Mercado Libre tracking

Mercado Libre tracking


Track your Mercado Libre orders with a universal tracking tool, such as Ship24. With Ship24, simply enter your Mercado Libre tracking number on the homepage and track up to 10 Mercado Libre tracking numbers all at the same time and get tracking updates within a few seconds.

Mercado Libre package tracking

How do I track my Mercado Libre order?

There are several options on how to track your Mercado Libre order. One way is to track the orders with the Mercado Libre tracking numbers on the Mercado Libre website and the best option to track your orders is by using a third-party worldwide tracking website like Ship24.

Ship24 supports tracking more than 1,200 couriers and tens of thousands of other marketplaces globally. To start tracking with Ship24, all you would need is to copy your Mercado Libre tracking number and enter it on the Ship24 homepage. You can enter up to 10 Mercado Libre tracking numbers and get the results at the same time. So whether your orders are being shipped by FedEx, DHL, or UPS, you can guarantee that Ship24 will provide you with all the tracking details that you need.

You can also track the orders that you made from Shopee, SHEIN, Amazon, and thousands of marketplaces in the world.

What is Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre, which translates to "free market" in Spanish, is a multinational company incorporated in the United States that operates online marketplaces and auctions for the e-commerce sector. The company was founded in August 1999 by Argentinian businessman Marcos Galperín.

Today, the company operates in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. Across Latin America, Mercado Libre has over 180 million users, is the region's most popular e-commerce site, and employs over 15,000 people.

An all-encompassing e-Commerce powerhouse, Mercado Libre offers not only users the ability to buy and sell new and used items at a price decided by them, much like eBay, but also space for businesses and e-tailers to sell their goods, more like Alibaba or BangGood.

This ensures a plethora of product options and categories, including homeware, sports equipment, bespoke goods, souvenirs, gardening tools, DIY kits, garments, footwear, electronics, and gaming devices, just to name a few. Mercado Libre is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Mercado Envío.

Where does Mercado Libre ship from?

Mercado Libre does not ship orders from its head office address, which is located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the country in which it was founded. Instead, sellers on Mercado Libre and the merchants which use the site to sell their goods use local couriers and international postal services available to them, to deliver orders to buyers worldwide. The courier or postal service used depends on the dispatch location and recipient address.

Since orders sent by merchants using Mercado Libre use a variety of logistics and postal companies, tracking Mercado Libre parcels can be difficult if you are not using a multi-courier tracking platform, such as Ship24. The reason why Ship24 is preferable when tracking a Mercado Libre package is that in a single search Ship24 scans over 1,200 couriers and online shops, meaning whoever your Mercado Libre parcel is being handled by, Ship24 has got your tracking covered.

Once you enter the Mercado Libre tracking number, you will receive all the relevant tracking information on an order, including status and location. Don't stress over having to change tracking websites when orders are passed from carrier to carrier, track your Mercado Libre shipment from start to finish with Ship24.

Mercado Libre Tracking with Ship24

  • Get your Mercado Libre tracking number: When you have purchased your Mercado Libre order, you will receive a unique Mercado Libre tracking number from either the website directly, in a purchase confirmation email, or via the seller once the item is dispatched.
  • Once you have your tracking number, copy and paste it into the Ship24 website
  • Sit back, relax, and let Ship24 handle the rest! Ship24 will begin instantly searching through thousands of online merchants, marketplaces, couriers, and logistics companies who could be handling your Mercado Libre parcel, to locate and bring you the latest information on its progress.

You don't need to log in to Ship24 and we certainly don't need any personal information about yourself or the parcel. With just the tracking number, we get to work on what we do best, providing you with the closest to real-time as possible tracking information on a Mercado Libre parcel.

How big is Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre comprises five main business sections, the main one being the MarketPlace platform for users to operate it in, followed by its own in-house payment platform, called Mercado Pago, the advertising department, called Mercado Publicado, the platform ecosystem management portion, called Mercado Shops and finally the company's credit services, Mercado Crédito.

Again, all these 5 sectors work to manage and facilitate Mercado Libre operations across the extensive Latin American region that it covers. This regional powerhouse is a member of the NASDAQ stock market and has reached valuations of nearly 13 billion dollars.

The company also boasts funding from market heavyweights Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander, JP Morgan Partners, Tate and Furst, and other investment companies, showing confidence in the international market in the company. Today, some 3,000 official stores and bands have a presence on or work with Mercado Libre.

The company said that it aims to continue to provide customers with reliable and secure payment tools through its online commerce platform, which in turn will help with the development of the eCommerce sector in Latin America. It is said that this will also benefit social mobility in the region as well as foster entrepreneurship on the whole.

What is the best way to track a Mercado Libre order?

If you opt to track directly with Mercado Libre, you can do so on the Mercado Libre website. After payment has been made for a product, either the website or the seller will send you a unique tracking code for your Mercado Libre purchase, which can then be used on the website to track your Mercado Libre order.

