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DHgate is the largest online wholesale marketplace that brought the concept of online wholesale into existence for the first time. Through their platform, you can purchase high-quality products from factories at relatively lower prices than retail. They removed all the obstacles and connected you with the real providers. They believe in providing easy, fast, and safe purchasing experience to the customers and businesses of the whole world.

They provide payment services, internet financing, escrow protection services, and logistics solutions to everyone who wants to buy and sell products in large quantities with them. They deliver more than 22million products to their buyers from over 222 million countries. They have collaborated with DHL, FedEx, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and UPS to deliver their products in safe hands.

Where is DHGate located?

DHgate is Chinese Business- to-consumer and B2B(business-to-business) cross border, e-commerce online business that is based in Beijing in China (location of the headquarters). It eases the process of selling manufactured products from manufacturers to small and moderate retailers across the whole world.

It links Chinese small and medium-sized businesses to worldwide individuals. Estimates tell that they have more than 21 million registered customers and 2 million registered Chinese sellers. They sell a lot of products including health, beauty, electronics, apparel, and many others. It is known as the largest B2B digital platform in China that is available in 8 languages.

Is DHgate.com legit?

DHgate is a legitimate digital platform that has been working since 2004 with millions of registered members.Hence, it is not a scam. The quality of products on any wholesale website can vary, so you can check the customer ratings about the product before buying on DHgate.

They do not steal your private information, not your money. Once you have purchased a product from them, they will make sure to deliver it at your doorstep in good condition. The products on DHgate are also real. It is evidenced by many customers who are purchasing from them since 2004.

How long does it take for DHgate to deliver?

There is not only DHgate shipping time that you need to take into account but there is also the processing time. Processing time is the time that sellers need to set things out. If your order is heavy, then it may take longer. But if your product is already in stock, then it will take less time.

Generally, it takes 3 to 15 working days for DHgate to deliver. The DHgate delivery time varies depending on the item's stock status, DHgate shipping method, and the location of the buyer. Also, it depends on the location where your order is coming from.

The DHgate also gives you an estimate of the delivery time. On the website, when you make a purchase, DHgate gives you an estimated time that depends on the courier type you select.

How do I track my DHgate order?

How DHgate track orders? Once the seller dispatches your order and provides you a tracking number, you can sign in your account and go to the "Order Detail" page. From here you can check the status of your DHgate package. The DHgate tracking system is available for the following shipping methods:

  • China Post
  • EMS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • Singapore Post
  • Post Link
  • HK Post

The retailer is responsible to provide you with the correct tracking number after your DHgate order is shipped. The order status will be available on the shipping courier website within the 5-10 business days depending on the courier that was used. If the DHgate tracking number is not given to you by the seller, then contact the seller to ask for it. If he/she does not respond to you, then you can open a dispute on DHgate.com for a full refund.

If you are not being able to DHgate track order with the provided tracking number within the 10 days from the day the retailer submitted the first DHgate tracking number, DHgate will consider this tracking number as an invalid number. In this condition, you will have to submit a "return and refund" case for a full refund from the retailer.

For opening a dispute for a DHgate parcel, all you need to do is sign into “My DHgate” and then click on “Orders”. It will open a drop-down menu, from where click on “Active Orders” and then select “Shipped”. Here you can see a list of all shipped items. Click on “Return Refund” and then select “Invalid tracking number” from the menu.

You can also track your order through the Ship24 website.

How much is shipping on DHgate?

The standard shipping DHgate fee is 3%. Once the seller accepts the order, the buyer is needed to pay to DHgate.com in the 3 days' time. Once the confirmation of payment is received to DHGate.com the product will be shipped to the buyer through the assigned shipment method.

All the available shipping carriers for an item will be shown on the Product page with the estimated shipment days and DHgate Shipping costs. If you want express DHgate delivery, then select the express courier like UPS, FedEx, DHL or so that provide deliveries very fast.

Is DHgate safe for debit cards?

DHgate is a very reliable digital marketplace. As DHgate does not sell its own products, rather you purchase from the connected sellers. Before making a purchase, you should make sure to read product reviews. Most sellers are trustworthy if they have a lot of transactions.

Moreover, DHgate also provides you with a full refund policy. So, do not hesitate in making any purchase with DHgate using your debit cards. Credit card service is as safe you could hope from anywhere.

How to contact the Customer Service of DHgate.com?

In case you have got some problem with the DHgate online order or you got a suggestion, whatever it is that you want to contact the DHgate.com team. There are many ways to contact them. Go to the bottom of the website and select the "Help" option. From the menu open "Contact Us". Here you have multiple options that include "Chat Online", "Message”, “Dispute Zone" or "Social Media". If your message is related to your product, then do not contact DHgate as it is not the seller. Contact your seller.

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