Eprice tracking

Eprice tracking

For Italians, one of the best options to find electronic products is Eprice. An E-commerce platform for the sale of technology that is committed to Italian households in offering a quality and reliable means for the acquisition of technology products. With great shipping facilities within your home country and great deals every week, Eprice is one of the most trusted stores in the country.
So don't go away and continue reading the following information that we have for you about the purchase and shipping process that this company has. In addition to much more information that may interest you.

What is Eprice?

Eprice Milano is an Italian e-commerce operator and focuses on working in this market only in that country. Every year they sell millions of products thanks to the online shopping conveniences of their web portal and their application. They have thousands of options to choose from within the store, as well as various forms of payment to facilitate the user shopping experience.
In this way, its purpose is to serve as a way to revolutionize technology in Italian homes with its large catalog of products and huge amounts of offers every day and having the best quality controls that can be found.

Is Eprice legit?

The vast majority of users point out that Eprice is totally reliable to make purchases like an electronic store. In addition, your website has been verified as legitimate, therefore, it’s not some kind of scam page or infected by any malware for this purpose. In other words, if you’re in Italy, you can easily make your purchases through Eprice.
Likewise, you can know the multiple reviews of all the users who have had experiences within the opinions page of the web. You’ll see that the average ratings are quite good and that most of the people recommend the platform to make their purchases.

Can I track my Eprice parcel?

You can easily find the Eprice tracking parcel number by entering the order details in your personal Eprice account and selecting the option "Shipping details". As you may have noticed, it’s not very different from other virtual commerce stores. Therefore, if you have experienced shopping at any large online store, then shopping at Eprice will be a piece of cake for you.
You can also use a universal tracking tool such as SHip24 to track your Eprice parcel.

How long does Eprice take to deliver?

You have to know that the Eprice delivery time depends on many factors, just as it happens in any other online store. It all depends on the availability of the product, payment method, delivery method and other additional services that may be available. In this way, the delivery date indicated on the site refers to purchases with pick-up in Pick & Pay, Locker or already paid courier deliveries.
In the case of pick-ups in Pick & Pay, you can make your payment directly in the store. On the other hand, if you have made a payment by bank transfer or payment in installments, the delivery will be fixed after confirmation of the payment. While deliveries by appointment like home deliveries will not have a fixed delivery date. Since you will have to contact the courier service directly.
Likewise, the courier service has to contact you as soon as the package is in their hands to specify the delivery date. So you don't have to worry too much about tracking your Eprice package or knowing the exact delivery date. On the other hand, home delivery by appointment includes the unpacking and positioning service according to the instructions and you can choose the day and time of delivery.

Does Eprice deserve only Italy?

Unfortunately, yes. Since it’s a company that is only aimed at Italian homes, there’s no Eprice international shipping. They also have some restrictions for certain places in the Vatican and only deliver to San Marino if it’s a private customer. Therefore, if you’re from another country outside of Italy, you’ll have to find another store with international shipping for you.

Are Eprice shipping fees expensive?

The prices depend on the type of shipping you have selected, as well as the weight and volume of the items purchased. The place where it has to be delivered also influences the price of the shipment. Therefore, the Eprice shipping costs should be reviewed once you have the final price of your order in your shopping cart.
On the other hand, there are also several products that include free shipping. To find out what these articles are, it’s best to subscribe to the ads on the page so that you don’t miss any of the offers that have free shipping in the week. Likewise, you should know that special deliveries by appointment have a value of € 19.99, except for ongoing promotions.
Whereas special deliveries by appointment with a technician for professional installation of a bulky item depend on the dimensions, value and complexity of the product. Which you should check within the Eprice specifications to be more sure about your future purchases.

How can I contact Eprice support?

If you need to contact Eprice Customer Service, you have the store's phone and email at your disposal. To write to the email you have to access a form and fill it with the complaints or doubts you have regarding Eprice services. It’s an excellent option for requests that are not urgent and that you can wait a moment for a response. Eprice technicians will be in charge of answering you as soon as possible.
You can also call the Eprice contact phone number for more urgent problems that need to be resolved immediately at 0294455500. This number is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you need to send any information by mail or fax, you can do so at Eprice, Via San Marco 29, 20121, Milan, Fax: 0331 1986807.
As you will see, the company doesn’t place limitations when it comes to establishing contact with its customers. Therefore, you can fully trust Eprice if you have decided to make a purchase with them.

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