Casas Bahia tracking

Casas Bahia tracking

What is Casas Bahia?

It is a Brazilian company which is specialized in offering to their clients everything related to home appliances, electronics, and the best quality furniture. It started to work back in 1952 in the city of Sao Paulo. A polish immigrant named Samuel Klein founded Casas Bahia Brazil. He started selling products to many retail places in Brazil. They entered the online market in 2009 because of the increase in online sales.
They have helped their customers for years offering them a great variety of products. The company charges interest on installment plan purchases, making it possible for people who cannot afford expensive furniture to finally buy it. Indeed, many people in Brazil cannot pay off furniture in a single payment so this method is easier for people to buy furniture of quality.
The distribution of products in their stores is also quite remarkable and helps the company selling a lot of products.
The company has extended all over the national territory; it has 857 stores distributed in entire Brazil. With over 22.000 employees and a huge income of $2 billion per year, it is one of the biggest companies in the country.

How do I track a parcel from Casas Bahia?

Once you buy anything on this website, they will provide you a tracking order with the Casas Bahia tracking number. Here on our website, you only need to type that number in the tracking bar and click in the button on the right side of the bar.
After you have done this, all the information available for your order will be available so you can know everything about your package. Where it is and how much time it will take to arrive at your address.
It is important that you know that tracking information for this company will take at least 48 to be shown, so if you bought your products just hours ago you might not find any information available until a certain time-lapse has passed.

How long does shipping take for Casas Bahia?

Casas Bahia delivery time will vary depending on the zone of Brazil where you are. Normally it can take from 2 days to 1 week and the estimated delivery time is provided on the product page anytime you want to buy a product there.
To know the estimated delivery time, you only need to go to the product you want to buy and click in the field that says, “Calculate the estimated shipping and delivery time for your region”. There, depending on how far you are from the retail store that has the product you need, they will offer you the time that it will last to arrive at your location.
Remember that the shipping time is different for every product because you may want items from different retailers that are not in the same region. So for orders with over 1 item, the delivery time will vary.
Another thing to take into consideration is the transportation availability, which sometimes may be fully occupied by other shipping.
However, if you are in a hurry and you need that item, you can always contract the express delivery or super express delivery service in those products that are identified with this service. Using one of these services will allow you to have your product in just 2 days. This is only valid for purchases made before 4 pm on a working day. Remember that those 2 days are labor days so if you bought the items on the weekend do not expect them to arrive before Tuesday.

How much does shipping cost for Casas Bahia?

Casas Bahia shipping fees are variable, depending mainly on the distance, weight, and size. The prices start at the price of 10 BRL that is something like $1.84 USD for small things like medicines that they also have available on their website.
If you want to buy bigger things from this website like a TV or a refrigerator, the shipping prices will be higher. The standard is around 100 BRL that is something like $18 USD. The price would be lower or higher depending on the distance too.
For some products, they also offer free shipping services, depending on the zone of Brazil where you live. This works only if they have the product in a distance that is relatively near to your address. However, if you want them to install the electronics or furniture, you will need to pay an extra amount.

Does Casas Bahia only ship in Brazil?

Yes, they only offer their shipping services inside Brazil’s national territory. They count on their own shipping services in their transportation vehicles and this is why they do not send items abroad. However, some of their retailers can offer you that experience, but it is up to you and them to solve how to do that.
For the moment Casas Bahia will let you get everything you want inside Brazil even the rural areas, offering you also many services like installations that have a price point of 200 BRL or $36 USD if you want them not only to ship if not install your electronics in your house.

How can I contact Casas Bahia?

Whenever you need information about the products and services from this company you can always reach them thanks to the Casas Bahia phone number 4003-4336. This hotline will offer you the best service, helping you with anything related to them.
You can also contact the Casas Bahia customer service through 0800-200-4336 if you are near Rio of Janeiro. If you are looking for their installation services, you can contact them at 3003-8889. There, they will show you when they can go to your address to install anything you need.
Casas Bahia has become a favorite to Brazil’s population because of its payment methods and reliability, offering them the opportunity to get all the electronics, appliances, and furniture they need.

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