Elo7 tracking

Elo7 tracking

What is Elo7?

This is a company based on the online craft marketplace websites. Founded in 2008, this Brazilian company has been working to offer to their clients the best experience while buying and selling all the articles on their website. Elo7 Brazil is the perfect place if you are looking for artisanal things, from necklaces and earrings to handmade furniture.
They are now working to expand even more than before, with thousands of merchants selling millions of their products; you can find anything in this place. Counting with offices even outside Brazil, like the ones in Argentina and Colombia, expanding their market, this company is here to offer you the best handcrafted products connecting you to the most exclusive handmade goods.
They are the main option for those who want to sell their creations through e-commerce because of increasing online sales.

Can you track your Elo7 package?

Yes, you can use the Elo7 track package service. When you purchase on this website, they will give you track order information. This contains the tracking number from their shipping company.
Once you have that number, you can type it in the search tracking bar of the Ship24 website, and then click the blue button on the right side. All the information available about that package will be shown immediately. The postal service employees will always take care to update the information of your packages and take care of them since most of them are fragile.
Your package will arrive at your location with no damage, as they count on responsible shipping service.

How much time do I have to wait for my Elo7 parcel?

Elo7 delivery time will depend on many factors, the service you contract with Correios Brazil, and the distance that it must travel. There are other problems like transportation availability.
If you contract PAC, the most economical service from Correios you can expect your package to arrive in the next 3 to 10 business days. However, if you are in a rural zone, it can take even more time to arrive at your destination. This service counts with the Elo7 tracking number so they will inform you about your products. If it comes late and you declare the amount, you will get compensation for late delivery up to 30%. To use this service, your package has to be in a box.
On the other hand, if you decide to use SEDEX for the faster service, you can expect your packages to arrive in a time-lapse of 1 to 3 business days. However, it is also possible to get it later if you are in a rural zone. For PAC, you will also have the tracking service and the late compensation if the packages arrive late. To use this service, your package can be in envelopes or boxes.

What are Elo7 shipping fees?

Elo7 shipping fees will depend on the sizes, destination, and service of Correios that you are using.
If you want to use the PAC service to send packages from Brasilia to Rio For example, and the weight of that package is around 1 kg, you will need to pay 35,7 BRL that is something like $6,60 USD. As we mentioned above the prices will vary depending on the weight but also in the box that you must pay which is more expensive for larger packages.
If you want to use the SEDEX service, they will charge you more; however, you will have your packages faster. If you want to send the same package from Brasilia to Rio with a weight of 1 kg, they will charge you 58,40 BRL, which is around $10,80 USD. It is important to mention that Elo7 has an agreement with Correios, so if you want to use this service for some of their products they will reduce your final amount up to 50%. This makes it a great option to get everything you want from Elo7 with the best shipping service.
In this place, people are offering an Elo7 free delivery. This happens because some stores’ owners are paying the fees of Correios for you. Therefore, some products have the free shipping mark.

What company does Elo7 use for the delivery?

For sending their products, they use Correios, the national postal service of Brazil. However, you can choose PAC among their services, which is the affordable one, but the delivery time is longer. On the other hand, they count on SEDEX, which is the fastest way of sending parcels.

Does Elo7 only ship in Brazil?

Elo7 has this agreement with Correios to be the only ship inside the national territory of Brazil. However, if you are interested in some of their products, you can hire Correios as a courier to send you that package if you are abroad. For this service, you need to talk to the seller and see if he or she can make this for you.
This means that Elo7 is not involved in any international shipping of their products that you are making directly with the seller of the product. They are responsible for shipping inside Brazil only.

How do I contact Elo7?

If you want to get in touch with the people in Elo7, you can reach them through their email, support@elo7.zendesk.com. There, they will provide you all the information that you are looking for about the procedures of buying and selling on their site, as well as their many other services.
You can also use their customer service message system directly on their website. You can explain to them freely all the things that you are complaining about, related to your Elo7 order if you give them detailed specifications they will answer you in less than 48 hours with the solution for all your problems.
Elo7 has become the best ally for those people who love to sell their products in Latin America, selling millions of dollars in Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. This company is providing you a vast catalog of products to choose from.

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