Zasttra tracking

Zasttra tracking


The Zasttra website is a place where all South Africans can find an infinite number of electronic products, such as tablets, cell phones, PCs, fashion and imported products at excellent prices. An online trading platform that offers an infinite number of possibilities to all its customers, with the firm objective of becoming the main and most secure option in all of South Africa.

Zasttra package tracking

What is Zasttra?

Zasttra marketplace is a platform dedicated to e-commerce. It has been operational since 2013, the year of its foundation.  Since then, it has developed with the commitment to offer its customers a marketplace where every purchase is safe and where the customer finds satisfaction in every product they buy through the platform.
Zasttra South Africa has a very complete website where each customer can easily find the items by category. In addition, with the Zasttra app, they will be able to have the facility to keep Zasttra at hand, for any consultation or purchase they wish to make throughout the day. Just by logging in from your cell phone or tablet, you will always have updated news about your new products and promotions like the Zasttra discount code.

Is Zasttra a legit site?

As a platform dedicated to e-commerce, Zasttra has made an effort to offer its customers secure payment methods, which guarantee the privacy of any banking data provided by the customer when making any purchase.
At Zasttra, customers can pay instantly through methods such as bank transfers, credit or debit cards, Bitcoin, Microbed, or PayFast.
It is important to clarify that within this process when the customer makes an instant payment through PayFast, even if the seller receives it automatically, the customer remains the owner of this money until the shipment is made. Zasttra guarantees to hold the funds until the customer has the product.
On the other hand, it is also important for the customer to take into account that even if the funds remain in Zasttra safekeeping, until the purchase process is completed, even though the customer remains the owner, he/she will not be able to transfer or move this money elsewhere unless the request for the purchase of the item is canceled.

How do I track my Zasttra order?

The customer at Zasttra will always be able to keep up to date on the processes of his or her shipment through Zasttra tracking. The main way to perform Zasttra order tracking is usually with the Zasttra tracking number that the seller will send you via email, once the purchase has been validated. 
Another way to track the order is by contacting the seller directly, following the simple steps below:

  • From the product or store page, go to the sidebar and click on the green button that says "Contact Seller".
  • By clicking on it you will be able to send the seller a direct message with any of your concerns about the status of the shipment. Expect a secure response.

Is Zasttra delivery fast?

Once the purchase of the item has been made, you start the Zasttra delivery process which will be carried out through the seller's courier company to the address you have available or to the post office that works best for you.
To make sure of Zasttra shipping time, the customer must go to the page of the article in question and then click on the area "Shipping and return". Another easy way to access this information within the same product page, is to click on the tab How long will it take?
Zasttra always provides the customer with all the information required to make his or her purchase secure. The only thing the customer has to do is to become familiar with your website, to learn to recognize where to look. 
Regarding delivery methods for essential items, we clarify that they will depend strictly on the seller. Remember that Zasttra is the platform that puts you in touch with hundreds of vendors with their physical stores and therefore the shipping methods are applied according to your own time.
As for the shipping methods, Zasttra offers two options:

  • Free shipping from the seller: Applicable for the main cities.
  • Seller's Standard Shipping: In this method, the seller places a rate defined by the location of the delivery destination. Shipping is charged separately.

Does Zasttra deliver internationally?

Zasttra shipping time will be determined by the shipping method and if you deliver internationally or not. Let's also remember that Zasttra is a platform that allows importing products from abroad, which have been previously ordered by and for South Africans.
Zasttra shipping methods are detailed below:

  • Express Delivery: This method under normal circumstances takes 15 to 21 days. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the time had been extended from 15 to 90 days.
  • Postal Delivery: This method of shipping generally tends to be longer than the above. Under normal circumstances, it takes 15 to 60 days. Covid-19 postage has significantly lengthened it from 15 to 120 days in 2020.

The customer should note that this time estimate does not include additional days that may increase the waiting time and that it responds to special procedures in the customs of the countries from which the products are shipped. For this reason, it will always be positive for the customer to contact Zasttra customer service to clarify any doubts.

What are Zasttra shipping costs?

To check the Zasttra shipping costs, the customer can verify from the product page, on the list of cities, the shipping costs that will be added by the delivery service.
The amount for shipping will be automatically reflected as soon as the customer finishes the purchase.
However, all Zasttra products have free shipping, as long as they are in the main cities and by regular courier.
Regarding shipments of imported products, the customer must be aware that they are likely to be subject to an additional payment of import duties. Customs charges are the responsibility of the customer.
For more information, please visit:

How do I contact Zasttra?

To contact Zasttra customer service, the platform is available to all its customers through the link with which you can fill out a form with your concerns and send it instantly.
If your doubt is related to the processes, through you will find a wide range of articles written to give you clarity regarding any doubt.
These are the Zasttra contact details.

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