Americanas tracking

Americanas tracking


What is Americanas?

Americanas is a Brazil-based online retail website that was founded in 2000 by the Lojas Americanas, the Brazilian retail store giant. Lojas Americanas the parent company of Americanas was founded in 1929 by six people, who came to brazil to start a new type of retail store in the Brazilian market. As they are a retail store selling their goods online, they sell almost everything found in any retail store. They opened their first store in Rio De Janeiro. Lojas Americanas have revenue of 4.5 billion and a net profit of 18million in 2019. They are also connected with several different companies in the retail markets. Here are a few of them. Shoptime, B2W, Pandora Participacoes SA. The Head office of Americanas is located in Brazil.
Americanas is a large website with an inventory from 1940 retail stores. It has more than 10 million products available in more than 40 different categories. They offer to ship their goods as well. You can track your deliveries at by just entering the Americanas tracking number.

Americanas package tracking

Does Americanas ship internationally?

Yes, they do ship internationally. They are currently shipping in different destinations across North America and South America. They also ship products to farther destinations like China, Japan, and East Asian countries. For this purpose, air, sea and routes are used for the delivery. For International destinations, Americanas shipping can be considered a bit slower than other online big retail stores such as Amazon. Americanas delivery services ship the products through the American continent both north and south. To ship in different destinations, it can take different time. Americanas online shipments costs are also different from the destinations outside Brazil. To the locations in the US and Canada, they charge differently from the normal rates.

How can I track my Americanas order?

To track your order from the Americanas website, you can use the website. You need the Americanas tracking number for that. This number is provided to you when you order from the Americanas. Then you need to open the website. You can do tracking of Americanas order from ship24 by copy pasting the tracking number in the search bar on the Ship24 homepage. You will be able to check all the necessary information about your Americanas package, the courier used for the delivery, the status of the shipping and the next steps before the Americanas order arrives at your doorstep. Americanas package tracking is very easy from the website.

Is Americanas delivery fast?

Americanas delivery is efficient and fast in Brazil and in North and South America. But when we go farther, the delivery is not as fast as domestic shipping or shipping in North and South America. That is because Americanas have a different kind of structure, Americanas online shopping is not a separate marketplace but a retail store marketplace. Its operations have several limitations. Due to these shipments of the long-distance parcels can be a bit slow. But inside Brazil, it is one of the fastest delivery systems. The delivery time depends on a lot of factors that include your location and country. International shipments need a lot of clearances. That can also be a factor in the delayed shipment of your goods.

What are Americanas shipping costs?

The Americanas shipping costs are different depending on your location. If you are living in Brazil for example, shipping costs will be very small compared to the United-States and Canada shipping costs. For normal delivery, it can charge up to 35$ for a delivery to the United-States. There are different options available that you can choose for your shipping. You can select different modes of shipment delivery proposed by Americanas.
There is no definite table available to define the shipment's costs to different destinations. So, you will only be able to know the shipment costs just before ordering. Indeed, while you order, the shipment costs and other costs will be shown just before clicking on the ordering button.

Does Americanas have free shipping?

Americanas also offer free shipment through the Americanas free shipping cards and offers. If you want to get your items shipped free of cost, you will have to look for and search for the products. They are available for free shipping. Americanas online shopping experience can be a bit tough at the beginning if you do not know Portuguese as the website is in portuguese language. However you can translate the pages also to any language.
You can order the products that are available for free shipping. It is a very easy process of select and order. You read the policy and other materials. You order the product and pay for it. The order will reach your doorstep free of costs. But if you order a product that was not listed under the free shipment banners, then you will not be able to get free shipping and have the normal shipping costs.

How can I contact Americanas?

You can contact Americanas customer service number and you can also visit their website for inquiries. Here is the link for tracking the Americanas orders.
Below are the contact details of Americanas.
Here are the Americanas contact numbers.

  • Phone: 4003 – 4848 / 0800-229-4848
  • Other Regions: 021 11 4003-1000

Here are the Email contacts:


Here is the physical headquarter Address and phone number:
Rua Sacadura Cabral, 102 Health – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Telephone: +55 21 2206-6300
Phone Number: 20081-902

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