Vestiaire Collective tracking

Vestiaire Collective tracking


Shopping for designer items has never been easier than with Vestiaire Collective. Which is one of the largest and most important virtual second-hand stores today. So now you can get that Chanel bag that you want so much with a 70% discount. They also have a wide variety of countries available for shipping and you can use some Vestiaire Collective coupon to make the experience even better.
It seems too good to be true, so below we detail everything you need to know about the buying and selling process on this platform of designer items.

What is Vestiaire Collective?

Vestiaire Collective is a Marketplace for the resale of authenticated luxury goods. Founded in 2009, it names itself as the best luxury exchange site and has become a leader in buying and selling used clothing, accessories and other designer items. Offering a cheap alternative for smart shoppers who like to enjoy the benefits of designer fashion at an affordable budget.
This is a platform for those most demanding people, who seek the quality and exclusivity that a piece of a recognized brand can give them. Likewise, it offers excellent fashion alternatives with sustainable fabrics, not to mention that, when buying and selling used clothing, but in good condition, users return to the world of fashion in a sustainable market.

Is Vestiaire Collective legit?

Is Vestiaire Collective legit? Seems like a good question. The truth is that this is one of the platforms for second-hand purchases that exist today. From what we can say that it’s quite reliable so far. Users love getting good quality and unique items at fairly low prices, which is why this Marketplace stands out quite a bit among many.
They also secure your purchases in a way that you can be sure that your money is in good hands and that sooner or later a beautiful and special designer item will arrive in your hands for much less than what you can buy in any other store. So isn’t just too good to be real, it’s totally real.

Where is Vestiaire Collective located?

Currently, Vestiaire Collective offices are located in different parts of the world. Next, we detail the exact addresses.

  • Berlin, DE: Neue Schönhauser Str.2
  • London, GB: 66 Turnmill Street
  • New York, USA: Starret-Lehigh Building, 601 W 26th St # 1733.
  • And the main office located at Paris-15E-Arrondissement: 33 Boulevard du Général Martial Valin.

How can I track my package from Vestiaire Collective?

Before tracking your package, the item has to be reviewed and approved by the Vestiaire Collective quality control team. After this, the company delivers it to a carrier and you will be notified by email that your item has been shipped. In this email, you will also receive a follow-up link. You just have to open the link to see the arrival date of your package.
On the other hand, if you don’t check your emails that often, you can also track your order through the application. You simply have to enter your account, in the My Vestiaire option until you reach the My Purchases option. There you will see the current status of all your orders. Likewise, this process can also be done from the website, simply by logging into your account, selecting the Sales and purchases option until you find the Order History with the Vestiaire Collective tracking number.
You can also use the Ship24 platform and put your tracking number in the search bar to get all the relative details of your package.

How long does Vestiaire Collective shipping take?

This is one of the possible problems that many users report on this page. Since the Vestiaire Collective shipping time depends on where you are. All items have to go to Paris first to be checked and certified as authentic before reaching you. In this way, if the item is shipped within France or another European country, it may take up to 7 business days before reaching your home.
While shipments made to other countries may take 10 to 15 days on average. Therefore, you should be quite patient if you have a Vestiaire Collective package on its way to your country outside of Europe.

Does Vestiaire Collective ship to the USA?

Vestiaire Collective international shipping reaches the USA. The only thing you have to take into account is that they may take longer than you can expect from another store. Since, in this case, the seller of the item you have selected has to send it to Paris first to go through quality control. After the Vestiaire Collective department has determined that the item is authentic, they ship it to the shipping company.
All this journey can take up to 15 business days on average to reach the USA. But keep in mind that to get the items you find in this store at incredible prices you have to make some sacrifices.

What are Vestiaire Collective shipping fees?

Good news! Vestiaire Collective covers shipping costs if the buyer has selected the Prepaid Shipping Label option and if the seller belongs to certain countries such as Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Singapore, Portugal, Malta, Monaco, UK, Spain, Hong Kong and many others Vestiaire Collective shipping countries.
However, if the sellers aren’t from any of those countries, they’ll have to pay the Vestiaire Collective shipping costs. For these purposes, the store provides a label for the package. In this way, the team will be able to identify well which country it is destined for and that the shipping fees have already been paid. On the other hand, if the buyer hasn’t selected the Prepaid Shipping Label, the seller will also have to pay the costs. Likewise, the buyer will always have to pay the customs fees of the orders and the import taxes, which are listed within the payment process.

How do I contact Vestiaire Collective support?

  • If you are a seller and want to contact Vestiaire Collective, we recommend using the store's professional email
  • If you are a customer and you’re looking for customer service to solve any type of doubt regarding the use of the platform, your sales and orders, you can access the Help Center that the store has. Where you’ll find many popular questions, in addition to the possibility of being able to solve your own questions.
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