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What is Chinabrands?

Chinabrands is a chinese global e-commerce platform regarding distributing and dropshipping, which deals with up to 200 countries with 400 products.

Over the years, Chinabrands became a worldwide seller by providing services to +300.000 sellers located across the globe.

Chinabrands provides different advantages to global sellers who don’t have any more upfront inventory costs and shipping logistics. The buyers, often retailers, also have a big advantage while shopping on the Chinabrands website, they can find products easily thanks to three different sections on the website:

  • The Hot selling section

This section is composed of products determined to be most likely to be hot selling according to the Chinabrands algorithm.

  • The Clearance section

This section shows limited items with deep discounts.

  • The New Arrivals section

This section is composed of new items and can help you to get the edge on new trends that don’t have a lot of sellers yet.

Numbers of new arrivals are available on the Chinabrands platform at very reasonable prices. Regarding accurate overview and representation of the product, Chinabrands uses high-quality product photography and professionally written multi-language text descriptions.

Chinabrands always gives priority to maintain quality and accuracy, so that’s why most of the Chinabrands products are manufactured by the significant Brand suppliers with more than 40+ warehouses in the different corners of the World. These corners are in the United Kingdom, in the United States, in Spain, in France, in Russia, in Australia and in China for a better delivery around the world.

How to dropship with Chinabrands?

Chinabrands dropshipping works in partnership with AutoDS which monitors the Chinabrands products for the stock and the pricing. The products are directly uploaded through AutoDS thanks to the AutoDS tool that supports item variations to maximise the listing potential.

This formal partnership will give to the buyer secure options to get dropshipping contracts and better services. For dropshipping on Chinabrands, you must have an account for Signing up. Chinabrands provides users with good shipping services for worldwide shipping. If you are thinking about signing with Chinabrands, you can sign in by following the steps below on their registration page:

  • Username- Simply type your username into the box. Remember that it should be relatively simple because this is the username that you have to remember all of the time.
  • Email address- Simply type in your email address. This is where you will receive emails from Chinabrands. Make sure that your email is not filled with mail from other companies. Sometimes it is better to use a new email so that you will not get confused.
  • Password- This is one of the most important parts of the whole process. Your password should be something that is memorable to the top of your head. Since you do not want to be locked out of your account.
  • Verification code (By Email)- After you do all of this Chinabrands will send you a verification code to your new email address that you made. If you want a professional look, we recommend getting a business email address to get this code.
  • Click the Join Now Button- Once you are ready and all finished, make sure to click the Join Now Button. This will mean that you have joined Chinabrands and can start your dropshipping service. Whether you are a small business or another type of company this is the first step to start.

For dropshipping on Chinabrands, registration is a must for an easy dropshipping deal.

Further, you have to complete the Business information:

  • Phone Number
  • WhatsApp Account
  • Company Name
  • Business Type
  • Platforms
  • Click on the Submit Button

Note: You have at least $500 in your Chinabrands balance before asking the agreement.

How can I track my Chinabrands order?

Chinabrands tracking is an easy process.

After the dispatch of your order, you got a tracking number assigned to the product from Chinabrands. After getting a tracking number, you have to log in to your account on the Chinabrands website and search about the Chinabrands order overview. There, you will be able to see different statuses such as “Paid”, “Awaiting dispatch” or again “shipped out”.

For more precision, you can go on the Ship24 website and enter your Chinabrands tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. The Ship24 platform will give you all the details about your Chinabrands package location.

How long does Chinabrands take to Ship?

Chinabrands ships the orders to the customer destination around the Globe in three different ways of shipping. These three methods are given below:

  • Flat rate method
  • Standard shipping method
  • Expedited shipping method

In the flat rate shipping method, your package will ship by post office in between 7 to 25 working days to most of the nations. The second is the standard shipping method, in which we ship an order by using the express mail service, and this service takes 5 to 10 working days to any country in the world. The third and last method is the Expedited shipping method in which we ship the Chinabrands parcel with DHL courier services to the given destination.

Chinabrands shipping methods are as good as any other drop shipping service. Especially with reliable shipping methods like DHL.

What does Chinabrands shipping cost?

Chinabrands shipping cost depends on the destination and the methods of shipping. Every destination and shipping method will have a different price.

For example, the Reepro RP –HC04 Home High Power Negative Ion Hair Dryer from Xiaomi Youpin, from the China warehouse to the United States, the shipping cost starts from $6.91 by using the cheapest shipping method, taking almost 25 days to deliver. The fastest shipping method costs $26.87 and provides the parcel within 4 to 10 days.

How do you change the currency in Chinabrands?

When you buy items on Chinabrands, you will be charged in US dollars. However you can put the prices in different currency if you go in the top menu of the website on the top corner left.

If you are having trouble with changing the currency for Chinabrands, then make sure to follow this simple step: just go to your currency field and click your preferred currency.

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