Mercado Libre tracking

What is Mercado Libre?

Mercadolibre is a company dedicated to e-commerce, within which users can buy and sell both new and used items at the price they prefer to set. Day by day different products and services are offered, making this the main platform for online buying and selling in all Latin America. Mercado Libre has registered more than 300 million users. Mercado Libre operations extend to almost all Latin America. It includes countries like Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others. 
This company was founded in August 1999 by Argentinian businessman Marcos Galperín. Its headquarters are located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Besides, during its first year of operations, it received financing from corporations such as Flatiron Fund, Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander, JP Morgan Partners, Tate & Furst among other investment companies. Then, in October 2001, eBay became the first shareholder of this company. That year Mercado Libre extended its operations to different Latin American countries. During 2017, the stock market valuation of Mercado Libre on NASDAQ reached 12.7 billion dollars.

How do I track my order from Mercado Libre?

 This can be done when using the Mercado Envío service, which is the Mercado Libre delivery service. After the payment has been made through Mercadopago, the seller prints a sheet with some information. The delivery address and the tracking number which is used to verify the status of the shipment. The Marcado Libre tracking can be done by both the seller and the buyer through Mercadolibre's website. By using this service the security of the package is guaranteed. If any inconvenience happens that prevents the delivery of the Mercado Libre order, Mercado Envío is in charge of returning the package to the seller. Besides, Mercado Envío insures the order against loss, theft, or damage at no extra cost. 
Yet, shipments can be made without going to Mercado Envío service. Arrangements for this are made directly between the seller and the customer. He may use other local shipping companies. The shipment tracking policies are different from those offered by Mercado Envío.

Is Mercado Libre delivery fast?

The time it takes for a delivery to reach the buyer's address depends on the distance from the shipping address of the Mercado Libre parcel. Mercado Envío, Mercado Libre direct delivery service guarantees the delivery of the order during the first fifteen working days after the buy has been made. Yet, all efforts are directed to deliver the packages during the first 24 hours. This is because the delivery time influences the reputation of the seller. That is the meter that determines the reliability of the users in Mercado Libre. 
So, when the shipment is made through another shipping company different from Mercado Libre, the delivery time will depend on that company. Yet, the main factor is always the distance to be covered.

Does Mercadolibre ship internationally?

 From Mercado Libre Argentina you can buy products offered on Mercado Libre platforms in other countries. The door-to-door purchasing service abroad carries out all the legal procedures required for this procedure. Purchases made in another country will arrive at the recipient. 
In Argentina, Mercado Libre international shipments are regulated by the government. The annual buy limit is twelve, and its value cannot exceed $50. In case the cost of the item is above that price, the recipient must pay a tax equal to 50% of the total price of the item. Also, shipments can be tracked by both the buyer and the seller. As with national shipments, it generates a Mercado Libre tracking number. It is possible to verify the status of the Mercado Libre package, the time it will take to deliver, and all the information on the order.

Does Mercado Libre have free shipping?

 There is no free shipping in Mercado Libre, but Prices for shipments made through the Mercado Envío service charges directly within the final price. This happens only when using Mercadolibre's payment method, called Mercadopago. It should be noted that to enjoy the Mercado Envío service it is completely obligatory to use Mercadopago. The Mercado Libre shipping cost ensures the integrity of the package. It also guarantees that it will reach the buyer and protects it from eventualities on the road, such as theft or accidents. Besides, in case some inconveniences prevent the reception of the shipment, the item will return to the seller at the address affiliated to its Mercado Libre page.

How can I contact Mercadolibre?

Mercado Libre offers its customers different communication methods. That is to attend to complaints, suggestions, doubts, and concerns about the service. 
Within the web page, there is a section called "ML help", within which there are different options suitable for each case or need. After this step, you can send an e-mail or make a phone call. If the call is not answered immediately, it is possible to leave a telephone number so that an operator can call back later. The latter is an option that is not available for all countries. Only some regions have this option. 
On the other hand, Mercado Libre customer service has hotlines for each country. Even though it is difficult to call the attention of its operators, once they are aware of the problem exposed by the customer, they are usually quite friendly and show the intention to solve the problem. 
There is also the possibility of contacting them through their profiles on social networks. Mercado Libre has accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There you can also send complaints, comments, and suggestions from buyers and sellers.
Another contact option is through the mobile application of Mercado Libre. There it is also possible to send letters directly to the platform. That to express suggestions and comments on the service offered.
Besides, Mercado Libre has an e-mail address available for the platform users to send their letters. In this way, a Mercado Libre advisor will contact the person who sends the mail to address their concerns. 
Ultimately, it is possible to send a letter through the traditional postal mail. This option is already unfeasible due to the great technological advance. Yet, it is not out of the question to consider it within the contact options.

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