Bonanza tracking

Bonanza tracking

In this article, you will learn about Bonanza marketplace, a company that’s focused on helping small merchants to sell their products with many facilities and tools for sellers, besides being a reliable platform to buy and sell all kinds of items. This marketplace has a lot to offer, at the lowest possible costs. Let’s check it out!

What is Bonanza?

The Bonanza marketplace is a website that promises to empower new entrepreneurs to build their small businesses on a trusted platform. In this way, they intend to unite the ties between potential clients and these small entrepreneurs, leaving almost no type of limitation regarding the kinds of products that can be marketed on this platform.
This is how Bonanza makes being an entrepreneur accessible with fewer limitations than other similar websites. Likewise, they also offer a series of tools to find all kinds of products on this platform. Customers also have a good experience on the web since Bonanza is not in charge of simply being a commercial mediator, but also of improving the development of the relationship between sellers and buyers.

Is Bonanza safe to buy from?

Bonanza was listed as the Most Recommended Marketplace in 2016, beating big companies like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. So if that doesn't tell you how reliable this website is for buying and selling all kinds of products, then we don't know what will.
On the other hand, if it’s not enough to convince you, Bonanza has also been awarded in 2020 for its Customer Service, also dethroning a large number of websites dedicated to the Marketplace for many more years. Because this website wants trust and communication to be the basis of all business, so it’s totally safe to trust this platform. You can give it a try whenever you want to.

How does shipping work on Bonanza?

For sellers, the menu of shipping options is available for items that have been purchased. Within this menu, the seller can establish a specific shipping service so that the buyer knows with certainty the time it will take for its package to arrive, in addition to the costs for shipping.
Sellers can then offer a flat rate, Bonanza free shipping, or special shipping by calculating the item's weight and dimensions.
On the other hand, Bonanza marketplace also allows sellers and buyers to agree on shipping costs individually, which makes this experience much more personal.
As far as the customer is concerned, you just have to wait for the seller to see your Bonanza profile with all your information, or, simply by viewing the purchase details. There, you will see the address where you need to ship using Bonanza or the postal company you have selected, such as USPS.
What follows is that the company should provide the tracking information or tracking number. It is information that the seller must provide to the buyer in the summary of the transaction, specifically in the shipping details. In addition to this, there will also be a note, which will also be sent by email to the buyer to be notified of the entire process.

How do I track my order on Bonanza?

When your order has been shipped by the seller, Bonanza will notify you via email. But only if the seller has provided the tracking number, you will be able to see the progress of your package. You can also view your order tracking information at the bottom of the transaction summary.
You simply have to log into your Bonanza account and find the "Recent Purchases" option in the menu. There you will find the summary of your order and the details of the follow-up. You just have to select the option "View tracking information" next to the Bonanza tracking number to know where your package is.
An option that is useful in the event that your item hasn’t arrived on the promised date, you can use the option "Where is my package?" located in the details of your order and the Bonanza tracking service. There you will have the opportunity to communicate with the seller and request more information about your package.
You can also of course use our platform Ship24 to track your package.

Where does Bonanza ship from?

Something that you should be clear about Bonanza is that they don’t store or make direct shipments. All shipments depend on the sellers themselves. So the products can be shipped from anywhere in the United States, or any of the countries in which Bonanza delivery applies its services.

How long does Bonanza take to ship?

This also doesn’t depend on the Bonanza website as an intermediary page. Since the time it takes to ship depends entirely on the seller and the postal company that has selected to deliver the product. So the Bonanza delivery time depends directly on the seller.

Does Bonanza deliver internationally?

Bonanza international shipping is available from the United States to other countries. While sellers that ship from other countries, they can ship free or flat rate, which is an advantage, since they can set their own rates depending on the countries where their sellers are from. And for this, Bonanza global shipping has a very interesting and easy-to-use tool to calculate shipping costs with different postal companies.

What are Bonanza shipping fees?

Bonanza shipping costs are totally low, being the final value of the product starting at 3.5% of its original value. That is a third of the rate you would pay on other intermediary websites.

How do I contact Bonanza customer service?

If you have any questions about the Bonanza website services, you can fill out the contact form found on the website. Or you can also email them at Likewise, if you have subscribed to any Pro Memberships as a seller or as a buyer, you can have access to Bonanza live chat support.
This chat is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, excluding holidays. To use it, you just have to select the "Help" bubble or select the "Live Chat" button to send a direct message to any support agent that is available at that moment. And you can’t only chat, but also send attachments and emails for better help from Bonanza experts.

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