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Cdiscount is a french marketplace known for the discount retail prices it proposes and has more than 16 million customers today. The french e-commerce website was created in 1998 and sells since this date different kinds of products such as household, appliances products, IT products and many others.
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Allegro is a very popular online e-commerce platform in Poland. The marketplace was created in 1999 and in 2016, Allegro had more than 16 million active users and more than 20 million accounts. If several European countries use more international marketplaces, in Poland, Allegro is the number one.
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Fnac is a french retail chain created in 1954 and selling electronic and cultural products to its users. The Fnac website is presented as a marketplace allowing buyers to connect with worldwide sellers. The buyers find new and second-hand products (in new conditions) at reasonable prices on the website.
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Zalando is an e-commerce website selling fashion and lifestyle products among 17 European markets (Austria, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Poland, mainly). The company was created in 2008 and its headquarters are located in Germany in Berlin.
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Yandex Market

Founded in 1997, Yandex Market is a russian marketplace specialized in internet related products, mobile applications and other technological innovations. People can also find other types of products from daily life on the Yandex Market website, which is today the 4th most popular website in Russia.
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Founded in 2007, Avito is a Russian online platform dedicated to the publication of classified ads that sells any type of product: general goods, cars, jobs and even services. Avito is the second biggest classified website in the world, just after Craigslist and the number one in Russia.
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Founded in 2004, Wildberries is the largest Russian online retailer operating in Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The company has today a big role in Russia’s growing e-commerce market and sells different kinds of products on its website: books, electronics, children goods and much more.
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Created in 1998, Ozon is a russian online marketplace and one of the biggest russian multicategory website platforms. Ozon offers to its customers 24 products categories and operates its own courier delivery service across Russia. The company owns more than 8000 pickup points and lockers around the country.
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Created in 1995 in Moscow, Citilink is a Russian company selling mainly computer components and other technology items on its website. In 2020, Citilink had also more than 600 physics stores located in more than 360 cities of Russia. The company doesn’t sell nor deliver internationally.
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Eldorado is a Russian company headquartered in Moscow, selling mainly household appliances and electronics on its marketplace. The company also has more than 600 physical stores in Russia and starts step by step to expand its network in other countries like Kazakhstan, Armenia and Moldova.
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Otto is a german store and marketplace existing since 1949 but created online around 1995. Otto sells fashion and healthcare products mainly but also furniture, multimedia and many others. The company is famous in Germany but also sells and delivers its wide range of products internationally.
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Founded in 2010 and headquartered in the Netherlands, G2A is a marketplace where people can find gaming products by using redemption keys. The company also has real agencies in various parts of Europe such as Poland and in Asia such as Hong Kong. G2A sells gaming and electronic products worldwide.
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Lamoda is a Russian marketplace where people can find fashion and personal care products for men, women and children. Headquartered in Moscow, the company proposes more than 1000 different brands with 2 million different articles on its website and operates in more than 66 different cities of Russia.
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Created in 2011, Depop is a fashion marketplace app with headquarters located in London and additional offices in Milan, in Manchester and in New-York. Depop is especially popular towards young people who can buy and sell their items through the IOS and Android platforms thanks to Depop
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Bigl is a marketplace from Ukraine, where Ukrainian sellers can offer their products and retail services to people living in the country. Consumers will find different categories of products on the Bigl website: electronics, accessories, clothing, toys and many other products that can be delivered throughout Ukraine.
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Dba is a danish marketplace where people can find a wide variety of products, from fashion and beauty items to car accessories or again sport and leisure goods, Dba is today one of the most important danish marketplaces. The giant e-commerce eBay bought the company a few years ago.
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Created in 1999, Tradera is a Swedish marketplace selling a wide range of articles, from collectibles to technologic and fashion products. People from Sweden and other parts of the world can find both new and second-hand products on the Tradera website, based on auctions and fixed prices too.
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Created in 2008, Kleiderkreisel is the German version of the Lithuanian website Vinted. Through this website which has an application today, people and mostly women can swap, sell and buy second-hand clothes and accessories. The company is present in various European countries, in the UK and the USA.
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Created in 2005, Kijiji is a website owned by eBay, organized by city and region to post local advertisements. This website is available for many cities located in Canada, where it is the most popular online classifieds service, in Italy and it works also in selected cities of the US under the name eBay Classifieds.
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Created in 2005, DealExtreme, also called DX, is a Chinese marketplace headquartered in Hong Kong. The company based its business on selling cheap goods to Europe and to the United-States, mainly electronics products. DX has warehouses on different continents today and has an approximate delivery time of 10-21 days.
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Founded in 1967, Conforama is a French company headquartered in Seine-et-Marne. The company owns more than 200 physical stores across different countries of Europe and is the second-largest home furniture store chain in the continent. On the Conforama website, people can find the same products as in-store.
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Created in 2000 in Milan, Eprice is an Italian e-commerce website specialized in electronic, technology and household appliances products. Today, the company proposes a Pick and Pay service, allowing customers to pick up their products in one of the over 130 physical delivery points collaborating with Eprice.
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Rue du Commerce

Created in 1999, Rue du Commerce is a french pure player company (operating only online), inspired by Amazon and eBay and specialized in computer and electronics products. People can also find home furniture, fashion products and many others related to home and personal equipment today.
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Vestiaire Collective

Created in 2009 and initially named Vestiaire de Copines, Vestiaire Collective is a French e-commerce website proposing second-hand products dedicated to the luxury and fashion area in Europe. Headquartered in Paris, the company has more than 400 employees working for it today.
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Created in 2003, Aukro is the largest marketplace from Czech Republic that works with auctions and purchases at fixed prices too. The company provides its services to the general public and to companies that can find a wide range of products on Aukro: jewelry, clothes, computers, books, and many others.
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Founded in 2009, Home24 is a German online shopping company headquartered in Berlin. Initially called FP Commerce, Home24 proposes on its website home and living furniture. The company also has websites for France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Switzerland and plan to extend to Asia.
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Galeries Lafayette

