Geekbuying tracking

Geekbuying tracking


Geekbuying is a Chinese eCommerce website that has been existing since 2012. The platform sells many items from everyday life: electronics items, smartphones, scooters, and many others at reasonable prices. Geekbuying is a B2C eCommerce website aiming to put the customer first.

Geekbuying package tracking

What is Geekbuying?

Geekbuying is an eCommerce platform created in 2012 in China that wants to put the customer first. The priority of this platform is to attract people around the globe by providing the latest gadgets. Smartphones, TV Boxes, laptops, gym machines, bicycles, and drones, are the most running items on this website.

Geekbuying proposes also many other items that people use in their daily life like wearables, electronics items, automobiles, and motorcycles, which are available on this website at reasonable prices.

On the platform, a "Wish List" option is provided. If you find some products that meet your requirements, but still want to see more results, then you can add the products to your wish list and continue to check out more results.

All kinds of Master cards, Visa cards, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover, are accepted on the Geekbuying platform. Geekbuying also worked with PayPal, Western Union, and as well as local payment methods, including Giropay, Sofort Banking, Boleto, and Oxxo, to provide a more secure and best shopping experience to our customers.

Where is Geekbuying located?

Geekbuying headquarters are located in China, in Shenzhen more precisely.

The company also has many warehouses around the globe, but most of them are Geekbuying Europe warehouses, specifically in the region of Spain, Germany, Italy, and Poland. Other warehouses are located in America. These warehouses are local and dispatched the order within 48 hours because of fast duty-free Shipping.

Geekbuiyng also has of course two more warehouses in China and Hong Kong that provide worldwide Shipping and have repair stations around the globe for after-sale support. It is convenient for the buyers living in China and ordering on Geekbuying.

How long does Geekbuying take to ship?

The delivery part of Geekbuying is made of two parts:

  1. The Processing Time: It corresponds to the time from when the payment of the order is received to when Geekbuying gathers up all the items composing the order and packages them. During the processing time, there will be a product selection, a quality insurance check plus careful packaging before the shipment. The processing time usually takes 1 to 3 working days.
  2. The Shipping Time: It corresponds to the time it takes for the couriers to deliver the Geekbuying package to the final destination. The shipping time depends on the selected shipping method. If the shipping method selected is the Airmail method, the shipping time will vary between 20 to 30 working days. If it is the standard shipping method, the buyer should receive its package(s) between 5 to 8 working days. And the fastest method, the Expedited shipping will deliver the package(s) in 3-5 working days.

Note: the items having the Geekbuying Free Shipping sticker won’t have any shipping costs, regardless of location or even item quantity. For this type of item, the delivery generally takes from 15 to 20 business days.

What are Geekbuying delivery options?

Geekbuying proposes three different modes of shipment.

3 Modes of Shipment

  1. Mail: This option is divided into two types of shipment, unregistered airmail or registered air mail. This is the longest mode of shipment, it takes generally 20 to 30 calendar days.
  2. Express: This mode of shipment uses different courier partners such as DPD, BRT or again DHL according to the country where the package needs to be delivered. That’s why sometimes customers will check their Geekbuying DHL tracking and not only Geekbuying tracking. This delivery option usually takes 3 to 5 business days of transportation.
  3. Priority Mail: This mode uses different types of shipments according to the country where the Geekbuying package needs to be delivered. For example for Brazil, the shipment type used will be the Brazil priority line and the package will come from a warehouse located in China. This mode of shipment takes between 5 and 8 business days.

Where can I find my Geekbuying tracking number?

You can find the Geekbuying tracking number on the shipping label or the receipt depending on the courier that has been chosen. The seller can send the tracking number to the buyer so they can track the order.

As the recipient, there are several ways to find your tracking number. One of the ways is by going to the order you want to track and check "Order Details". Another way is by your email address, couriers usually send the tracking number to your email address. If you still have not received your Geekbuying tracking number, you can contact the seller or the merchant for it.

Buyers should note that the tracking number is different from the order number. You can use your tracking number on the Ship24 homepage to get the live status of the parcels. Though, Ship24 will not be able to track order numbers so be aware of which you enter on the homepage.

How do I track a package from Geekbuying?

There are different methods to check your Geekbuying track order:

Personal Centre

The first one is to go to your centre on the Geekbuying website. There, you will get information about your Geekbuying order.

For more information you can also click on the button “Order Status”, you will be able to follow your package and have more precise information about the location of the Geekbuying package. You will need to put tracking information (that you received in an email after making your purchase normally) such as the tracking number to get details about your package.

If customers are facing any difficulty regarding delayed shipping, they can visit the courier company website used for the delivery and check the real-time tracking results.


Using a third party is sometimes easier and clearer. To check your Geekbuying tracking, you can directly go to the Ship24 homepage and enter your Geekbuying tracking number in the search bar. You will get different information about your packages such as the courier used, the real-time location of your package and the delivery time.

Where does Geekbuying ship from?

Geekbuying has many warehouses in Europe and America. The customers living in these parts of the world and ordering on the Geekbuying website will receive their order from the warehouses located in these same areas, within 48 hours due to duty-free fast shipping.

Customers living in other parts of the world will receive their Geekbuying shipping from the warehouses located in China and Hong Kong.

Does offer free shipping support for any product?

Geekbuying does not provide free shipping services. However, the website offers significant discounts and exclusive deals on many items that are purchased in bulk quantities.

In the future, the company may add a free shipping service to attract more people since Geekbuying's goal is “to put customers first”.

Step by step, there could be free shipping costs at Geekbuying, for the moment only items having the Geekbuying free shipping sticker don’t have any shipping taxes (regardless of the location, the quantity and it usually takes between 15 and 20 business days for the delivery).

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