Jumia tracking

Jumia tracking


Jumia is a Nigerian e-commerce business created in 2012 in Lagos. The company proposes a variety of products including electronics, fashion, gaming and many others. Jumia operates in 10 countries in Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Tanzania, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda.

Jumia package tracking

What country owns Jumia?

Jumia is a well-recognized Nigerian online platform and an e-commerce business, known for offering a variety of products in the category of fashion, gaming, electronics, health and beauty, etc. Jumia was created in 2012 in Lagos and we can find the headquarters of the company today in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Operating in Africa, this platform basically comprises a marketplace that is known popularly for connecting a large number of sellers with the consumers along with an effective logistic service that enables the delivery and shipment of the packages and finally the payment service that is known for facilitating the transaction so that the product reaches the end consumer and the payment reaches the seller. While the main countries of its operations include Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya, it also has its presence in Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Tanzania, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda.

How do I track my Jumia order?

Once you have proceeded to your Jumia order either using cash or a Jumia voucher, you must be looking forward to tracking your Jumia delivery. With Ship24, it becomes easier to track your order so that you do not lose the track of your item delivered. As soon as the order is placed, a Jumia tracking code will be assigned that will then be used for finding out where the item is. To track your Jumia package you need to:

  • Get your tracking number from the order page.
  • Place the tracking number in the search bar on Ship24 or the Jumia website and check the last steps your Jumia parcel has reached. The delivery statuses of the parcels may vary according to the timing of your order placement. For instance, if you have chosen Jumia express delivery, you will be able to receive your parcel in the next 4-5 business days if the destination of the parcel is Cairo and Giza. For the rest of the places, the delivery time varies from 5 to 10 business days. For Jumia express, it is also crucial for the buyers to make purchases prior to 2 PM, else an additional business day may be added to the total time of the delivery.

How do I track my order on Jumia?

To track your orders on Jumia, head over to Jumia and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Jumia account and click your name.
  2. Click on "Orders".
  3. Determine which order you want to track and click on "Details".
  4. Below the order you have chosen, there should be a button that says "Track This Item".
  5. You will be directed to another page where it will show you the location and status of your order.
  6. If a tracking number is provided, you can copy the tracking number and head over to the Ship24 home page and paste it there for a more optimal tracking experience.

With Ship24, you can track up to 10 orders at the same time, considering the order has a tracking number included on it. Buyers should be aware that a tracking number and order number are both different numbers. A tracking number is used to track the orders while an order number is used to indicate the number of your purchase. Copying an order number into the Ship24 home page will not result in any searches.

How long does Jumia delivery take?

With regards to the time of delivery, when customers place an order with the eCommerce platform of Jumia, 3 different Jumia shipping methods can be used. These include:

  • Jumia Express.
  • Jumia Standard Shipping.
  • Jumia Global.

As the delivery is only taking into account the business days, i.e. from Sunday to Thursday, the timing may vary in accordance with the Jumia package shipping option selected.

For the delivery of products in Cairo and Giza, the following time frame is set:

  • Jumia Express: 4 to 5 business days.
  • Jumia Standard Shipping: 5 to 6 business days.
  • Jumia Global: 16 to 17 business days.

For the delivery of products in all other cities served in Africa, the following time frame is set:

  • Jumia Express: 5 to 10 business days.
  • Jumia Standard Shipping: 6 to 12 business days.
  • Jumia Global: 17 to 23 business days.

Does Jumia deliver on public holidays?

Unfortunately, Joom does not do deliveries on public holidays. However, expect your package to arrive after the holiday. An associate from Joom will contact you once the package has been delivered to your shipping address.

What is the difference between Jumia Express and Jumia Global?

Jumia Express is a premium service with which Jumia orders get 1 day delivery on thousands of products. This delivery option can work on Saturdays but the normal business days are from Monday to Friday without including weekends and public holidays.

Jumia Global is a service that extends the supply of the products the customer will find on the Jumia website. Sellers from all around the world can sell their products with Jumia and these products shipped overseas will be marked on the Jumia website with the mention “Jumia Global”. A prepayment is required when customers want to order one of these products and they can be returned only for defective reasons. It takes longer in general to receive these products coming from overseas.

Does Jumia do free delivery?

To enjoy Jumia free delivery, the total amount of the customer order should be more than ₦50,000. The free delivery is only available for cash on delivery locations and in Lagos. When a customer orders from Jumia all the costs are visible at the end of the checkout process and nothing more is charged.

Does Jumia ship abroad?

Jumia sells products from all over the world thanks to Jumia Global, however, the company doesn’t ship outside of Africa. Today Jumia ships across more than 10 countries of Africa such as Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Tanzania, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda.

Are all Jumia products new?

Jumia provides the customers with original and unused products and the company ensures that every seller that could provide non-genuine items is immediately delisted from Jumia. The customers can find refurbished products (it is precise on the website) with the best quality grade and with a full guarantee from the seller.

I didn’t receive my product, how to get a refund on Jumia?

When an order is placed online with an eCommerce business, the customers can either pay via cash on delivery or by credit card. If you purchase your Jumia order by cash on delivery and you did not receive your Jumia parcel there is no matter of refund, but when the payment is made via credit card and the item gets undelivered, you can open a dispute on Jumia and ask for a refund. Most of the buyers in Kenya chose to pay in cash which has ultimately enhanced the problem of completion of delivery.

If your item remains undelivered and you’ve already paid for it, you as a customer can take a look at the delivery status as the time of delivery does not include the public holidays and vacation. If no status is found or for more than 15 days with no updates, it is high time to get in touch with the customer representatives.

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