Created in 1912, Galeries Lafayette is an upmarket French store chain and also an online marketplace. People can find different luxury fashion products on the platform which is very famous worldwide, especially in Europe and France. The company is part of the big group Galeries Lafayette.
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Created in 1996, Lookfantastic is a British marketplace where people can find products related to the fashion and health and beauty industry. The company was bought in 2010 by the Hut Group, the most valuable private British company in the United-Kingdom. Lookfantastic offers its services in more than 200 countries.
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Founded in 2006, Spartoo is an e-commerce website specialized in shoes and clothing products. Headquartered in France, the name of the company was inspired by the gladiator sandal “spartiate” and Spartoo operates today in more than 20 different European countries, selling products for men, women and children.
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Created in 1952, Wehkamp is a dutch marketplace initially known under the name “Wehkamp’s Factory Office” and headquartered in Slagharen in the Netherlands. Initially selling mattresses and bed linen, customers can find today a wide range of products on the Wehkamp website: fashion, electronics, sports and many others.
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Founded in 1992, Game is an English marketplace selling video game and tech products, owned by the Frasers Group since 2019. People will find game consoles, video games, mobile phones, or again accessories on the Game platform. The company mainly serves the United-Kingdom and Spain.
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Created in 2000, Vatera is Hungary’s largest marketplace. Since its establishment, Vatera has become one of the most visited marketplaces in Hungary, gathering more than 2 million users every month. The products present on the Vatera website can be purchased at auction and at fixed prices.
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Not On The High Street is a marketplace gathering independent producers who have a limited physical store or web presence with customers who are interested in buying customized products. On the website, people can find a wide range of products such as home furniture, clothes and many others.
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Created in 2003 in Munich, Yatego is a german marketplace where each seller has its online shop integrated to the Yatego platform. The customers can do their purchases in all shops after the login process and find a wide range of products such as clothing, sports accessories, baby items and many others.
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Nature & Découvertes

Created in 1990, Nature & Decouvertes is a french store and today an e-commerce website selling hiking products, games and toys, books, jewelry, travel goods, essentials oils and flavors and scents. Today, the company has other stores in different European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
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Founded in 2004, Morele is a Polish leader e-commerce website selling computers, phones, gaming products, household appliances and other types of electronics goods at attractive prices. The company is headquartered in the Polish capital, Cracow, and has today over 200 employees working for it.
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Created in 2016 in the United-Kingdom, OnBuy is a marketplace where people can buy products from all types of sellers, from household names to independent retailers. The platform connects buyers with thousands of business sellers today, presenting a wide range of products from electronics to fashion goods.
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Founded in 1998 in the United-Kingdom, eBid is a marketplace where people will find auctions and products at fixed prices too. There are more than 15 categories present on the platform in which the products are split: art, books, antiques, electronics, health and beauty, toys, musical instruments and many others.
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Founded in 2009, Fyndiq is a Swedish marketplace where customers can find various categories of products such as electronics, sport and leisure, health and beauty, home decor, toys and many other categories coming from thousands of stores. On average, customers receive their order 10 or 12 days after the purchase.
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La Redoute

Created in 1837 in France, La Redoute is a multi-channel retailer and e-commerce website selling women’s apparel and home decor. It is one of the most visited websites in France for apparel and home decor. Today, La Redoute is present in 26 countries and has over 10 million active users.
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Created in France in 2013, ManoMano is the European online leader in gardening, home improvement and DIY. People will find more than 3000 retailers proposing over 4 million products on the ManoMano platform. Today, the company is present in 6 different countries: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the UK.
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Created in 2003 in the UK, FFX also known as Folkstone Fixings, is a marketplace gathering independent suppliers of power tools accessories, hand tools, fasteners, clothing and protection or again general construction consumables. Headquartered in Lympne, Kent, the company has branches in Ashford and Folkstone too.
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Created in 2008, Folksy is the UK’s biggest online craft fair. People will find thousands of handmade products created by artists and designers across the British Isles. From painting to crocheting and to original textiles and decors for the home, people will find a wide variety of products on Folsky.
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Created in 2002, Trendsales is a Danish marketplace where customers can find new and second-hand fashion items. The products are divided into six categories: women, men, home and decor, children and tweens, gadgets and audio and various. Today, the company is headquartered in Copenhagen.
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1st Choice Spares

Created in 1991 in the UK, 1st Choice Spares is a car parts comparison website where companies and customers can find a wide range of car parts from different brands. The company is a leader in used car parts location, more than 4000 people use 1st Choice Spares every day to locate quality car parts.
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Created in the United-Kingdom, Yumbles is an e-commerce website gathering food and drink from the UK’s best artisans. The company is partnered with producers and proposes on the website handcrafting food that uses local ingredients. Customers will find different categories on Yumbles: Cheese, vegan, ect.
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Created in 2009, Aosom is an online e-commerce website proposing homeware, kitchen, garden and outdoor, pet, car and office products to customers located in the UK and in Ireland. People will find six different brands on Aosom: Homcom, Pawhut, Vinsetto, Outsunny, Kleankin and Durhand.
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Created in 2001, Coolshop is Scandinavia’s largest online shop where people can find a wide range of products. The 2 million customers in the Nordics will find more than 30000 products divided into more than 20 categories: home decor, lifestyle accessories, toys etc. The company offers many daily deals on the website.
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