Conforama tracking

Conforama tracking


If you want to buy quality furniture, in Europe there is a fairly large option for this type of item. And not only that, because Conforama has a wide variety of household items, electrical appliances and even sports equipment. So by taking a simple look you can find what you are looking for on this web platform.
From sofas, articles for the bedroom, bedding, sound and multimedia equipment, decorations and textiles, and everything you can weigh on articles for leisure, gardening and sports. All this and much more can be found at Conforama Canada or in any country. So keep reading so that you know everything you need to know about the purchase and shipping process of this European platform.

Conforama package tracking

What is Conforama?

Conforama is one of the largest home furnishings retail chains in Europe. It has more than 200 stores distributed in France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Croatia, Italy and Switzerland. It was officially founded in 1967 in Saint-Priest, Rhone, and in 1998 it created its first website for commerce.
Today it’s excellently positioned as one of the leading furniture web merchants in Europe. Having a web platform that allows the user a quite pleasant and reliable shopping experience. In addition to having such a long time in the market, which by itself provides a good appearance to all its customers.

Is Conforama legit?

Conforama has been in the market long enough to declare itself as a totally reliable platform. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when making your purchases through this website. Multiple all reviews have cataloged Conforama as a trustworthy shopping site. So you can be sure that it’s a totally legal and reliable business to buy.
So take a look at all the articles they have. And rest assured that you can make your purchases in a reliable way on this website. With just a couple of clicks you can have the furniture you’ve always dreamed of.

Does Conforama ship from France to Switzerland?

Conforama has some offices in Switzerland, therefore, you can make your purchases online through the website and then pick them up at the store or have them delivered to your home. On the other hand, if you need an article that is only found in France, it’s possible to connect Conforama services to Swiss Post with just one click. This also works for couriers from other countries to which Conforama ships. If you need to know these countries, you should contact the Conforama customer service of this page.
That is, you can import your orders from Conforama, synchronizing the website to automatically deduct the orders you want to send. Then you just have to select your orders and select Swiss Post as the shipping method. This way you will have the tracking number of this company and your Conforama package will be delivered through it.

How can I track my package from Conforama?

To track your purchase through Conforama you just have to access your personal account on the website. Look for the option that allows you to see the products that you have placed in your basket to proceed with the purchase, and once you’ve made all the payments you’ll be able to see the Conforama track order information.
On the other hand, if you want an international delivery, you may have to connect your country's transport company with Conforama. And this is something totally simple, you just have to be able to send the company's shipping address in France and then coordinate the delivery of your package to your home. In that case, the company you’ve selected may provide you with another tracking number that you can search for on their platform.

Is Conforama shipping fast?

Depending on the purchase you have made and where it was shipped, it is relatively fast. If you have made a purchase within France through Relais Colis or want a home delivery by Colis Privé, the service may take up to 3 business days to deliver the product to its destination. All this applies only to small packages of less than 30 kilograms.
They also have the option of urgent deliveries in less than 24 hours to the customer's home through Chronopost for items available immediately if the purchase and validation of the order has been made before 2:00 p.m. On the other hand, for large packages over 30kg and deliveries within France, the Conforama shipping time can be up to 10 business days. Because the product is unpacked and installed at your home.
Likewise, the delivery of appliances, furniture and decoration, except kitchen equipment, may take a total of 10 working days for delivery to your home. While international shipments totally depend on the company you have selected to deliver your product to your country.

What are Conforama shipping fees?

Conforama shipping fees depend on the shipping service you have selected, as well as the type of product you want and its dimensions. In this way we briefly expose these costs by type of product:

  • For pick up at a Relais Colis: From € 2.99 to € 4.99 per product depending on its value.
  • For home deliveries by Colis Privé: From € 5.99 to € 7.99 per product depending on its value.
  • Express deliveries through Chronopost: From € 7.99 to € 19.99 per product depending on its value.
  • Delivery and assembly of large packages: € 89 per piece with the installation.
  • Room delivery of large packages: € 29 per piece.
  • Delivery of household appliances: € 29 per piece.
  • Furniture and decoration except kitchen equipment: From € 29 to € 269 depending on the value of the equipment and the type of installation.

Clearly, for international shipments, you have to pay the shipping to the address of the selected company. Then you must make the international transfer payment to the country where you’re to this shipping company.

How can I contact Conforama customer care?

You can contact Conforama France through its paid telephone lines on the Conforama contact number 0 892 010 808, 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Or through the mail for customer service at any time of the day. You just have to wait a while for the store to respond to you. Likewise, you can stay informed through social networks and subscribe to the store's newsletter to find out information and daily offers.

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