However, if you are tracking with Marcado Libre, you should note:

  • Some national carriers will use local or regional couriers to ship a Mercado Libre order. Should this be the case, it may be difficult to track a Marcado Libre package as tracking information may not be available. However, Ship24 interacts directly with over 900 couriers simultaneously, with an inbuilt auto-detection component meaning that it can still find Marcado Libre packages even as parcels pass between different logistics companies and couriers. Simply enter your original Marcado Libre tracking number on the Ship24 website to get instant results.
  • Some heavy items may be shipped through special carriers. You should be notified by the seller or when purchasing if your items require special shipping methods.
  • Parcels will be delivered by different couriers/handlers depending on the specifics of the shipment, including its origin, location, the urgency of delivery, size, weight, and so on. For instance, if you ship an item from Argentina to the USA, your parcel will likely not only be handled by different couriers than a parcel travelling from Panama to Peru but both will likely be handled by multiple couriers en route to their respective destinations. If you want to be sure you can continue tracking your Marcado Libre parcel throughout its journey, you need to track your parcel on a platform that covers the most number of couriers, which is Ship24.

Ship24 covers thousands of couriers, e-tailers, and logistics companies that work with Marcado Libre, so you can rest assured that Ship24 is the best place to track a Marcado Libre package end-to-end.

However, if you have a problem with your order, you will need to contact the Marcado Libre support team directly, or the courier, to resolve the issue. It is recommended to check the latest tracking information on Ship24 before contacting Marcado Libre so you can be prepared with the most up-to-date info on your package's location and status.

Equally, if you are unsure who your parcel is being handled by, check your tracking information on Ship24 to know who the current handler of your package is, and you can proceed accordingly.

Both the seller, buyer, and anyone else with the Mercado Libre tracking number can track a package using this tracking number, as the tracking code itself cannot be used to reveal any personal data about the buyer or seller.

Does Mercado Libre offer delivery returns?

Mercado Libre offers order returns if there is an issue with the parcel, such as a problem with the order or damage when being handled by the handled or before the packaging of the seller (if it can be proven). In these circumstances, Mercado Libre is in charge of returning the package to the seller.

Also, offers full insurance for Mercado Libre against loss, theft, or damage at no extra cost for some shipments. Please check with the seller or Mercado Libre directly to confirm both of the aforementioned are offered in your orders shipping for confirmation.

However, due to the nature of Mercado Libre's service, buyers and sellers can arrange alternative shipment methods without using Mercado Libre shipping services. In this case, arrangements are made directly between the seller and the customer, and standard insurance and return policies may not apply, depending on the shipping company used.

Whether Mercado Libre shipping services are used, or another courier, make sure to utilize the best tracking experience on your order with the universal shipment tracking platform, Ship24.

Is Mercado Libre delivery fast?

Mercado Libre's standard delivery service guarantees the delivery of an order within the first fifteen working days after a purchase has been made. Depending on the locality of the origin and destination, some deliveries are even made within 24 hours.

However, because Mercado Libre covers a multicontinental region, the time it takes for delivery varies hugely between the many potential origins and destinations covered. The remoteness of destination and courier capacity within the area, the distance needed to be covered, size, weight, and urgency of delivery will all factor into the time it takes to be delivered.

Does Mercado Libre have free shipping?

Mercado Libre does not offer free shipping, but shipping costs do ensure the security of a package through its various insurance and returns policies.

How can I contact Mercado Libre?

You can contact me via the web page, where you will see a section called "ML help". After clicking on this, you will be able to choose to either send an e-mail (which is advisable for general inquiries) or make a phone call if your matter is more urgent.

If the call is not answered immediately, it is possible to leave a telephone number so that an operator can call back later. The latter option is not available for all countries covered by Mercado Libre
You can also contact Mercado Libre via its various social media profiles, such as on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Here, many buyers and sellers publicly comment on complaints, comments, and suggestions, offering a much more transparent means of contact.

If you have a query regarding your Mercado Libre tracking, customers should know that they can track any Mercado Libre package from dispatch to the final destination using a third-party tracking platform, such as Ship24.

The benefit of using Ship24 is that it tracks thousands of couriers which could be used by Mercado Libre sellers, meaning whoever your Mercado Libre package is sent with, you will still be able to get tracking information throughout the journey of the parcel.

How does Mercado Libre practice sustainability?

Mercado Libre said it was created to better spread the benefits of e-commerce among both large companies and small to medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, ultimately reducing economic gaps. Also, it said by doing so, will be contributing to the communities in which we operate and reducing environmental impact.

Reducing environmental impact is also a core mission of Ship24, which is passionate about making sure package delivery is not only as efficient as possible but that it has the smallest possible footprint as a result. Check out our own Ship from China services to see how we reduce our environmental impact through delivery efficiency.

What is the Mercado Envíos fulfilment service?

Mercado Libre has a warehouse, stock storage, and forwarding service, known as the Mercado Envíos Full. This is where products can be stored in company-owned warehouses in Mexico and Chile, should parcels or orders need to pass through those locations en route to their final destination. The service aims to cut delivery times and provide better overall customer service for those shipping with Mercado Libre

How does Mercado Envíos work?

Firstly, a partner carrier will need to be responsible for delivering the order to the warehouse, which includes covering import taxes and all other import requirements.

Once the items have safely passed through customs, Mercado Libre will receive the shipment, process it, and add the items received to the customer's stock. Then, sellers will be able to let Mercado Libre take care of the pickup, packing, and shipment of those products from their warehouse. This ensures not only faster delivery times, and increased customer satisfaction but also is free of charge and offers customers free shipping options.

All packages sent or handled by Mercado Envíos, Mercado Libre, or the carrier partners used by merchants can be tracked using the universal shipping platform Ship24.

In fact, when dealing with so many different carrier services it makes sense to use a multi-carrier tracking platform to make sure you stay on top of all of your tracking needs. Try out Ship24 today and join the millions tracking their parcels worldwide, all in one place.

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