Takealot tracking

Takealot tracking

What is Takealot?

Takealot South Africa is an online store and a provider of retail services located in South Africa. It is the largest retailer of the country, and its headquarters are based in the city of Cape Town. Takealot is also the first South African retailer to take part in Black Friday promotions.
This company is the result of an investment made by Kim Reid, a businessman and the Tiger Global Management firm, an American corporation. The investors decided to buy an old South African online store called Take2 and transformed it into Takealot. This happened in October 2010. By June 2011 the official website of Takealot was finally launched to the public.
Currently, Takealot operates in the whole South African territory, with more than 2000 employees and 50 pickup points. This company sells a huge variety of products, regarding healthcare, supermarket, body care, food, clothes, among some others.

How do I track a package from Takealot?

Tracking operations and services in delivery companies are a required condition that users demand in order to watch the status of their parcels. The company offers the Takealot track order service for every single client of the brand. The process begins at the Takealot delivery office, where the customer drops the shipment. Postal operators are willing to take the parcel and register it into the database of the company.
Such registration is made under a single code that every Takealot order receives. That code is the official Takealot tracking number which is used to label all the information about the order. Workers register the identification of sender and receiver, weight and size of the package, destination country or city, and urgency of the shipment.
Once the client receives such a tracking number, he is able to go to the web page of the company and introduce the serial code of his package. After that, the platform will provide him with all the information concerning the order, including a real-time location, and estimated arrival time.

Is Takealot only in South Africa?

Takealot is an online retailer that only works in South African territory. So, Takealot international shipping is not available. The company has distribution centers in some cities in the country. All the merchandise is stored in these warehouses so the delivery vehicles are able to go there and take the products according to the client’s orders.
Takealot also runs a multi-restaurant delivery service, called Mr. Delivery. The company bought this retailer in 2011. Calculations from 2019 estimate that Mr. Delivery has over 4.500 delivery drivers and carries out around 1.6 million deliveries per month. This makes Mr. Delivery the largest food delivery service in South Africa.
In addition, Takealot works with many pickup points. There are 50 of this spread all over the South African territory. This way, customers are able to go there and collect and return orders any day of the week. These are available in all the 9 South African provinces.

How much is delivery at Takealot?

The prices for deliveries in Takealot are calculated considering the travel distance and the type of product. However, a Takealot delivery fee is commonly included within the price of the product.
There are different types of delivery services in Takealot. One of these is a door-to-door delivery which is usually more expensive than other services. This is the Takealot cash on delivery, and it means that the client is able to pay the order to the delivery man. In addition, the express delivery service is in charge of reducing the shipping time as much as possible since the client requires his order very quickly.
Deliveries from one city to another depend on the inventory of each Takealot store. Distribution centers ensure the merchandise supply of any single store all over the country. However, when a product required by a client is not available in his city, Takealot sends it from one of the distribution points. These national deliveries are commonly managed by the pickup points of the company. Anyhow, the door to door service is available for cases like this.

How do I become a Takealot distributor?

Becoming a Takealot  distributor is not a complicated process. It doesn’t require much effort. Takealot is a company that works along with other local stores to distribute merchandise in more efficient ways.
The first step consists of creating a user profile in the Takealot webpage. Then, after fulfilling the personal information, the client must get into a section called “work with us”. In there, the platform will ask for some information about the type of commerce that the user is into.
After some legal issues, the client will finally become a Takealot distributor, and the company will start providing him the merchandise and the information related to the products.

Does Takealot have same-day delivery?

The Takealot same-day delivery is a service that is mostly available in local shipping. However, inter-city deliveries have also the probability of enjoying the same day delivery service if the distance between the cities is not too long.
All the deliveries are managed by the Takealot physical stores, the distribution centers, and the official Takealot transportation system.
In any case, there are other options for deliveries in the South African territory. Regardless of the waiting time, the Takealot delivery service is usually very efficient.

How do I contact Takealot?

The most common option is calling the Takealot delivery contact number. There, the client is going to be attended by an operator of the call center. He will listen to the client’s concerns so he can find a solution to the problem that the customer may have.
In addition, the client can use the email address of the company in order to make other claims, complaints, and explanatory statements related to issues with the services of the company. The answer time of Takealot is usually short. Customer service workers are very quick and gentle when it comes to solving problems with clients.

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