euros, according to the delivery method that the customer chooses to use.
  • In the case of international shipping, there are no free options but the fees are 7.90 euros to almost all the countries mentioned before except for Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany where the fee is only 5.90 euros.

How to contact Nature & Decouvertes customer service?

Nature & Decouvertes customer service is very special because not only provide information answering inquiries, the company also takes its time to provide information about new healthy habits to learn, the advantage of a more sensitive to nature well-being lifestyle both for the world and to each individual, even provide tips about what to choose and how to use it. It is important to notice that the company also takes very seriously its relationship with the customers, trying its best to maintain open communications between both parties while realizing commercial procedures.
Nature & Decouvertes uses social media to actualize the news about changes and events, offers, and other useful information, publishing the content on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter where all their clients can follow and keep tune about the recent events. Also, they publish a customer service phone number for any inquiry and maintain it active from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. The number is 01 83 77 00 00.
Finally, the webpage also allows the clients to contact their customer service team through an email sent from a formulary present in the very same website, following the link https://www.natureetdecouvertes.com/wecare-form, where they could express their inquiries and leave an email address to where Nature & Decouvertes will write back with their answer.
Nature & Decouvertes is an ecology friendly company, dedicated to doing the best for the world instead of taking for them the best of it. They do their best both in the manufacturing of the products, as well as the instruction of their staff members, with the purpose of providing the best quality service and items while maintaining a sustainable system that is good to protect the environment

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